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Easy all, sorry to have kept your ears waiting for a couple of weeks..been a little bit busy partying, recovering, partying, recovering, partying…repeat! Fitted a bit of ‘work work’ in here and there amongst it all too…oh yeah, and just about found enough spare time (..thanks yet again to my trustee blurb writing sidekick Fat Harry) to bring together this epic number! Welcome y’all, to my latest..’Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #62′.

I’m late enough with this one to spend time going into detail about how incredibly awesome The Funk Hunters were at HKPP a couple weeks ago (legends!)..and/or how incredibly smashed I/we got the next night for my ‘real’ birthday celebrations. Let’s just of the raddest weekend’s I’ve had for ages..biggest of UP’s to all who got involved and helped make it so.

Why can’t all weekends be so full of party!? Oh, actually..seems that they can/are!

Out and about in Fal Town tomorrow night? Lucky lucky you..cause tomorrow night The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club turns the ripe old age of 5! Come get involved at The Watermans, for Hong Kong Ping Pong presents Stickybuds **5th BIRTHDAY** pleeeeease! time left for further introduction..hoping you all enjoy this week’s exceeding tasty, hand picked (by yours truly), and rather large mixed bag of Scoured up treats.

Handing you all over to Fat Harry..

Enjoy! x

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Like an aural soaking in a big bath filled with Radox, have a little listen to Kouncilhouse‘s ‘Guidance Forever’ and feel yourself unwind and relax, let all your stresses and strains melt away, feel the tension of the daily grind gently leave your body >parp<..not that much! you animals! 75bpm

A hale and hearty welcome to the scour for Vietnam’s Bluntskull. If you like what he’s done with 50 Cent – ‘Wanksta’ then go through his SoundCloud page and take your pick, it’s chock full of top quality rudeboy hip hop mashups. Hear me now! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/COMING SOON IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 88bpm

Still sitting comfortably? I’ve ‘nearly’ had my fill of J5 ‘pellas, BUT..dammit when they’re done as well as Leygo‘s Uptown Top Ranking refix I can’t help myself. Jurassic 5 vs Alton Ellis – ‘I’m Still In Love With Freedom’. I know we always harp on but if you have a spare minute you’ll find plenty of gems in Leygo’s page, the man is touched by Brian Clough-like genius. 92bpm

Mean machine Mr T. (quit your jibber-jabber) Rice is back with this moody piece of strut funk; Bad Boy For Life (Easeback Edit). Consider my jibber-jabber quitted sir! Please don’t stab me! 90bpm

Sometimes the Scour’s about pointing you in the direction of tunes from producers we reckon you’ve not heard before, sometimes its about stuffing peanut butter jelly time biscuits in your mouth and jumping up and down on a sofa like that fat kid gif, just to make sure you don’t miss a monster jam! Cue..Griz – ‘You Got To Change’. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 94bpm

I reckon the world would be a slightly less sparkly place without Eddie Bo’s input, Monetrik reminds us why with this sweet little mash up of ‘Check Your Bucket’, featuring The Notorious BIG, who’s also passed on…Monetrik! can we have some alive people mashups please? 😉 Just kidding. Great work fella. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/COMING SOON IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

Welcome to Jazz Club! Greeeat! Vonderba jazzy joint from Mr Fresh for your discerning palate. Like trying not to chew fruit pastels I wonder if you can get to the end of this track without shouting “The month of May!” I couldn’t 🙂 Love it though. P.S. Word on Scour Street says Spinforth is currently lining up a particularly awesome Scour exclusive with Mr Fresh..eyes and ears peeled for that in a soon(ish) come, forthcoming Scour! 99bpm

Switching through the gears, have yourselves a little glitchy swing whydontcha! Jamko does a proper badman job on Trixie Smith’s ‘Jack, I’m mellow’ She’s high, she’s dry and she’s way up in the sky…what were they on in the 30’s?! Sounds wicked! (Please note: If you downloaded this before 13th June time to re-download it..this fresh ironed out version has had it’s levels tweaked especially for it’s Scouring!) 100bpm

What’s that? Its Tropical funk o’clock? So it is! Step forward Panama Cardoon and show us your μεγάλη μεγάλες μπάλες funky! (..thanking you Google translate) Grupo Fantasma – El Desconocido (Panama Cardoon Edit) is a 100% free track, but..we strongly recommend you check out what he’s been putting out for official release recently as it’s bloody fantastic! Get your ears and wallets involved >>HERE<< 100bpm

Bobby C Sound TV slows down the bpms, but not the lasers! He’s worried about getting a bit of a fingering when he plays with us later in the year, we’ve told him its A) strictly in the name of science and B) his own fault for being such a one man musical making machine of extraordinary magnitude. Dive in! 102bpm

Great to see we’re enjoying another English summer, I’ve just had to put on my marigolds, verruca slippers and banana man onesie just to take the edge off! At least we’re not flooding like poor old CooBee. Is he moaning about it? Hell no boss! He’s churning out high octane hip hop mashups Pete Rock & C.L Smooth – ‘Ghettos Of The Mind (Coobee Funk Remix)’ :tip of the armbands to you sir: 103bpm

Top top man Daigo’s back in the scour! Been too long your balls. Check out his Shadow vs Nextmen & Dynamite MC – ‘Passed Enuff (Daigo Re-Bake)’. Freaky deaky! 104bpm

