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Easy all, happy Scour day, and brand new Hong Kong Ping Pong Mixtape #8 (..plug 1) release week!! What’s that? The first you’ve heard about it!?? Funk off right that link, and meet myself and Fat Harry back here in precisely 1hr 19mins and 42secs time…………..So, how was it for your ears? Right, now lets get this epic Scour #64 show on the road. Welcome, one and all, to..Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #64!

Apologies for deserting you all last week folks, been off having waaay too much fun again..partying, gigging, festivaling, bramandying, and, errmm..hang about, this was never in my rider..helping Mr Streetwise move house (..I knew there’d be a catch!)..waaay up in Cambridge. Pretty sweet weekend, have to say..FunkyDrop, Luke Stereo, Mr Streetwise, A.Skillz, Krafty Kuts, Todd, and of course myself, all smashed it! Good times all round at The Fez Club, and Natural Rhythm Festival. Cheers for a rad weekend, where’s that £30.00! 😉

So yeah, it’s been another seriously epic 2 week catch up Scour mission this week, which has apparently resulted in a world record breaking 32 track deep Scour #64. I know I know, when I started this gig I was on 5 a week, believe you me, if I could whittle down to 5 free tunes a week I’d love it..but it’s seemingly impossible with the shear amount of quality 100% FREE tunes that get sent in to be checked out each week. So yeah..apologies in advance if this one’s a bit too big for you..hoping you’ll all soon see/hear exactly why, and you’ll allow me back again next week, to deliver a ‘slightly’ more sensible sized Scour!
Epic catch up missions would never be complete without my trustee Scour steed Fat Harry who has very very kindly stepped up to assist with all intro blurb writing duty..and another truly sterling job he has done too (..thanks pard!). Handing you all over to him in just a second. BUT..before I do, just want to make extra specially sure you’ve absolutely, 100% definitely, ALL checked out the following brand new mixtape, by some crazy but seriously funky cats, who for some odd reason, go by the rather erotic exotic sounding name of The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club, ahh..did I say it was brand new? Here’s..Hong Kong Ping Pong Mixtape #8 (..plug 2) 😉

Grabbed it? Sweet, so may enter! Time to unleash this week’s Scour #64 upon your ears. I’m signing out for please get your best comments, followings and ‘likes’ at the ready! Switching over to Harry down below, for your healthy dose of ball loving! BigUPS for tuning in, aaand…

Enjoy! x

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Welcome welcome! :unbuttons cuffs of shirt: it’s been too long friends! :rolls up sleeves: Hope you’re all keeping well :puts on pair of latex gloves whilst maintaining eye contact: Let’s get down to business! :puts in gum shield: First up this knuckleduster to the chin from Richie Blood, blending Rodney P & Sleng Teng in a rudeboy styleee! ‘Sleng Teng Killer (Richie Blood Refix)’ seriously tasty business. If you think you can handle a few rounds with Richie, check out his ‘Mad Ova Blunt’ refix on his page. Knock you out o’clock! As Spinforth would undoubtedly say..welcome to The Scour bro! 84bpm

Basshop anyone? Hidden Riddim coming ‘atcha like a rasta Cleopatra syphoning GTX castra from a mark one vauxhall Astra..with their remix of BNC The Harder They Fall. a.) You’ll love this and b.) You now know why the Streets called me a massive bellend! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 85bpm

There’s only one thing I love more than bacon and biscuits..actually include sandwiches, patsies, chocolate, fairy cakes, chips, pizzas and diet coke. There’s just one thing I love more than those things, and that’s sweating. Which is, in part, why Austria’s brilliant B.Visible‘s new joint is in this weeks’ scour. Also because it’s sexy and sultry and slinky like a fox. Word on Scour Street says that he’s currently working on a brand new EP..keep your eyes and ears peeled for that, it will definitely be excellent! 90bpm

