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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 12/01/12

By January 12, 2012Blog

Yo yo, how are we all this second week of 2012? Hoping y’all are good and sticking to those, soon to be broken if they haven’t been already, resolutions. Spinforth here for your ears once again, welcoming you to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #46.

Been having a ridiculously hectic and stressful week at my 9-5..6,7,8 (Tuuuune!) this week, so running even later the usual with The Scour. Very determined to get it published for you all tonight though, so having to keep this intro blurb short & sweet.

I don’t even really have time to thank any and everyone out there, who very kindly voted for The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club to win ‘Littlesouth & Twenty4Seven South West DJ’s of the Year 2011’..oh, actually that’s not entirely true..”atrulyfunkinmazing of you..THANKYOU!!” 🙂

Nor do I have any time whatsoever at all, to kindly ask whether you may be able to spare we 3 of HKPP a few more of your valuable minutes, and consider voting for us in the categories of ‘Best Small Event’ and ‘Best Radio Show’ (for ‘Beating The Crates’) in the 2012 Breakspoll Awards. We do fully appreciate that it’s a very big ask, and that filling in the form can be a bit of chore..but by all accounts we came VERY VERY close to winning the ‘small event’ title last year, missing out by just a handful of votes, so we’re secretly hoping you lovely lot may feel we have worked hard enough in 2011 to gain us those elusive extra votes. We’ve even made it nice n easy for you, by setting up a facebook event >>HERE<<, aaaand given you some ideas of who to consider in all the other categories. We promise to love all your balls forever and ever if we pull this off for 2012. So here’s me thanking and pleasing (..and begging a little bit!) for your votes in advance. Cheeeers! 🙂

Right, I didn’t have time for any of that! But I have just about had time to deliver another tasty Scour for you all again. A little shorter than some of my recent offerings, but still a mixed bag full of quality music to my ears as always, and hopefully worthy of a facebook ‘liking’, Scour word spreading, thumb or two from you!

Here we go..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:

Kicking off this week’s Scourceedings™ with a tasty dollop of dubby goodness courtesy of LionDub. If your feeling it, be sure to check out the original Irish Moss Records wax release, still available to purchase >>HERE<<. 74bpm

Very happy to find this remix, from Switzerland’s Bashboomb, landing in my inbox earlier this week. Tricky to get the original Althea & Donna joint sounding better, but this is a bloody good effort! Alternative download link requested, and hopefully coming very soon, check back. 100bpm
Uptown top rankin – Bashboomb rmx by Bashboomb

Last week’s Scour #45 suppoted a couple of lush versions of this next joint by ‘Waldeck’. Time now to unleash this huuuuge glitchplicit™ version, courtesy of DJ Toast and Pencil Pushups. Mega dope work fellas!100bpm
Waldeck – Memories (Golden Toast & Pencil Pushups Remix) by DJ Toast/ Golden Toast

So..I first introduced you all to the work and sounds of SkalliiWaggles back in my World Record Thumb Score Smashing Scour #41. Had a sneaky feeling back then he’d be one to watch for 2012. Sneaky feeling 100% confirmed via this awesome London Posse ‘Gangster Chronicle’ remix! Time for all to get involved faceboink ‘liking’ this big little skallii with the waggle right >>HERE<< ..thank you please! SkalliiWaggles 101bpm
London Posse-Gangster Chronicles (SkalliiWaggles Remix with Strictly Steppas) by SkalliiWaggles

Fresh Cloud find for me this week. Introducing the US of A’s ‘Dads On Display’ to The Scour! Can’t say I know of much more about him just yet, other than this tune’s sounding pretty ace! 108bpm
Chair Moss by Dads On Display

I warned you all in last week’s Scour #45 that Mr Beat Dweebs was sounding like one to watch in 2012. If you weren’t convinced then, y’all better get trusting my Scour ears..and start ‘liking’ him here and >>NOW<<. 108bpm
The Beat Dweebs – Lollerblader [free download] by The Beat Dweebs

Same (as above) goes for Canada’s Beat Theatre (<< get getting your 'like' out and all over that link!). Welcome back to The Scour bro! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 110bpm
Beat Theatre – Time To Get Paid [Free DL] by Beat Theatre

Rad work from Hungary’s DJ August again. A proper good funk workout right here! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 111bpm
DJ August – The Bootsy Funk Formula by DJ August

Anybody out there want to buy me a ticket and/or smuggle me in a suitcase to Canada so I can go check out The Funk Hunters Presents REGROOVED feat PARKER (UK) | GRiZ (USA) | & Special Guests!? Damn it! Guessing that’s a bit of a long shot!? So, let’s all just get our ears wrapped around this latest GRiZ monster instead. Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 140bpm
Shogun by GRiZ

First Scoured just last week, but, incase anyone foolishly wasn’t listening he is again! More ace work ( my ears at least, and hopefully a good few of your’s) from NoWa..errrm..and DJ Toast, again! Ahh..but I supported him up there somewhere already, and it’s officially against my own Scour rules to support someone twice in the same Scour, this one up to NoWa..and friend 😉 Ace collab work fellas! 155bpm
NoWa & Golden Toast – A Pirates Death by NoWa

Wrapping up this week’s Scour (pre-curveball) with a very tidy n tasty a dubstep to dnb transition tool styleee. Omni Trio’s ‘Renegade Snares’ given a decent dose of top quality rerub action by Some DJ. No no, not literally ‘some DJ’..This one, that we all already know and love, right >>HERE<< (<< show him your best 'like' pleeease!). This puppy has been kindly opened up exclusively for The Scour, so please do get involved in thanking Some DJ via your comments up on his player. 140>>DnBbpm
Renegade Snares dub breaks to DnB by Some DJ

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! Probably one of my favourite ever Roots joints..taken from their brilliant (..and in my humble opinion, definitely best) 4th album ‘Things Fall Apart’. Edited and extended here by Mr Mick Collins-Gellar. Beeeeauuutiful tune! 🙂 82>>174bpm
The Roots ft.Erykah Badu & Eve – You Got Me (C-G’s Shattered Intentions Edit) by Mick Collins-Gellar

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