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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 12/05/11

By May 12, 2011Blog

How we all diddlin’ Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers? Panic over! It’s your #1 super sharp Soundcloud scouring (semi) superstar, Spinforth here..just running even later than usual, but I’m back, as promised, to deliver your ears their weekly fix of top notch scoured tuneage..all of which is available to dig ‘n’ download, completely free of charge.

I’m running so bloooody late this week that I haven’t really got time to bore you with my customary drunken tales, gig news, or please’s and thank you’s (back in full effect with all of those next week..hopefully). Oh, alright then, just the one teeny weeny little big please..

Seems whilst I’ve been busy getting my Power Scour™ on, my hobbit sized stunt double (Morphosis) has been busy in his burrow rustling up a couple of very tasty HKPP works in progress (WIPs). If you haven’t stopped by the Hong Kong Ping Pong Cloud recently, ‘PLEASE’ pop along and get involved. Both ‘B-Boy Family’ and ‘Ghetto Tuff’ are definitely sounding pretty damn sweet over there. Neither are quite ready, nor available to donload just yet, but we’d still really love to hear your comments and count your ‘s. You never know..a big enough show of support may even tempt Morph to unleash one of these as a freebie sometime soon. Nice one, and thank you (ahh bugger..there’s the thank you I didn’t have time for!) in advance.

Right then, this week has definitely been a bumper week..I’ve had my ears stuck in the Clouds for the the last two nights, and whittling down to this weeks cream of the crop has taken hours and hours and hours. Seeing as I’m totally out of time now, you’re going to have to excuse me for delivering one or two more jams here than usual. I’m kind of banking on y’all not really minding a Spinforthy bonus or two..consider them a thank you present in return for all your continued appreciative comments and bloggy thumb love!

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at:

So that’s it for another week..time now for me to to unveil scoured fruits, and for you to kick back, relax, de-wax your lug holes, and hopefully..



Chris Brown Look at me Now Reggae Mashup off the soon to be released Tenacious Dub L.P by Freqnik & WDRE

If/when the DL’s max out on this next puppy ▼ alternative link has been kindly supplied right >>HERE<<
10CC – Dreadlock holiday (Decibel remix) by Mat Decibel

Black Wavy Funk (Funkanizer remix) by Funkanizer

For this next tune we welcome back messieurs Livingstone & Canosis to the Scour (previously supported waaaay back in Scour #2). This week sees the official release of two of their finest jams to date, via the awesome new digital label on the block Riddim Fruit Records. These, along with two equally tasty nuggets from the man like One Funky Soul, can be picked up on the magnificent ‘The Give Back EP’ which is available to purchase from Juno **TODAY** >>HERE<<. I’ve been lucky enough to promo this release and can 100% confirm all 4 tunes are blooody brilliant, and guaranteed (by me) to be serious dancefloor, what you waiting for? Click on over to Juno and bag yo’selfs this incredible 2nd Riddim Fruit release right now!

To celebrate their awesome debut release the DL on this cracking little edit from their recent ‘Thank You Mr DJ…Vol 1 Mixtape’ has recently been opened up especially for you lovely lot! ▼

Mark Ronson vs U-Tern – Bang Bang Bang (Livingstone & Canosis EDIT) by Tim Livingstone

Billy’s Bongo Agogo (Free Track) by grahamsthedj

Download for this next bomb is about to be very kindly switched on for all you Scouries™…it’s a rather splendid rework of everybody’s favourite Madness classic by Mr Dave Remix..I forsee this one doing some serious damage to your pleeease don’t forget to thank Mr Remix for the very generous free DL! And keep your ears peeled on this Cloud..more tasty treats in the pipeline! ▼

Madness – Baggy Trousers (Dave Remix’s Clive Made Me Do It Mix) by Dave Remix

Emynd – Oye Como Va Theme by Emynd

Natural Selectors – Proverbs VIP Feat. Top Cat by theo tzu an>

Aaaand this week’s curveball! It’s another one for my early morning, de-wobbling, comedown crate..diggin this a hole lot!

M.O.P.E by Ambassadeurs

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