Ladies Love, the mighty Skeewiff is up next with this wonderful remix of ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’. Originally made for a Nike advert in 2004 but never used..he’s now kindly opened it up for our Harlem Globetrotting, way down town pleasure. 90bpm

Got your tool? What tool? This faahckin tool! Wallop! Yes yes, our very own Leeds United ultra is back on the scene – out of Jail for good behaviour? Hehe, just mess in’. Leygo, sorry..I of course mean Leygo (<< fresh Facebook fan page link under that one!) deliver's a mean mix of Bubba 'The nail' Sparxxx and Lee 'Chopper' Scratch Perry in a boys in the park/jumpers for goalposts styleee! If you're not singing anymore, you certainly will be if you spend a few minutes on his SoundCloud page. 92bpm

I’ve spent so much time at DJ MAARS‘ local, the Honest Politician in Southsea, that I have my own seat in the snug, and my own engraved tankard hanging up behind the bar! Fortunately I time my visits for when the fruity pays out, otherwise i’d be a pauper by now. Here he is again with his Kingston Town re-work of ‘Black Moon – How Many Emcee’s’. Hold the bells! 93bpm

All round top rankin badman Joss Jinx In Dub, crumbles his sexy soapy magic on Clinton Sly’s dancehall banger ‘Wheel & Come Again’. Check out his SoundCloud Page for other seriously heavyweight workouts. Particularly fond of his Dub Pistol’s Ganja Dub Remix..don’t mind if I do. 94bpm

We HKPP’ers all have a weakness for anything Greg Nice. It’s also worth pointing out for those of you who don’t read the small print (or instruction manuals..”The instructions aren’t all in Chinese Dad! That bit is in Chinese because..oh, don’t worry about it, yes, instructions these days, yes, not like the old days, right, yes, all this was fields, fags were less than a quid, etc) That not only has Pooky produced a remix of extraordinary magnitude, but that it was all done live. Bloody love him! 97bpm

SCOUR #64 EXCLUSIVE #1: It’s trouser locking down time! I’ve had this tune in my head all day and have been bogle dancing around the workplace like Peter Griffin in a hula hula skirt. On my way home I had to stop myself from popping in to Asda to buy a coconut for splitting in half and making a matching brassiere. If you download this immense tune from Delicutesse Soundsystem make sure you leave a comment on his cloud and that you have a tub of Sudocrem ready for the inevitable bogle rash..which I now have to go back to Asda to buy. I still might pick up that coconut..and maybe some bandages for the ensuing carnage as I try and split it open. Circle of life. Grab your very kindly donated ( prior Scour arrangement) >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 100bpm

A Topcat & Dirty Dubsters collaboration is always going to be special, add a Sir William of Breakspear skanky panky remix and you’ve got yourself something…..beyond special! Like sprinkling cocaine onto Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. But not using milk….wait. I don’t know!? It’s just really good! 100bpm

Gutted this kind of thought/quality production isn’t being released! Overjoyed The Scour can help bring it to your attention! This one written especially, by New Zealand’s Mr Fresh, for a Scour shout outing head nod, and some raising of the chin assistance, toward his good friend and super top dude, Leo! We’ve been blasting this at our gigs all through this “Summer”. Tried and tested by us all – get your mitts on it and be sure to leave a little bit of love on Mr Fresh’s sound cloud. Hardcore. You know the score. 102bpm

Cool blues from our man Monetrik. You may remember him from his dead mans mash from a few weeks ago – I’m afraid to say I do believe the vocalist on this wicked bad, super-stone-cold struttin track may also be deceased. I might be wrong, but you know what Monetrik’s like. Yup, brilliant! 102bpm

Chrispop certainly has an ear for a tune..and lips for a kissin! heheh. Sorry, he doesn’t. Well, he may have, i’m no judge on mens lips. Anything bigger than a cats arse and i’ve no clue. He’s dropped Candi Statton’s vocal over Kabanjak’s Mojo Hand and it does indeed work a treat. 105bpm

