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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 13/04/11

By April 13, 2011Blog

Hello Ping Pongin’ & Ghetto Funkin’ boys & girls! Unbelievably it’s Wednesday again (already!!), which means just one really really important’s my dustbin daaaay!! Oh, actually, two important’s also time for me to welcome you to, and deliver to your ears..’Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #12′.

Apologies in advance (to those who read this bit) but it’s a bit of a speed scour this week. I’ve already spent all of my last two evenings scouring and whittling (yes..two evenings is considered speedy in my world!), and this evening my face has been summoned to dinner, so, I’m writing this weeks bloggledygook™ in a hurry. It’s all good though..have still managed to scour some gorgeous gems, aaand, with a bit of luck (if i can work out which buttons to press in Morph’s absence) it may actually result in me getting this published on time, and on a Wednesday for a change.

Mega speedy thank you’s…103 ghetto funkin thumbs supporting last weeks scour #11..very happy with these. Hoping it was the tunes and not just the picture of Fat Harry’s weapon brandishing doppelgänger (honestly Searchy, this isn’t Harry asking for assistance at his local branch of HSBC..he wouldn’t dream of wearing polka dots!..errrmm..actually he probably would dream of this, but definitely best we don’t go there this side of the watershed!)..that drew me another awesome round of thumbing. Either way..amaaaazing of you all..cheers!

Huuuuge bigUPs too to (uh-oh..not again!?) all who’ve checked, supported and already purchased HKPP’s debut vinyl release (in collaboration with the mighty Pimpsoul). It’s already riding high (#2 at time of writing..2nd only to the equally amazing Insane Bangers Vol 11) in this weeks Juno’s breakbeat best sellers would be trully awesome if we could hit top please go grab your fine selfs a copy HERE, if you dig and would like to show your love and support. We promise it’s a tried and tested weapon..even your deaf def granny will secretly love baking rice crispy cakes to it!

Tripple dosage of HKPP gigs coming over the next 2 weekends..1st up myself and Fat Harry will be doing our funky Ping Pongy thang at The Watermans this Friday. And then..two big ones for the Easter weekend, both on Good Friday (22nd). I’m very much looking forward to hosting, partying, getting really really drunk with, and still being shown right up on the 1’s & 2’s by some Geordie legend that goes by the name of SMOOVE at HKPP presents Smoove at The Watermans (21:30-02:00 Free entry as standard!). While on the same night Fat Harry is on HKPP duty with the Chai Wallahs and Diplomats Of Sound at The Phoenix in Exeter for their All Good Things Tour..check those links for details and if you’re near by for either gig then please bring us your balls..we’d be delighted to play with to them. Ta!

So..Without further ado it’s time to reveal the funky fine free fruits of this weeks scour. Plenty to choose from again this week and whittling them down to this (slightly extended) pick of the bunch took hours..cause I’m an indecisive fussy git (sometimes)! As always this is a mixed Spinforthy/HKPP bag of whittled down personal or two of which will hopefully pleausre everbody, aurally. Majority of these have been scoured by yours truly, but a couple sent in to me via my email (see address below). Always a pleasure to receive your emails..keep ’em coming please..if I enjoy what I hear I’ll endeavour to support and feature you in a future sour…one day!

Pleeeeeeease if you dig these jams, don’t just download them and bugger’s considered really bad SoundCloud etiquette. Instead remember to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s. Thanking you in advance.

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for forthcoming scours, please email me at:

That’s it for another week folks..Enjoy!


Delicious Allstars – The great story telling with paperboy (dr.goon mushup) by Dr.Goon

(colombia) the afrosound – caliventura (karim’s nuevaventura re-edit) by Karim (DJKiMO)

Lulu-love loves-Shimi sonic remix by Shimi sonic

CCR-Born On The Bayou (Ursula 1000 Cheeky Boot) by Ursula 1000

Download on this next one has been turned on early, by request (or is just about to be as soon as they wake up down under), just for you Ghetto Funkin Scour followers. An incredible mashup (one of my favorites of absolutely shed loads from this real life fantastic duo) by Dj S-Man and DJ Phaze, who collectively go by the name of Relative Funk Sound sure to check out their clouds for some of the tightest mashups you’ll stumble across on SoundCloud..and make sure you thank them for the early switch-on of the DL button on this smokin puppy!! ▼
Westcoast L.T.D – Pop Lockin’-Relative Funk Remix by Relative Funk SoundSystem

Alternative download link in track description
Stefan aka Kid Panel & Blade – Freak by S.T.E.F.A.N.aka Kid Panel

Alternative download link in track description
Big Beat Stevie (Free download!) by Rory Hoy

This landed in my email inbox this week..and was very tempted to keep it for myself..but that’d be rude, and I’m way too kind. Awesome mashup straight outta Romania, big things happening over there..beautiful baby! Alternative download link in track description
Lack of Afro vs Fat Boy Slim – Outsider’s weapon of choice (Meeloox Mash-UP) by meeloox

Aaaand finally (my Scour woudn’t be complete without one of these)..this weeks seriously camp, somewhat risky, guilty pleasure (not mine!) of a curveball! Not sure I’m going to live this one down..just hoping I’m not alone in thinking this is a job well done and worthy of some support. One for the moonlighting wedding DJs (white weddings..don’t do it!) amongst us at the very least..mother in laws will love it!

Dolly Parton – 9 to 5 (Butch le Butch Remix 2011 version) by Butch le Butch


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