Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 17/11/11

Easy and a very happy Scourday™ all. It’s your number one favourite funk hoarding squirrel Spinforth here..in a speed blurb writing, during my crafty fag breaks, stylee!! Very determined to get this week’s blurb finished off super quick today, to ensure I don’t go upsetting any of my loyal Kiwi followers again this week, and deliver to you all in good time for your weekend gigs..Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #40.

So yeah, apologies for the slightly later than usual publishing last week, executive decision by Ghetto Funk HQ, to delay posting until the Friday morning due to a few other posts that were backing up on the main blog. Can’t 100% promise it won’t happen again..but I will do my best to consider my readers needs down under in the future, and do all I can to get this finished and posted up on Thursday evening/night (GMT), at the latest, from now on. Still, even with the delay, a very respectable 138 (..and counting) thumbs shown for last weeks Scour #39. Big big thanks to all those of you who delivered theirs. Keep them rolling please..every single individual one not only helps spread the Scour word, but in turn helps support and spread the word of the tunes, DJ’s, and artists that make it into the Scour.

Right then, gotta keep this weeks blurb short and sweet cause my lunch hour is almost over, and I have lots and lots and lots and lots of crate tweaking to be getting on with tonight, in preparation for tomorrow’s Hong Kong Ping Pong residency night at The Watermans (Falmouth) No special guests this month..just us magical three of HKPP – Morphosis, Fat Harry and myself – doing our funky thing..aaaaaaallll night! Well, not all night, from 22:00-02:00 to be precise. Free entry as standard, so..if you’re out and about in Fal Town, you know this is always the only place for your face to be, every 3rd Friday of the month..pleeeease!

Before I leave you all with another bumper bunch of funky free fruits of this week’s Scour, I just wanted to shout out a huuuuge HKPP thank you to all who got involved in last Saturday’s Krafty Kuts, A-Skillz and Featurecast gig at The Stannary. Funkin brilliant night had by all, ace vibes, the biggest and best tunes, and looooooads of your beautiful Ping Pong faces! If you haven’t already you can check out the official pic’s from the night >>HERE<< aaaand >>HERE<<…orrrr, if you prefer your pictures to move, check out this wicked little vid, by HKPP fan and friend, Samantha James of DurtyGecko Productions! Lush work..thanks me lovely! 🙂

That’s all from me this week folks. Hoping your ears enjoy the business end of the Scour. One or two of these still awaiting alternative download links to be turned on/added, but rest assured my background homework has been done, and these will be appearing very soon. So if they’re not available during your first Scour visit, pop back very soon, or look out for my ‘Scour Flashes’..I assure you they’ve been pre-arranaged and should be here within the next 12 hours(ish).

Morph & Harry don’t know it yet (well..maybe they do now!), but I may not be 100% here for your ears for the next couple of weeks..due to some mid week commitments. Hoping they’ll be free to step up to the Scour plate for you all in my absence though, and if so, expect a couple of full HKPP crew joint Scours for the next week or two. All good? If not..sack me! 😉

Until I return, keep up delivering your Scour loving thumbs please, aaaand..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email Spinforth at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk

Warming up this week’s Scour with some instrumental Jstar goodness. If you’re feeling this one, pop on over to Juno to pick up the the rest of this wicked Mr Dero release right..>> HERE<<! 86bpm
TEN FEET TALL (Jstar instrumental version) FREE Download by Jstar

Swiftly swtching over to some classic hiphop (..with an added Scour twist of course) for the next few. Introducing New York’s DJ Mentos to the Scour. Exceptionally tasty remix of Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. right here, and there’s an instrumental (<< click it!) version available to be grabbed over on his Cloud too! Top notch work!. 90bpm
C.R.E.A.M. – Wu-Tang Clan (dj mentos remix) by dj mentos

I popped on over to Nu-Funk New Zealand ♫ ♪ |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| ♪ ♫ Faceboink group last Friday, just to leave them a little apology post – for delivering last week’s Scour #39 slightly later than planned, which unfortunately inadvertently led to some of my Kiwi followers and friends missing out on my Scoured fruits for their Friday night gigs. Seems, even in my Scour world, all things happen for a reason though! If I hadn’t posted late, I may not have been over there, I may not have I stumbled upon, and your ears may not be listening to, or downloading…this little beauty! Great work from Deejay Lowe..welcome to my Scour bro! Alternative download available in the SoundCloud track description NOW!108bpm ▼
Red Hot Mittoo – Lowe1 & Jordinary K by Deejay Lowe1

Last of this week’s hiphop classics. More awesome mashup work from Budapest’s Strbalazs. Fairly unlikely to happen in real life I’d say, but this isn’t real life, this is Scoured life..KRS One meets The Uptown Felaz. Hello hello..what do we have here then? ‘Radness!’ Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 110bpm
The Uptown Felaz & KRS-One – Hip Hop vs. Csango Boogie by strbalazs