Blurb writer par excellence and all round love machine AfroQBen‘s back in the scour with this chilled out chunk of west coast G-funk. Acapellas from Warren G and Nate Dogg. Music by AfroQBen. Amazing! Deserved big things starting to happen for AfroQBen! Remember where you heard him first? Oh look..that’ll probably be a few months back, via Spinforth’s Scour #55. 105bpm

Buzz A Buzz! He’s German! He’s Angry! He’s a rebel! He really like’s perpendicular triangles! ▲ He also makes really blissed out Moombahsoul! Loving those drum patterns young man. Welcome to The Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 108bpm

Bloody hell I love SoundCloud! And how Spinforth continually sniffs out these free gems is pretty loveable too!! Ages ago Shantel’s Disko Partizani was one of my favourite tunes, totally forgot about it then along comes Germany’s Dazed Dog, and not only reminds me of what a wonderful tune it was, but also completely twists it round and layers heavy streams of his scent all over it. Have a listen, you can practically see the steam rising off it. Territory well and truly marked sir! Great find Spin’. 108bpm

High fives all round! One for Norman, one for Rizzle, two for Benji, fist bump to House of pain and Gun Fingas to Bag o Beetz the handyman. On Point Hump Jam 110bpm

Meanwhile back on the ranch..Let’s put ‘Spinforth’s trying to bag himself a gig in New Zealand one day’ to one side, cos this tune is Awesomeness! Loving what DJ Alias is all about, give his cloud a few minutes of your time if you know what’s good for you! :shakesfist: Ghettosmut demonstrates just why you need to grab the Ghetto Funk Loopmasters Pack..tut suit! 110bpm

We’re thinking of starting a night called ‘Drop Bears, Not Bombs’ (Jack hates bears, say’s they’re too pushy!) I’m not sure if I prefer Spinforth’s ‘Drop Pillows, Not Squirrels’ or my ‘Drop Vadgers, not Badgers’. Anyway..whatever we call it, Skullee‘s bootleg of Diplo’s Express Yourself will be the first tune on the decks. :waves to Bristol: 110bpm

Has it really been 11 months since Yasumo last featured in the scour? That can’t be right? :checks with Spinforth: (‘..yes pard..Scour #27 I believe’) WTF..Unbelievable! Check out this screamer, ask yourself “What the devil have those two Australian scamps been up to?” Dive into their SoundCloud page and find out. Soundcloud. A musical ask Jeeves. Tea break! 😉 110bpm

SCOUR #64 EXCLUSIVE #2: Everybody! Gather round now! Ladies! For starters, let your body flow. We don’t need special occasion..keep that in mind. Right, ladies..remember to keep your body flowing, ok? Good. Now, answer me honestly. Do you wanna get funky? More specifically, do you wanna get funky with me? No? Oh. :needle slides across vinyl: I don’t blame you, i’d just like a nice cup of tea and a bit of a sit down. But! If you were Adski, and I were Shirley Bassey you’d be all over me like a wasp on a ginger kid with a can of vimto..and you know it! Awww hell yeah! Now off you pop to grab the second of this week’s awesome, and very kindly donated EXCLUSIVE links..>>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 110bpm

Natalie Storm’s ‘Beat that chest’ is a wicked tune, real sharp stab-you-in-the-kidneys lyrics, but now thanks to Bruce Missile with the added muscles and big, thick, wobbly man chest of Busta – Now that’s a chest worth beating! :King Kong Styleee: 110bpm

Gotta love the squelch in Leo’s ‘Chemically Enhance Your Dance’. And the fact that it slightly reminds me of that old Flake advert. Fiona Helsing is on the vocals and she sounds all wonderful and siren-ey..Squelchy vampire chocolate for the win! Spinforth seems to think he ‘may be’ one to watch..who are we to argue! Step up to the plate’ve just been Scoured! 111bpm

