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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 16/02/12

By February 16, 2012Blog

Here we go again! I’m back, running even later than last week ( sincere apologies), but true to my miraculous form, here for anybody and everybody’s gorgeous ears, to deliver, and welcome you to..this, my penultimate Scour before it turns 1yr old…Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #51.

Yup, if you hadn’t heard or noticed already, The Scour really has, very nearly (by total number of posts), reached the magic 1 whole year of age!! If anybody had even hinted at this being possible/likely when I started this gig, I would have probably accidentally pissed in their face laughing! But, thank’s to the incredible consistent and every increasing support shown from you lovely lot, as well as Ghetto Funk HQ insisting that I’m not allowed to stop ;)..and of course, all the talented, and generous Cloud owners that I have Scoured up and befriended on the way..the milestone Anniversary Super Scour #52 will soon be up on you. Warning’s planned to be sooooo incredibly funkin super, that it’s going to take me two whole week’s to pull it all together before it’s ready to be delivered. Pretty sure you’ll all understand and forgive me for this postponement the instant it goes live. Publishing target date is Thursday 01/03/12.. Keep watching this Scour space for further updates and details.

So..this week’s Scour #51 is going to have to keep you all sweet for two weeks, and I’m pretty sure I’m delivering you all a big enough one here to do that. Been loads of rad tunes over in the Clouds this week, so many in fact that I’ve unfortunately failed to find room for all who I’d have loved to support. As always though the little big lot below is a what my ears consider to be a mixed Spinforthy flavoured bag of some of my pick of the bunch favourites.

Just before you all head down below (, not like that!) to check out the goodies, I need to take a second to express The whole of Hong Kong Ping Pong Club crew’s extreme ball loving gratitude to everybody reading this who took time out to vote for us in the ‘Best Small Event’ category of this years Breakspoll – International Breakbeat Awards 2012. We are quite literally flabbergasted to have landed our, 2nd year on the trot, top 5 shortlist spot in this category..and hands down it’s ALL thanks to you! Legends..the lot of you! 😀

Just one more rather large thing! If you’re out and about in Fal Town tomorrow night (..scratch that)..If you’re even anywhere within 100 miles of Fal Town tomorrow night, you’ll undoubtedly be missing out on a night of your life if you don’t consider bringing your face to Hong Kong Ping Pong presents… BombStrikes SoundSystem (Mooqee & Pimpsoul). Two full fat legends of the scene doing battle via 4 decks at our February residency night at The Watermans. Most lesser best small event nights would no doubt charge you your arms and legs to get to witness this..but not we of HKPP! The door is, as always with our residency night, completely and utterly 100% FREE!! really don’t have any excuse not to bring us your funky fine rad selfs…pleeeeeease! Nice one.

That’s it for another week from me. As mentioned above, Scour free week next week, to prepare for you my Anniversary Super Scour #52. If any one reading this was planning on submitting tunes for that, I’m sorry (but actually secretly delighted) to’s 100% full!! And has been so for some considerable time. So if you’ve got any gems in the pipeline, that you’d like Scoured, it definitely would be best for you to consider keeping them under wraps for a few weeks, for whenever I return with my next ‘normal’ Scour.

Until 01//03/12..’thumbs please!’, and…

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:


Kicking off this week’s Scour, in a way that I swore to myself, no matter what remix or re-rub I Scoured up, I absolutely, 100%, no doubt whatsoever about it, most definitely wouldn’t. Yep, you’ve got it’s Whitney Houston tribute time! (B.I.P) I know..I’m somewhat sick of hearing her everywhere I turn my ears to too, but..this, from Jeremy Sole, is waaaaaay too lush to leave out just because I told myself I should..wouldn’t..would..shouldn’t. me..spark up a fat one, kick back (in your living room!), and just check it. 90bpm

Right..that’s Whitney out the way (whoops, possibly not my best choice of words..meh!), so..time to get down to some serious Scour business. This, from France’s Lazlo is, to my ears at least, ummm..pretty much perfect in every single way really. 90bpm

Considering this next Riiimix has been up on SoundCloud for over a week now (..sorry I couldn’t squeeze you in last week bro!) and yet only 14 people have downloaded it so far, I’d go as far to say that there are nowhere near enough of you reading my tune introductions, and/or heeding my Scour word. I don’t add all these Facebook Fan Page links into nearly every single tune blurb (get clicking on EVERY Cloud owners name!!!) just for myself you know! I add them for you all to get involved supporting and following the Clouds and Facebook pages that are dope! Let’s try this one again..thrice Scoured in a little over a to The Scour..Switzerland’s really bloody good, and well well worth be-fanning..Bashboomb (<< that on it NOW!!). Top work gain dude, hoping this is third time lucky for you to pick up the supporters you undoubtedly deserve. Looking forward to the EP! Alternative download available in SoundCloud track description. 92bpm

Seeing as (slightly unbeliveably) I’m STILL, not even in the slightest, bored of hearing or playing dope new remix versions of this very well known next joint. And, am pretty sure I’ve not yet supported a glitched up version it. Delivering all your ears this genius version by Australia’s Mustard Tiger (<< yup, you can click on that too!) is undoubtedly overdue! Wicked n rad stuff! Welcome to my Scour dude! Click the ‘BUY’ button to take you to your free download. 96bpm

