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Ahoy, me Hearties! And welcome every Ghetto Funkin’ body to my latest..Spinforth’s Weekly(ish) SoundCloud Scour #71!

I’m running mega late (..apologies), so no time left for this intro bit this week. Oh actually, that’s a lie..I MUST thank all x770 of you for the deliverance of yet ANOTHER world record smashing Scour thumb score on last time’s Scour #71. Without meaning to sound gay in anyway..I do actually love you all for this overwhelming show of Scour word spreading support!

Oh yeah, two more little huge things..If you’re up for some Hong Kong Ping Pong action this weekend be sure to come check one, or both, of the following..

Hong Kong Ping Pong presents Busta & Timothy Wisdom at The Watermans, Falmouth **TOMORROW**! And/or..HKPP ( one of the biggest n baddest n raddest line ups in the world!) at In:Motion – FFTT XXL, Bristol **SATURDAY**!

Intro last, time for my dinner (at 01:30am!!)…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Right then..let’s get this Scour #71 show a rollin! In a big bit of a little massive rush this week (..thanks to some last minute Scourmergencies™), so please excuse the purposely speedier than usual track introductions in advance..

SCOUR #71 EXCLUSIVE #1: Opening up this week’s Scour with the first (of four) very very kindly donated Scour exclusives..this exceedingly ‘Sweet Thing’ is the latest dose of brilliant work from good Fal Town pard, Titan Sound‘s Selecta DEMO. Loving what you hear here as much as I, and reside in Bristol? Catch them live at the Tokyo Dub event @ In:Motion on Friday October 26th. Got that date locked in your diaries? Left your thank you comment on the player? So now feel free to grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Biggest of all universal UPpiness for the exclusive buddy..your best to date ( my ears opinion!). 🙂 70bpm

My absolute pleasure to be welcoming back Wales’s finest skanker Mr Ennio Maccaroni to The Scour. This one’s been up on his Cloud for several weeks (..absolutely astonished it hasn’t received more comment love! Yes, that is a hint..actually, no it isn’t, it’s an order!)..and now very kindly opened up, by Scour request..for us all to enjoy. Beautiful tune dude..thank you! 🙂 80bpm

Carnibal Records resident genius Monetrik is rapidly becoming part of The Scour furniture. Absolutely fine by me when he’s constantly churning out free re-edits as superb as this.. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK VIA ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON. 90bpm

Canada’s Record Time *MuthaFunkers are back..and just like back on their Sola Rosa remix (supported way back in Scour #47) accompanied by the brilliant Vicious 5150. Off The Hook indeed fellas..LOVE it! 🙂 91bpm

Second Scouring on the trot for Sweden’s Dj Prime! No secret (to avid Scour fans) than I’m a massive fan of The Cure..plenty of tunes out in the Clouds that try (..but fairly often fail) to do what Mr Prime has done brilliantly here…this one is most definitely working an absolute treat! 95bpm

Congratulations to Greece’s DJ Inko for this his Scour hat trick!! No less than 5 new tunes have popped up on his SoundCloud since Scour #70..all rad, but this remix of Derek B my personal favourite…I think..just! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 96bpm

Been patiently waiting and wanting and hoping to support this next Cloud, belonging to the US of A’s Alific, for aaaaaaaaages!! Right here’s the tune that wins him his debut Scour spot! Lush work bud..Welcome to The Scour! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

SCOUR #71 EXCLUSIVE #2: Here cometh your VERY kindly and generously donated Scour exclusive numero two! This gorgeous puppy comes courtesy of Italy’s T.Melody, DJ and tour manager of The Sweet Life Society. Huuuge thanks for sharing this one with The Scour bro..I’m certain it’s going to receive loads of love from right around the globe! Get your thank you comments out please folks, after which feel entirely guilt free to grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. So so good! 96bpm

I spy with my Scouring eye..plenty of you lot requesting a free download of Bruce Missile‘s latest excellent re-rub. So.. by the power of my Scour..and the fact that Mr Missile is a proper kind and generous legend..allow us to oblige! Thanks buddy! 🙂 100bpm

It’s a rare thing..but very occasionally my Scourdar fails me! Sincere apologies to you all, and of course to Bag-O-beetz-the-handyman! Many of you will have already found it..but just incase for those who haven’t..enjoy! 😉 102bpm

Was a pleasure to welcome him via the Curveball spot just last’s Jim Sharp back once again with another right tasty edit! 102bpm

