Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 19/01/12

Way-hay!! Ping Pongers & Ghettofunkers..how you all doing? Hoping you’ve all been having wicked weeks. Yep yep..it’s your Super Sharp SoundCloud Scouring, ummm..Demi Semigod Spinforth here, for your crates ‘n’ ears..welcoming you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #47! Bloody hell..five more of these and I’ll have delivered you a whole years worth. Should probably start hatching a plan for some sort of Super Scour for that one!? Leave that with me..I’ll get right on it.

So yeah, here I am (..again!), just doing what I do, and sharing it all with you! Gotta say, you’re pretty lucky I’m not on Scour strike this week. It took funkin ages to lure the required (..it’s a new rule!!) 100+ Scour strike averting faceboinking ‘likes’ out of you all on last week’s Scour #46. No idea what’s up with that? It was a pretty tasty Scour I thought, and I’m VERY sure looooads more than x100 of you check out The Scour each week. Is it really that hard for you to click that ‘like’ button (below this Scour post please!) and help spread the Scour word?? Takes me hours and hours to pull this gig together for you all each week..reckoning just the one click on the ‘like’ button by your rad selfs ain’t exactly too much for me to ask..is it?? OK..mini rant over, 120 of you (thank you) pulled through with a show of thumbs eventually, so..no week off for me this week! Damn it! πŸ˜‰

Just a quick heads up if you’re out n about in Fal Town tomorrow night. Seems every man and his dog is putting on a gig somewhere in Falmouth..but it’s the 3rd Friday of the month, so there’s really still only one place your Ping Pong faces should most definitely be! And that’l be partying with us, FOR FREE, in an award winning, ball loving, Hong Kong Ping Pong stylee!! Yep, it’s our first residency night of 2012, at The Watermans. Usual drill..the party kicks off at 21:30ish, I’ll most likely be smashed (..mine’s a brandy & coke) by 22:30, and then you all get to get down to some seriously dope beats until 02:00. Pleeeease..don’t go wasting your precious pennies on any of the alternatives, just bring us your funkin rad selfs, and ALL your friends, to >>THIS<<..and in return we 100% guarantee you your best night of 2012 to date. Nice one..look forward to seeing you up front!

Right, enough of my bloggledygookβ„’ (I only really write it to pad out the bit between the picture and the tunes..looks more aesthetically pleasing that way)..let’s get on with delivering this week’s Scour. Plenty of wicked free tunes about again, and this little lot here is another mixed bag of my favourites. Apologies to anyone who’s missed out on this week’s cut, but with increasing numbers of tunes beig sent in to me from all angles (..my EMAIL‘s usaully your best bet!), I unfortunately have to draw a line somewhere, else I’d just be constantly writing introductions to Scoured tunes, and the post would never ever get published..which would probably be a bit of massive waste of my time!!

Pleeeeease don’t forget (..or be too lazy) to leave some comment love upon these SoundCloud players if you’re feeling any of these 100% FREE tunes. Especially please do so if/when you get on the download of any of them. Likewise..if you’re appreciating (even just a tiny bit) what I do, and the time that what I do saves you..bring the thumbs!! Biggest of Scour UPs going out to those of you who consistently do!

Until same time next week..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk


Big remix, from Poland’s finest Dreadsquad, opening up this week’s Scour. If you ain’t feeling this, you’ll either be needing your ears syringed, or you’ve just landed the wrong place? Either way, pointless you being here..so bust it! Everyone else..get busy loving this for starters! πŸ˜‰ 70/140bpm β–Ό
Skankan – Feel it (Dreadsquad rmx) FREE DOWNLOAD by Dreadsquad

Still here! Sweeeeet, let’s crack on. Introduced you all to the awesome work and gorgeous sounds of Switzerland’s Bashboomb just last week, via Scour #46. Just incase any of you weren’t listening..here he is again! So that’ll be two brilliant free tunes from him in quick succession then. Reckon you’ll be missin out if you don’t start starting ‘liking’ him right >>HERE<<..asap! Alternative download in SoundCloud track description. 90bpm β–Ό
Lottery spin Bashboomb rmx by Bashboomb

Just the one more radical reggae flavoured joint before we start bringin’ the funk! An oldie, but a definite goodie from Canada’s award winning Dubmatix. So, so, soooooo gooood! 93bpm β–Ό
Dubmatix – Champion Sound (Original) by dubmatix

Alright..time to get some wobble on! Been sitting on, and waiting patiently for, this next joint by Polliwobble to get re-upped as a 320 for you all. That’s been sorted, so here it, and he, is! Tasty. Welcome to The Scour bro! 90bpm β–Ό
FizzleD (320 free dl) by Polliwobble

Popping back to Canada for this next one. Very happy to have Scoured up this puppy! Really really good work right here from big Scour fan and follower (so why the funk didn’t you just send it in to me bro..it’s awesome!)..Record Time. 97bpm β–Ό
Don’t Turn Around (feat. Drastic, PK and Vicious 5150) by Record Time

