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Spinforth’s Weekly Soundcloud Scour 15/07/11

By July 14, 2011Blog

Stop. Tidy time.

As the longest day of the year was ages ago, now is clearly the time to start planning for the winter months. One of the first things you need to decide, just after weighing up the pros and cons of hibernation and working out if you really have gathered enough nuts, is will you rock through the chill months ahead with some facial hair?

I hear ya! That is a bit ghey, try this badboy out. Now we’re talking!

I should ‘out’ myself. I’m a firm believer in the tidy beard, facial hair has always been in my genes but since the time national treasure Noel Edmunds signed an autograph for me when I was about twelve, i’ve been hooked.

Two simple rules for bearding.

Keep it tidy. Even if you go for the full ‘double conkers mentalist beard‘, keep it tidy. No one appreciates face debris and you will be ridiculed by all. Also worth bearing in mind that girls don’t like their lady pockets getting scratched. You have been warned.

Accentuate. If you go to all the trouble you might as well throw an extra dimension into the mix. A jaunty hat or a funky motorbike.

Of course there are perils but enter the world of tidy bearding this winter and, with little effort you can feel as comfortable as a hillbilly whilst looking as smooth as Will Reiker, which will really piss off Worf.

Worth it.

This weeks Soundcloud Scour has been brought to you courtesy of Fat Harry & Morphosis, big thanks to our sponsors ‘Penryn World Of Leather’ and ‘Wigan Meats’ for their continued support.

Next week – Spittoons versus Jay Maynard Tron Guy.

Our main man Mr Dan Wilde come up trumps with this rather splendid mashup:
Strictly Whip Business by Dan Wilde/Fierce Business

Alternative download link >>HERE<<
Whats golden? (remix) by djtzinas

Only 1000 d/ls on this Cut La Roc badbwoy so get right on it:
Cut La Roc ‘Sunday Morning People’ by Cut La Roc

Chicago (Lebrosk mashup) – Quincy Jointz vs Busta Rhymes by Lebrosk

It was me (King Solomon in trouble jam)Free DL…… by One funky soul.

Eric B & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique (Groove Fellaz Remix) by Groove Fellaz

Yes it’s fekkin Moombhaton, where’s the nearest skipping party:
Moodymann-Freaky Moombah Fucka (Sabbo Edit) by Sabbo

Marvyn Ghey + Future Garage = WIN
2 Bit Thugs – Before You Knew – FREE DOWNLOAD by 2 Bit Thugs

This weeks dishco crazy curveball:
Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson ‘Time And Place (Disco Break)’ by gregwilson


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