We’ve been banging on about C2C since we picked up their ‘Down The Road‘ EP back in January. A couple of you have commented on the C2C track on the new mixtape – Spinforth, did we mention we had a new HKPP mixtape out yet? 3 or 4 times? That’s okay then – You must grab yourselves a copy, of ‘Down The Road‘ and ‘Mixtape 8’..Here’s a freebie from C2C their very selves, remixed by Cherokee. 112bpm

Fajita Funk have been busy recently, along with a gentle re-tweak of one of my favourites, Pigmeat Markham’s ‘Here Comes The Judge’ they’ve also dropped this slippy and slide-y Hopeton Lewis classic to a new level of skank – I now have the perfect tune to go with Livingstone & Canosis’ ‘Uptown Top Rankin’ joint – I claimed it first! 115bpm

Boomin fatback drums, JB brass stabs, Pimpin wah wah, cheeky tabasco wobble, all tied together with a Kool Keith acapella. What’s not to like? Well, our mate Tom isn’t a big fan of tabasco since we bet him he wouldn’t snort a line, so he’s not included. Enjoy your own spicy line of Beatdusta! 115bpm

Baffin Boffin, and one of our long admired producers Rockmaster Rus B’s Shake Dat gets the Breakbeat Junkie treatment. Originally released on the Champion Booty Shake EP, it’s now available for us all for free!! Now that’s proper Champion :Tip of the cap to our northern brethren: Check out the latest Baffin release featuring 4 tracks from the ever funky Morlack. 115bpm

Jazz K. Lipa‘s another one of our favourites. Always there with something amazing, and just a little bit different. Long may he continue! Reckon you’ll like this one. Is it beautiful? Is it mentalist? Is it Moombahton, which, like Spin’, I’m still not 100% sure I like? I don’t really know..but we love it! Woohoo! Got to love music for buggering around with your preconceives. 119bpm

FunkFerret‘s on it again. Skanking out like a boss with this Edit of Siri’s excellent ‘Stay’, maybe this will go the otherside of Livingstone and Canosis! I claimed it first! hehe, all your skank are belongs to me! Just kidding, go on can have some too :/ 120bpm

Can I have all the afro too? No? Bugger. Got a feeling you’ll be loving this one. Grant Lazlo‘s gets all ‘Tropic Thunder’ on our asses, but in a really good way. ‘Lyrics Born feat Chali 2na – Hott 2 Deff’ (Deff was my Thai name, so that’s me sold)..This ones a keeper! 128bpm

Waahoo! I’ve made it to Pre-curveball! Which means i’m nearly done..and very soon handing you back to Spinforth! It’s been epic, but still, a real pleasure to be back after a few weeks off. Hope you’ve enjoyed Spin’s picks this week – big ups to everyone for sharing and/or sending Spinforth their tracks, it is an honour, and it keeps him busy whittling away like a boy scout which keeps him off the streets, away from peoples rubbish bins/washing lines/rabbit hutches and generally, on the whole, out of trouble…during his mid week at least! Signing off with a classic from DJ K-Tel a drum and bass remix of the Andrews sisters, for that is how I roll. Ciao bellas x 174bpm

The Almightiest of all your UP’s to Fat Harry for his genius blurb writing skills and assistance please folks..yet again he gets me out of a bit of a hole, and ensures you all a Scour post ‘almost’ delivered on time! So..miraculously, we’ve at last reached the..’Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball!’ end of The no no..not literally ‘The End of The Scour’, don’t be silly, as hard and time consuming work as it is..I’m clearly a little bit crazy, and somewhat addicted to this gig now..still plenty of late nights left in me yet (..I hope), aaand with some exciting Scour news potentially just around the corner of my Scour road..think I’ll do my best to just keep keeping on..if that’s all good with you? Cue..Hosta into this week’s Curveball spot, with this top top quality D’n’B remix of Portishead’s – ‘Roads’. Goooooodnight y’all! 🙂 x 174bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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