SCOUR #71 EXCLUSIVE #3: Here it is folks! Without meaning to sound in a anyway disrespectful to all other Cloud owners who have kindly shared tunes exclusively via Scour, this one has to right up there as one of the most generously and kindly shared Scour exclusives since the epicness of Anniversary Super Scour #52. We are no doubt all VERY familiar with the amazing work of the legendary Mr Skeewiff by now, and many of you may also be familiar with a brilliant (of course) track of his called called Bump Bump which featured a certain golden age hiphop superstar known as Young MC! Little did ANY of us EVER know there was a second track produced 14 years ago which too featured Young MC..well, after 14 years of never being heard, Mr Wiff has decided it’s been hidden away for long enough. I cannot express my gratitude enough that not only is this track being unleashed after all these years, but it’s been offered exclusuvely to The Scour as a thank you present for the recent support that all you Scour followers have shown his Cloud. no way near a big enough word. Please folks..thank you’s all over his player for this one are imperative..before then grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Alex bud..YOU are THE man! As indeed are you (..if by chance you happen to be tuned in) Sir Marvin Young!! 😀 103bpm

SCOUR #71 EXCLUSIVE #4: Your fourth and final (..for this week) very kindly donated Scour exclusive here, from the ever awesome Mr William Breakspear! It’s pretty rare that you’ll find me supporting BEP remixes via Scour, but seeing as this track was pre-Fergie days..and this remix is really bloody good, there’s no way I was going to turn down this exclusive offer down. Enjoying what you hear sure to check out the wicked ‘The Royal Breakspear Company EP‘ Skanky Panky Records release too! After which, grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Cheers dude! 🙂 103bpm

Oh god..i said speedy introductions did I not!!? Right then..this from Dephicit & Kotch is a tuuuuuuune! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE VIA THE ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON. 105bpm

Some nutter jumped out of a very very high balloon earlier this week (..i’m a big fan of highness, and balloons!)..I’m also a big fan of everything JPod touches. He remixed this next joint by Thunderball over a year ago. Have considered Scouring it in several times in the past, but instead decided it was one to stash in my funk hoarding squirrel cheeks, for a long while. Guess now is an apt time to let you all know it’s been available for FREE download for over a year! 😉 IGNORE THE BUY ON ITUNES BUTTON, ALTERNATIVE FREE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION! 106bpm

Freshly Scoured NARSTI deserves a warm Scour welcome for this ace Beastie Boys remix! More often than not these days, my fussy ears get a bit bored of hearing Beastie Boys remixes..this one is more than worthy up in here though! Welcome to The Scour dude. 106bpm

Here’s another freshly Scoured Cloud for you all..welcoming Romania’s Bogdan Popoiag aka UNU’ to The Scour..with this genius, and rather epic ‘Mashup’ ( many more ways than your average!). Great work dude..welcome to The Scour! ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON FOR UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS. 107bpm

Pleasure to welcome back my main man Canosis to The Scour..and with this absolute gem too! About time you hopped back over the pond for a party isn’t it bro!? 😉 110bpm

Another beauty here from Canada’s 4Mat too! G’Funked up Biz Markie with horns and wubbles..what more can you ask 4 Mat 4!? ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LING AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

At last..I have this speed into business sussed! Wales’s Late Knight delivers another of his awesome hip hop flavoured mashups. A couple of years old this..and one he didn’t feel was worthy of Scouring!! WTF!? Two words bro..’non”sense’! Allow my ears to judge such’s both worthy and dope!! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

Reggaefied up Dead Prez courtesy of Delicutesse Soundsysteam‘s Qnoe! Yep yep..MORE brilliance here dude! 🙂 117bpm

Hold up! I’ve a sneaky suspicion I may have found me/you/us another Scour star (..or two)! Last Scour’s offering from Bear Twists was rad..this Scour’s extraceedingly rad! A collaboration with Dott Com this one..and it’s bloody beeauuuuuutiful! More please know exactly what n where for! 😉 120bpm

DJ Sol Rising‘s debut LP ‘I Am Soul’ is released next week (..on Tuesday 23rd October I believe). I for one have been hangin out for it for far too long already! Here’s a sneak peek as to the quality of the tunes that we can expect it to be packed full with. Keep an eye out over on his Facebook Fan Page for release details. Lovely work bro..thanks for the early share of this one for The Scour! 🙂 120bpm

Last up, pre-curveball..let’s round things up Electro Swing stylee! Warm Scour welcome s’il vous plaît (..I have an A-Level..errmm, grade F you know!) for France’s The Swing Bot. Bienvenu á le Scour Monsiuer! (..see!) 😉 127bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! Yes, yes I am breaking my own one tune per Cloud per Scour rule right here! So sack me!! This is absolutely the very least I could do to show my genuine and massive respect and appreciation to Mr Wiff for the Scour exclusive of the Young MC joint! PLUS..this is waaaaay too good to not be Scoured, aaaaaand..I’m bloody knackered after staying up until silly o’clock the last few nights pulling this latest Scour together for you all! Seemed pretty apt..i most definitely ‘Want to rest’ ASAP. You lovely lot however, can stay up for another hour or so checking out and delivering your ‘likes’, comments, favoritings, followings, maybe a tweet or two, and of course, thumb loving..all over these supported Clouds and tunes…please! I thank you all in advance. Ez now, Spin’ 🙂 x 92bpm

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