Fresh on the scene bomb making machine Father Funk‘s back up in the Scour! STILL not enough of you following his Facebook Fan Page (<< CLICK IT!!) in my opinion. Time to sort that out right now..and whilst your over there, please be sure to wish him a belated 18th birthday! Yeah you definitely did just read right..18 just this week! So now does he deserve your faceboink 'like'!? Absolute radness again bro! No worries we didn't get time to hook up the exclusive..'another' time perhaps? ;) Alternative download in SoundCloud track description and/or click the ‘BUY’ button to take you to your free download.. (<< I'm liking this 'Buy' button for alternative download link style, reckon it's gonna catch on pretty soon). 99bpm

Here’s another one I couldn’t quite squeeze in last week (sorry inbox is getting very heavily slammed these days). Welcoming back to the Scour (since last supporting him via #38), big fan and avid follower DJ E-1000..with a rather bloody large remix Inner Circle’s ‘Bad Boy’s’. Tasty shizzle bro..hoping those Lunch Beat parties are still going down a treat for you. 100bpm

Absolutely impossible for me to be ignoring the sounds and work of recent fresh Scour find (yep, you heard them here first, via Scour #46) Dads On Display (<< 'LIKE' them NOW please, 64 fans, at time of writing, is not enough!!) at the moment. Especially so when they're dropping a fresh tune per week, and very very quickly they've got themselves sounding as incredible as this. 4th time Scoured, and this latest one for three in a row. I know I've said it before..but, best yet..again!! 102bpm

Been hangin out for this next one from The Beat Dweebs since being promised it would soon come after last supporting him via Scour #46. Think you’ll all agree it well worth the wait though. Definitely time for more than 34 of you to be ‘liking’ his Facebook Fan Page immediately pleeeease. 104bpm

Finland’s Rollomatik were 1st supported waaaaaaaay back in Scour #21. Not just supporting this one awesome tune this time round, but a whole completely free 4 track EP! Available for your ears to listen too >>HERE<<, and for your downloading pleasure right >>HERE<<. Top work fellas! Welcome back. Download details also available in SoundCloud track description. 110bpm

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE: Been lucky enough to have been road testing this next gem from, very very long time since last Scoured, Poland’s d.end. Very happy to confirm it worked like a dream for my floors. Even happier to confirm that Mr d.end has very kindly offered up the download link to it EXCLUSIVELY to The Scour, after teasing you all with it just to listen to it via his cloud for the last couple of weeks. Time for you all to thank him for his excellent work as well as his kindness and generosity, via comment love all over his player please. Once you’ve done that, get involved (completely guilt free) with the following >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE* DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< (<< click that for exclusive download!). 110bpm

Stumbled across J-Sound‘s very very promising sounding Cloud fairly recently. Loved what I heard but was disappointed to find his downloads were NOT at 320kbps (..a Scourdinal sin!). Had a little word for us all, aaaand..ta-daaa!!..a week later the very generous Mr Sound responds with the first of his freshly mastered 320’s! Wicked work fella..welcome to The Scour! Look forward to popping back and supporting you again in a few Anniversary Super Scour #52. 110bpm

Yet another fresh to The Scour Cloud for you all next. This one belonging to Canada’s Mike Cash. Thanks for hitting up my inbox bro..errmm, hoping you don’t mind, but my ears are actually preferring this one! Lovely stuff Alternative download requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 110bpm

Switching back to a hip hop stylee for these next few. Running out of time too, so please excuse the streamlined introductions! First up welcoming South West UK’s Born in a Barn to The Scour! Gusset punching radness! Alternative download requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 115bpm

Followed by this fiiiiire from Australia’s S-Man & DJ Phaze, aka Relative Funk available with FREE download button! 😀 116bpm

Very happy to be able to support this next party bomb from Mr Graham S. Been up on his Cloud for what seems like donkey’s years, but download has very kindly been switched ON for us all. No upping of game required here bro..last week I simply very rudely forgot about your offer, this week you’ve just been well and truly Scoured! Alternative download requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 118bpm

Hmmm..déjà vu! Seem to recall supporting a very tasty Dusty Tonez (<< fresh Facebook Fan Page to 'like' there!) Limp Bizkit remix waaay back in Scour #26. Equally dope, if not dopererrr this puppy! 120bpm

Wrapping up this week’s Scour (pre-curveball) with this huuuuge dubstep bomb from Finland’s Rico Tubbs. Can’t wait to get busy dropping this! So so good! 145bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! Tricky one this week, a few contenders, but feel I need it to be a biggie to prop up what I reckon is a pretty damn tasty sounding Scour. So, I’m opting for this one (which to be fair would be equally at home in a non curveball position) from DJ Twister. Anyone not seen the film, you’re missing out (it’s bloody beautiful), and this is, without a doubt, the stand out as well as my favourite tune from it. Beautifully edited here inna double time breakbeat swing stylee. Aceness, aaaand..muchas gracias Señor Twister! 85/170bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via >>The Scour Archives<<.


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