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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 11/11/11

By November 11, 2011November 16th, 2011Blog

Happy Scourday™ Ping Pongers and Ghetto Funkers..Spinforth here, back all on my lonesome again for your ears this week..welcoming you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #39.

Not actually sure of the whereabout’s of Fat Harry this week, last I heard he’d received an unexpected call from a certain Miss WetnSexyn60..apparently she’s recently given up the BDSM thing, and is now training to be a livestock veterinary nurse! Animal farm love..sounds like a pretty safe new leaf right? So think he was planning to meet up with her to reminisce about goat suckling and what not..I’m sure he’ll be absolutely fine! Cheers for last week’s Scour #38 blurb pard..genius..again!

So yeah just me this week, and as bloody usual I’ve spent far far far too much time Scouring, and have left bugger all time to write this bit. Thought I was doing pretty well for Scour time, until last night, after work work, I decided it was time to go purchase some lightbulbs. Nothing too unusual or particularly time consuming about that (you’d think), the only unusual thing is that I didn’t have any spares already squirreled away (for some reason my innate squirreling habits don’t appear to stretch as far as replacement lighting?) Anyway..loads of new bulbs now..a utility room that’s safe for epileptic white goods, and a bathroom that’s almost as bright as the sun! Can’t remember the last time it was so light in there..can’t rememeber the last time I cleaned it either. This wasn’t a problem when I couldn’t see how funkin minging it was..spent half of last night getting fully carried away in the wrong type of Scour mode. Apologies, but you should all know by now, I’m an all or nothing OCDish sort of a guy..and of course a notoriously prolific Scourer! Apologies, but you should all know by now, I’m an all or nothing OCDish sort of a guy..and of course a notoriously prolific serial Scourer! Once I started I couldn’t stop myself, until the job was done..and done well!

Just two quick reminders before delivering this weeks Scoured fruits…

Any one who’s been sleeping for the last week, and not yet checked out the all new Hong Kong Ping Pong Mixtape #7, we’d love you to do so and leave us a comment if you’re feeling it, just over >>HERE<<. Plenty of love already shown for it..but please don’t be shy, leaving us a comment helps spread the HKPP word, and we’ll love your balls for ever for doing just that and that. Thanking you kindly in advance.

And of course..**THIS STAURDAY**..if you’re out n about in, or planning a trip to Kernow, we recommend only one place that your face should most definitely be. Krafty Kuts is coming, so is the legendary A-Skillz, aaaand some chap that goes by the name of Featurecast is making an appearance too. By far the biggest line up The Stannary at Tremough University Campus (Penryn, Cornwall) has EVER seen on one night (..I’d say so anyway), and oh yeah, we at HKPP, along with our good friends Durty Disco get the privilege to support them all. Still some tickets for this huuuuge EVENT available online >>HERE<<, and a generous handful being saved for the door. So no excuses really, please come and get involved..and we’ll guarantee you a serious G’funkin party. All good? Rad! Be seeing you at the front then.

Okaaay, enough blurb, time to deliver this weeks Scourbag. Been a trickyish week, lots about, but with lack of time to make decisions, and by me having been in various moods and modes too, that’s all reflected in this weeks Scour, by my supporting another of my mixed bag of all sorts! Fingers crossed still resulting in a tasty, slightly alternative, Spinforthy selection, with at least one Scoured favourite n fresh jam for everyone..and/or at least a new Cloud or two for your ears to get following!

As always..please please please, if you dig n download any of these free jams, take a minute out out to show and share your appreciation by leaving the Cloud owners some comment love, to help spread the word of their work. Aaand..if you’d like to give this silly little blog of mine a thumb or two too..well you know I’m always loving and appreciative of that too too..too!

Until next Scourday..wishing you all ‘brillo’ weekends (..cheers for that one DJ Detta!), aaaand..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email Spinforth at:

Opening up this week’s Scour hiphop stylee..1st up with my favourite remixed joint from a newly found Cloud (for me)..let’s all give a warm Scour welcome to Mr Tom Caruana. Seems Tom has been busy doing his classic hiphop remix thang for quite some time now (apologies for not finding you sooner bud), and there’s plenty more tasty Scour fodder to be found over on his Cloud. Not only that, he runs ‘Tea Sea Records’ too, which has loads and loads and loooads of tasty downloads available (some free, some to purchase.). If you’re digging these sounds as much as myself go get involved, and while you’re at it, give him your faceboink ‘like’ right >>HERE<<. This gorgeous remix is taken from his J-Live Rough Versions Remix Series Vol.4 and has been re-upped to his Cloud at 320kbps, by request, (..spoiling y’all again!) exclusively for you lovely lot..Scour lushness! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 91bpm
J-Live – Harder – Tom Caruana remix by Tom Caruana

Seeing as I’m warming up on a hiphop tip..couldn’t really be leaving this one out! R.I.P. Heavy D (Dwight Arrington Myers. May 24 1967 >> November 8 2011.) Proper nice little tribute remix here from DJ Phaze 92bpm
Marvin Gaye Ft. Heavy-D, 2pac & B.I.G – Let’s Get It On (itsphizzle remix) by DJ Phaze