Quick switch to glitch! I introduced these guys to your ears in last week’s Scour..but..although (being huge Ghetto Funk fans already) they were very very happy to be supported, I personally don’t think they were showed enough Scour love (x1 new comment, after 700+ extra plays is NOT good enough! Okaaay?). So maybe I picked the wrong joint? Let’s try this again. Please ‘RiseUp’ (..and leave a comment on their player if you download) for BossLevelz. Thanking you kindly. 105bpm
ItchieFingaz – RiseUp by BossLevelz

Please can somebody explain to me why and/or how (at the time of Scouring) this next tune has only received 3 comments, 14 ♥’s and x35 downloads!! Ok, so I admit, I’ve only recently discovered DJ Spilt Milk’s Cloud myself..but what the funk have you lot been playing at!? You gotta do some of your own Scour work too!! Time to get all over this one right now please! And whilst your at it go give him your ‘like’ over >>HERE<< 108bpm
Neighbour&Spiltmilk-SpiltMilk’s-Get With Acid Reflux Chub Mix by djspiltmilk

No introduction required here. I just have the massive pleasure to say that..he’s back! Aaaand..thank the funk GF HQ didn’t get here first! Here’s WBBL!!! Incredible buddy…AGAIN!! 108bpm
Drop The Bomb by WBBL

Last minute inclusion into this weeks Scour. Not really got much time to wite about it, other than to say..more brilliant work from DJ Axe (<< 'like' pleeease..he deserves looooads more followers over on his fan page). Last Supported in Scour #19, and well overdue a return. Thanks for opening this one up bud, hope my Scour support helps you out a little. 110bpm
DJ Axe – Move Dat Ass // Free Download by DJ Axe

It’s your lucky week folks! Not only do we get to welcome back WBBL to the Scour, but also (and I can’t actually believe it’s been 10 months since I first introduced you all to him, waaaaay back in Scour #2!!) we also get to welcome back a true living legend; new found good pard, and (after recently having the pleasure meeting him in the flesh) proven fellow party animal Canosis to the Scour!! Cheers for sharing this one with us all buddy. If this is what you get up to whilst riding on trains, you should definitely travel to New Zealand, via Yorkshire, Falmouth, Brighton and France, way way more often. Come to think of it..when and which way are you travelling home!? Can we tempt you to stop off for an afternoon pint or two at The Watermans? Bunting and balloons can be arranged! 😉 112bpm
Canosis – Sweat Wings [free download] by Canosis

I’m guessing I’m not alone out there, in being a passionate hater of Mondays? So, this is probably going to be familiar to loads and loads of ears. Never have Monday Blues felt or sounded this good though. Big big bigUP’s to Pecoe, first of all for getting his hands on the stems, and secondly for turning them into this! 122bpm
Pecoe – Mondays Are Blue by breakzlinkz

A rather tasty Scour Exclusive for you all next. DJ Phaze is back once again, and he has very kindly agreed to switch his downloads on and let this one loose for you all, as soon as he wakes up (at around about 00:00hrs GMT, assuming he’s not a snoozer!)..but only if, and for as long as, you show it enough Sour love! So, absolutely no freeloaders allowed on this one please. If you have enough spare time to be here and to download, then you have time to leave him your comment. It’s a beauty..get on it! 130bpm
Speedometer Ft. Rick Ross – Hustlin (itsphizzle remix) by DJ Phaze

Bit of extra work required to get your mits on the next bloody big banger! Nothing too tricky, just the usual faceboink ‘liking’ scenario. Not tried this one out yet..but I have a sneaky suspicion it might destroy a few of your dance floors. Sangers & Ra’s fan page >>HERE<< is where your thumb needs to be to grab this puppy for freeeeeee! 130bpm
Justice – Audio, Video, Disco (Sangers & Ra Mix) – DOWNLOAD FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGE by Sangers and Ra

And last up, pre-curveball, for this week..oh alright then, another banger! Baltimore flavoured with a touch of laser treatment this one, courtesy of Emynd 135bpm
Schlachthofbronx – The Kazoo (Emynd Remix) by Emynd

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! Not much more I need to say about this, other than..here’s another perfect example of why I LOVE the music and work of Prince. Subtle (..very subtle) but lush little edit, with an extended intro, by Decades. No idea how this has avoided the SC police (perhaps they just have impeccable taste too!?), but very happy that it has, so I can share this to any doubters of the purple genius amongst you. Not available for free download for long..so please don’t sleep on this sneaky little gem! 99bpm
Musicology edit by Decades

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