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Spinforth’s Weekly Soundcloud Scour 17/03/11

By March 17, 2011Blog

Happy (almost) spring again Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers! Spinforth here, hoping all your balls are good this gloriously sunny springy Thursday! My own balls are are both tired and running exceptionally late this week..mostly due to excessive w..orking (yes..working!), although..another nocturnal weekend, removal of whiskers (applied to my drunken face with permanent marker!), dodgy SoundCloud connections, and power cuts have also hindered my usual flow of blog juices. So, apologies in advance (to those of you who actually read this nonsense), but this weeks scour is a mega speedy short(ish) one, lacking somewhat in the usual blogaffle, but, my funky free found fruits remain..oh so sweet!

Quick heads up to anyone out and about in Falmouth this’s the 3rd Friday of the month (again! already!!) which of course makes it Hong Kong Ping Pong time at The Watermans (21:30-02:00..FREE ENTRY). It’s residents only this month folks (we’re busy saving our pennies to deliver you some extra special treats in April, May and June!), and with Morph away tending his spring lambs, that leaves Fat Harry and myself delivering copious amounts of HKPP brown sauce! to your tasty rumps. Pleeeease bring us your funky fine faces…and on your way please knock on ALL your hottest friends doors too. Look forward to seeing you bouncing down the front!

Oooh..some rad news!! This week I have been entrusted with a brand spanking new Ghetto Funk email address..

New email:

Please feel free to use this to hit up my super sharp SoundCloud scouring ears with any of your own productions, or potentially suitable finds. The lending of my ears is totally free of charge, and I will always endeavour to support any worthy shared jams, at gigs and via this little blog thingy of mine. Please be aware of my blog rules though – to be featured – all jams MUST: be completed works; be freely downloadable (to everybody); ideally not limited to 100 downloads (unless an alternative DL link is supplied); ideally at least 320kbps bit rate; and..not be crap!

So yeah..very very speedy (surface only) scour only this week, but pretty sure I’ve still managed to dig up a few essential spring/summer vibed nuggets for everbody’s gorgeous ears. Please don’t hate me for my busyness/slackness..some weeks I unfortunately have to put my 9-5 first, cause my payment in comments and thumbs doesn’t quite cover mortgage!

Just my usual little nag to round things up: If you dig and download any of these tunes..PLEASE show your appreciation by leaving the Cloud owners your comments and little orange ♥’s..nice one in advance!

Wishing y’all awesome weekends..

Cheeers now..Enjoy!


R.I.P. Nate Dogg (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011)…

Work It (DJ Soo’s Hopscotch Blend) by dj soo

P.S. – Loaded (Fingerman’s Happy Edit) by FINGERMANEDIT

James Brown – Bring It On…Bring It On (DJ Vapor Remix) by DJ Vapor

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (GIANT Remix – DJ Louder Breakbeat ReFix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DJ LOUDER

aaaand…this weeks sunshiny curveball! It’s deservedly riding high in this weeks SC charts, so many of you may have already stumbled upon it. I stumbled upon it at 11:00am on Sunday morning whilst waiting for my designated driver to de-wobble (yep, yep, another of my heavy nights!). It’s chilled out, come down material..I have sooo much love for this edit..

Black Box – Ride on Time (Satin Jackets Roots Edit) [DOWNLOAD] by satin jackets


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