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Easy all, and welcome to..a much much less epic Scour than of late, due to a couple of temporary technical issues with my Scour Power..Spinforth’s Weekly(ish) SoundCloud Scour #73.

I say technical issues..strictly speaking falling asleep on the job for several hours yesterday evening is probably not officially ‘technical’. Just been having one of those weeks to be fair..nothing quite gone according to, the sooner it’s my Friday the better, and the sooner I get to sleep tonight the sooner my Friday come!

What’s going on Friday? I hear the few of you who bother to read this bit ask. Ahh..glad you asked..well, it’s Hong Kong Ping Pong’s last Watermans residency gig of the year..which we dub our Hong Kong Ping Pong Christmas Party! I can pretty much promise it won’t actually be even the slightest bit Christmassy for you, we however will be doing our best to make it extraspecially full of Tuaca induced party! No guests this month, just us 3 of HKPP getting pissed whilst spinning a rad tune or two for you. If you’re out n about in Fal Town tomorrow night..come deliver us another cracker pleeeeease! 😉

And now I can sleep, whilst your ears…

Enjoy! x

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Kickin off this week’s Scour with two things I love. Thing #1: The Roots. Thing #2: The voice of Erykah Badu. Thing #1 + Thing #2 = this quality mashup from Germany’s XL1328. Welcome to The Scour dude..alternative download link required urgently please! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 88bpm

2nd up this luscious Cumbia groover, from another Scour debutant, Australia’s DJ JackPosada (aka Burundanga). Welcome bud..this is ace! 90bpm

Ears warmed up? Let’s bring some quality hip hop. Second Scour on the trot for Greece’s Funkanizer. He’s hit his 1000th SoundCloud follower since last Scour, and to celebrate he’s opened up this tasty treat for us all. Big UP Mike..1000 followers well deserved! Here’s to a speedier 2000..there’s no doubt you and your work fully deserve to be followed en masse bro! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

Surprising to find this latest gem from MR Fresh with plenty of room for loads more plays, comments, favourites and downloads. It’s been up for 10 days already, those downloads should be approaching 1000 by now! To be fair even this one caught me by surprise, I know of another one that will hopefully be arriving exclusively via Scour soon..a pleasant surprise tho as always no doubt. 97bpm

SCOUR #73 EXCLUSIVE #1: Talking of exclusives..cue DJ Roast Beatz with the first (of two) of this week’s two! Top top quality remix of Tha Liks’ ‘Mary Jane’ right here..go show it some word spreading comment love please! And then grab your >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 100bpm

Proper tidy mashup business here from Australia’s DJDB DangerBoi! Good job dude. 100bpm

I’ve had a few private words, and have been left assured that the alternative download link for this monster from Minoru is arriving very soon! God I hope that’s true..I don’t even have a copy for myself yet, and this has ‘play me at Hong Kong Ping Pong Christmas party tomorrow night’ written all over it!! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/COMING TO TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON..EVEN SOONER IF WE ALL BEG NICELY. 100bpm

SCOUR #73 EXCLUSIVE #2: Been road testing this next re-rub from Canada’s up-and-coming B-Mid for a little while. It’s a beaut..and so is he for deciding to open it up exclusively for The Scour! My advice is to get involved with this Cloud folks..that’s 3 solid tracks Mr Mid has delivered to our ears now..who know’s what he got brewing next!?? Yeah, no worries..I’ll try and find out! 😉 100bpm

Hang this really a Welcome to The Scour to, currently living in the UK originally from Adelaide Australia, DJ Dylan Sanders!? Apparently somehow so! Nice tune bud, excuse the pre-scour #73 neglect..Beastie Boys edits/remixes/re-rubs often bore my ears, definitely not the case with this one though! 105bpm

And here’s another freshly Scoured head! This one of the much lesser known variety. Introducing Lithuania’s Stereobeaver (..great name!) to your ears n crates. Welcome dude..this is good, what else you got!? 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Quality party break business from Poland’s DJ Black Belt Greg next. Yet another ‘Welcome to The Scour’er’er’ I believe! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 112bpm

Norway’s Blowshitup is doing exactly that for his second Scour in a row! Deserves some word spreading comment love please. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 112bpm

He made it back home! Bit of a shame..we were hoping to Bobby-nap him! On the plus side..he’s back churning out his laser funkin free fiiire! Was an absolute pleasure to meet and party with you’d better be heading back our way next year please. Until then..get back to work! 😉 DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD AND/OR >>HERE<<. 112bpm

Funkfreak‘s original blend of this supported via Scour #70 was already pretty dope. This version’s gotta be on a par if not even better! Big UP dude..I think a third version maybe pushing it though..time to move onward and upward! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE VIA BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON. 113bpm

Last up, me great great pleasure to welcome back to The Scour the incredible Nynfus Corporation! Just one Scour short of 50 since I first Scoured them waaaay back in Scour #24 times. Been way too long dudes, loving the ‘Nynfus vibe’ running thorough this one..Welcome ‘home’! Look forward to welcoming you over to a forthcoming Scour Records release real soon too please! 😉 DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD AND/OR >>HERE<<. 116bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! This one going out to all the American’s in the world with some common sense! The rest of the other world thanks you. Here’s Chuck Wild’s (aka Captain Planet) fitting tribute to the re-elected Funky President. 109bpm

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