Ghetto Funk HQ just pipped me to the post last week..in introducing you all to the huuuuuuge, new, and seriously funkin fat sounds of very aptly named Father Funk (<< get your 'like' all over that!). Lucky for The Scour, and all your ears, he's back already, with free tune #2! Pretty darn sure you're all gonna love this one. Hoping Mr Funk loves finding himself Scoured too? Keep this outstanding work up bruv, and you'll very soon find yourself becoming part of the 2012 Scour furniture! Alternative download in SoundCloud track description. 97bpm β–Ό
White Stripes – My Doorbell (Father Funk Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Father Funk

Many of you may well have noticed that Blunt Instrument‘s briliant ‘Scale It Back’ remix placed a VERY worthy 4th in DJ Shadow’s recent remix competition. But you may not yet have noticed that it’s just been mastered and has just become available to download, for FREE, right..>>HERE<<!! Massive congrats dudes..you win in my book! 100bpm β–Ό
DJ Shadow – Scale it back (Blunt Instrument remix) Check Description to VOTE by bluntinstrument

Welcoming my main man Mr Joe Revell back to the Scour for 2012! If you’re loving this as much as me, I highly recommend downloading the rest of the awesome Jbrown & The Mic Smith remix EP (yep..of course for free!) just >>HERE<< ..and NOW!. Awesome work on this bro..coming on in leaps and bounds, can’t wait to hear what else you have up your sleeve for 2012 ;)! 102bpm β–Ό
Jbrown & The Mic Smith – Where Ya At (Joe Revell Remix) by Joe Revell (NZ)

Big remix, from another new comer to The Scour, who goes by the name of Phat Tony (..no relation to our Harry as far as I’m aware??). Don’t know too much else about him just yet (guessing he might enjoy a beer or two, accompanied by a kebab, and be called Tony??)..but very much hoping to hear more fat dopeness like this from him over the next few months. Unlimited downloads now been made available, by Scour request! 110bpm β–Ό
I am alive (Phat Tony Ghetto Funk Remix) by Phat Tony

Reckon this next one win’s the ward for the filthiest tune of this week’s Scour. Anyone still here who were needing their ears syringed? Don’t call the doc just yet..check this lovely disgusting monster from DJ Toast instead! Hear me now? BIG! 110bpm β–Ό
Etta James – Something’s Got a Hold On Me (Golden Toast Remix) by DJ Toast/ Golden Toast

Beat Theatre‘s back with another banger! You all ‘liking’ him >>HERE<< yet? Get on it! Alternative download in SoundCloud track description. 112bpm β–Ό
Beat Theatre – Bomb Strokes *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Beat Theatre

Been lot’s of pretty tasty freebies popping up over on Funk Blaster Morlack‘s Cloud over the last few weeks. All of which have made it into ‘pre-whittled’ Scour pots, but (..cause I’m a fussy mother funker) have just missed out on making it through to the Scour cut. Here’s the one my ears have been waiting for! 115bpm β–Ό
Popcorn Children by morlack

Ditto the above goes to LEYGO‘s Cloud too! Top work on this one though. Welcome to The Scour bro! 118bpm β–Ό
Superfly by LEYGO

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE from (way too long of a long time no hear) Dj Czech coming at you next! It’s been up on his Cloud for a long while, but with downloads set firmly to off. Not any longer though! Kindly opened up for The Scour, by prior arrangement! I’ve had the funk hoarding squirrel styleee pleasure of testing this one out over the last few weeks..goes down a massiiive treat. Get involved..and pleeeease, don’t forget to thank him for it! πŸ™‚ 120bpm β–Ό
Acid in my Hot Chocolate by Dj Czech

Penultimate Scour spot goes out to Canada’s Lewd Behavior and Brodes this week, with a, fresh for 2012, remix of everyone’s favourite Justice Vs Simian joint. First Scoured way back in #25, and last supported in Scour #32, Mr Behavior has hooked himself up with a new Faceboink page recently..get your like on that right >>HERE<<..if you please? Oh, and whilst you at it Brodes‘ is just >>HERE<< too. Nice work fellas..great Skype job! Alternative download in SoundCloud track description. 128bpm β–Ό
Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends 2012 (Lewd Behavior Vs Brodes Remix) by Lewd Behavior

Last up (pre-curveball) this beast from fellow blogger, and bomb making machine Philly Blunt. Hat’s off to you bud..no idea how you find the time to fit it all in!? Respect! 133bpm β–Ό
Jay-Z & Kanye West – Philly In Paris (Philly Blunt remix) by Philly Blunt

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! Winding you all back down with some top top quality, golden age, REAL hip hop..Balearic style!! This comes courtesy of the truly awesome Copycat ..it’s been up on his Cloud for a couple of weeks, but if you didn’t get there within the first 5 minutes you’ll have undoubtedly missed out on one of the 100 limited downloads. Time for The Scour to put that right for you all! Alternative download link kindly added to SoundCloud track description, by Scour request πŸ™‚. Don’t forget to thank him for it while your over there! Beautiful Rap Banger..fo sho!
Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (COPYCAT’S Slight Remix) by COPYCAT

Check back on all previous Scours via >>The Scour Archives<<.

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