Aaand..seeing that Masta Ace is one of my all time favourite golden age artists..couldn’t be leaving this one out either! More brilliant remix work here from DJ Cheapshot. Straight up dope! 93bpm
Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Nigguh (Cheapshot Remix) by dj cheapshot

That’ll do for the hiphop warmup..time to glitch it up a little lot. Another new Cloud find for me this week; introducing Masta Shredda and ItchieFingaz, collectively know as Boss Levelz. Welcome to my Scour fellas..hoping you feel at home up in here! G’funkers..a warm comment loving welcome to them for this one if you’d please! 100bpm
ItchieFingaz – My Peoples by BossLevelz

More top notch bass heavy glitchobbly™ remix work from Canada’s Flavours…dressage to this monster would definitely be..much much less shit! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 105bpm
Horsey (Flavours Remix) by Diplo 320 Download in Description by Flavours

Switching genres once again..although this one still comes with some surprisingly delightful little wobbles and wonks! Egyptian Reggae, Mojo Filter style. Loving this bud..ace work! 115bpm
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Egyptian Reggae (Mojo Filter Wub like an Egyptian Edit) by Mojo Filter

Which leads us rather nicely into this funky Balkan mashed up re-edit number from Bag-O-beetz-the-handyman. Was all over this the minute you posted it buddy..but cheers for the heads up anyway. If your ears are diggin this Balkan sound, be sure to head over to Juno to check out the original Dunkelbunt featuring Cloud Tissa release >>HERE<< ..been a while since I dropped it, but a classic HKPP floor filler fo sho! 120bpm
Dunkelbunt & Cloud tissa vs M.I.A ( Bag-o-Beetz Re-edit ) by Bag-O-beetz-the-handyman

From a Balkan to a Brazillian (..not that sort! hmm..I wonder what a Balkan actually looks like?!..whoops, excuse me, digressing a little bit too somewhat!) yeah, this Brazilian funk refix, from Jack Frost , landed in my inbox this week..and I for one am very thankful that it did. Alternative download link requested, and hopefully coming soon.120bpm
Jose Roberto – Crioula Multicolorida (Funk & Frost Refix) by Jack Frost

Umm..where shall we go next? Let’s add a ‘twist’ of reggae to this week’s interntional Scour flavour! Top remix work (as per) and wicked little end of night party joint from DJ Twister 120bpm
Tenor Fly – Bright Side Of Life (Dj Twister Remix) by Dj Twister

Wanted to Scour this next tune for you all a couple of weeks back, but downloads maxed out super quick and it took a little longer than anticipated to receive permission from Mr Mc Think Tank (<<'like' that link to thank him please) to set up and share the following FREE & EXCLUSIVE alternative download link with you all. Originally released to purchase via Rat Records' ‘The Crusader EP’, but recently shared for free to coincide and help draw attention to the STILL ridiculously massively under publicised Occupy Movement. Thought you might appreciate me posting up this one Morph (even though a little later than originally planned)! WE ARE THE 99%, still with time, and without doubt plenty of motive to get involved folks, aaand…Revolt! Exclusive alternative Scour download available >>HERE<< (<< right click & save as on that link) 132bpm
Neighbour and Thinktank – Revolt (MASTER) by ThinkTank

Right then..time to start wrapping up this weeks Scour..hmmm..let’s go drum & bass stylie for these last few. It’s the way I often like to do in my solo sets, I find it’s a sure fire way to keep the floor jumping toward the end of a long night…keeps a brandy & coke fuelled me bouncing at the very least! First up here’s a pretty tasty Manu Chao remix from The Polish Ambassador. 170bpm
Manu Chao – Dia Luna Dia Pena (The Polish Ambassador Remix) by Polish Ambassador

Followed by this tidy little mashup from KMo3 Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 172bpm
DJ Kmin vs Kmo3 – Sunshine (Hold Yuh Riddim) by KMo3

And finally, pre-curveball, this funkin massive little drumstep number from the absolutely incredible Wick-it the Instigator! ‘Liking’ him, and everything he does, is highly recommended right >>HERE<< 176bpm
Wick-it the Instigator – Wide Open (feat. Magmatic Magnanimous) by Wick-it the Instigator

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! Avid Scour followers may recall I curveballed Sam Redmore’s awesome remix of this waaay back in Scour #22. Apologies if my supporting another incredible remix of it is noticed or minded…but it’s by far one of Sir Bob’s best tunes, and at the time of Scouring the download of this hasn’t actually been opened up yet because Pied Piper is looking for 100 ‘favourites’ on it before he opens up the downloads on it permanently and unconditionally…shouldn’t take too long via all your awesome Scour support too! Get over there ASAP and show him your ♥’s please! Cheers now 🙂 124bpm
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love (A Pied Piper Remix) by PiedPiper

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