In the spirit of keeping warm, Londonions very own DJ Antics would like to encourage you all to clap your hands. We agree wholeheartedly! 105bpm

South west’s finest named DJ, Ewan Hoozami challenges his two thousandth SoundCloud follower to a race! Or something. Either way we’re fully on board this bass flicking monster! I’m secretly working on a devilishly hardcore new moniker to try and usurp Ewan’s crown. Sadly I’m not sure the world is ready for DJ K-Man Hathago-Ifya Thin Q Hardy Nuff just yet. 110bpm

What do you mean ‘Where the deuce are the Canadians?’ Are you saying you’re refusing to accept a scour without them? From Victoria too?! Jeezy Creezy! Do you think they grow on trees?! Oh wait, apparently they do! Allow myself to introduce…myself, to Fraser Phrase! From Victoria, Canada! Works a treat. Filthy ‘n’ gorgeous! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/COMING SOON IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 110bpm

[Insert epic fanfare music] Ladies aaaaaand gentlemen, for your aural excitement and titillation, please be up standing for [drum roll/deep hollywood voice over]…the very welcome Scour return (since last supported via Scour #55) of Late Knight! A very very late addition to this week’s Scour, but Spinforth was right (again!) funkin way we could let this one slide until next Scour. Brilliant work! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

We 3 at HKPP have loved Solo Moderna‘s work for years, a true legend of the funky oddity, his tunes are always engaging and twisted in a really good way, would love to have a peek inside his head in a John Malkovich stylee, reckon it would be an ace place! ‘Dance Cleopatra (Solo Moderna Balkumbia remix)’..Bonkers! Opened up to the un-following masses (why aren’t you following!??) for limited download, by Spinforth’s quick!! 114bpm

Step up Sir Palov! This scour is fast turning into a repping for all my favourite artists – and these are Spinforth’s picks! Ha, great minds….or maybe twisted, dirty and debauched minds (yeah..proably the latter). Either way, pass me my crack pipe and fake snakeskin slippers, i’m going onto the veranda to see how many mini eggs I can fit inside me. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch a Bubaking show, you’ll know those funky pranksters always leave you with a smile on your face, probably due to their high energy/good time/big grin-inducing sets or, possibly, because they gave your balls a cheeky tickle. What is amazing is THIS HERE TUNE WOT THEY’VE GONE AND MADE! Caps lock on because we love it! And we want more! 120bpm

Superbad remix from Dub Terminator, I know Spinforth wants to get a gig in New Zealand, and is a one man New Zealand producer pimppin’ pusherman, but this is seriously monster monster! ‘Lava splash – Ghette – Dub Terminator remix’ Supersize me! 127bpm

We’ve loved JStar since day one, we would order his 7’s without even listening to them knowing that they’d be rock solid golden. If we were stalkers we’d be in his wardrobe right now, giggling probably. Wanting to hide in your wardrobe is probably the highest praise we can dish out. Meet you behind his socks, pants and spare duvet cover? 136bpm

King of the swingers Parker is /a genius/a top bloke/good looking in a flat cap/Bristol’s finest….there’s no need to cross any of those out, they’re not only true they’re facts of life. I’ve seen him in a flat cap and he looks the fekkin don! Like a taxless pasty, ‘Deception Dub’ is available here..FREE, grab it whilst its hot! 140bpm

I’m about to go sit on the sofa and get my peanut butter jelly biscuits out, coming with? Yes! No!? Well check out Wick-it the Instigator‘s latest masterpice instead then! 144bpm

Fell in love with this Stereo Partizan remix by the third second! Yet ANOTHER top top find Spin’. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/COMING SOON IN TRACK DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS. 145bpm

Skeewiff! We love them! So glad they’re releasing stuff again. Can’t quite put enough emphasis on how many amazing tunes are on their SoundCloud page. Go check it out! In the meantime, have a bit of Skeewiff – ‘The rat race’. Yeahhhh! 165bpm

I remember a couple of years ago I went running round to Jack’s house with my tongue lolling out and a slight rise in my trouser. He thought i’d been self administering the rohypnoll again, when in fact it was this new EP i’d just found by some geezer called D.End. Right proper it was too (I’d link it but I’ve gotta put some clothes on and go to work in a sec, how’s about having yourself a dig!?). In the the magic of Spinforth’s Scour power..check out this gem that by prior Scour arrangement has just had it’s download button switched ON! Yep, Spinforth’s been busy in the background..spoiling us all again!! 190bpm

So..that wasn’t quite d end! Of course there’s still the obligatory Curveball. Admittedly not quite so curvy as some of late..but, this tune deserved it’s very own Scour spot. One of my favouritist gigs ever, was when Spinforth and I went back to back in our mate Ben’s back garden, next to Argos, slap bang in the middle of Fal Town, which..for some reason, got closed down by the police at 9am!! This track always reminds me of that most mentalist weekend. I reckon that when you boil it down, what we collectively all do, every weekend is all about bloody good times, and ace memories (slightly blurry ones in Spinforth’s party life filled case), with good mates 🙂 :gay: Please be upstanding and enjoy Basement Freaks‘ incredible ‘Cheeba Dance’…now 100% for free…as much as we have over these last few awesome HKPP years! THE END. 131bpm

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