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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 19/05/11

By May 19, 2011Blog

Easy now Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers..hoping all is good in yo’ funky fresh hoods!? Where the funkin’ hell did the last 7 days just go?? Feels like I was only writing my last load of bloggledygook™ just yesterday, and here I am again already, welcoming you all to Scour #16..cheers for stopping by!

So..HUUUUUGEMONGOUS thanks to all who delivered me a right good world record breaking thumbing last week! An incredible show of bloggy thumb love (126 faceboink ‘likes’ in just 4 days…get the funk in!!!) for Scour #15 has astounded me and left me somewhat lost for words (for a change!). As well as it being a bit sad of me to be keeping count, it really is a pleasure and an honour to receive so many..and it definitely makes the ridiculous amount of time I spend Scouring for your ears all the more worth while. Keep them coming please..aaaand..bloody bigUP yo’ rad selfs for showing such awesome and continued Scour support!

Quick heads up if you’re out n about in Fal Town this weekend..It’s the 3rd Friday of the month which of course means it’s Hong Kong Ping Pong time at the Watermans! No special guests partying with us this month, we’re saving up loads of those for our VERY special 4th Birthday bash next month (more info coming >>HERE<< very soon), and with Morph away on sheep shearing duty, myself and Fat Harry will be holding down the HKPP fort..please bring us your Ping Pongy balls!! Also, if we don’t finish you right off on Friday, I’d definitley recommend considering checking out Skank n Stomp Presents…. Balkan Hotsteppers at Falmouth Rugby Club on Saturday; I understand there’s still a few tickets left that will be available on the door..I’ve bagged mine already, and, assuming I wake up from my Saturday afternoon power nap in good time, will definitely be checking these fellas out. We at HKPP are big fans..check out some of their wicked Balkany hiphoppy mashed up beats right >>HERE<< hear why. whilst my mega busy 9-5 has somewhat restricted the flow of my blog blurb juices again this week, my trusty Scourdar™ (cheers for that one Jax!) has unearthed some very tasty treasures for your crates. I’ve been sent some wicked jams via email too (please keep them coming..always a pleasure to check these out after a hectic day at work work!), and now it’s time for me to deliver those that have made this weeks Scour cut. The usual mixed Spinforthy & Hong Kong Ping Pongy bag..with generous dollop of wobbly bass this week!

As always..If you dig and download any of these jams..PLEASE show your appreciation by leaving the Cloud owners your comments and and ‘s..nice one in advance!

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at:

That’s all for this week folks..funk right on, and..



Leela Jean (rmx) by dedy dread

Passin’ Witness (One Life Riddim) by Turntable Dubbers

It’s Banger time!! This next jam is a beauty from Sir Ewan Hoozami. It’s been up on his cloud just to listen to for a few months now, but true to his word he’s very kindly had it mastered and just this week has opened it up for free download. If you’re diggin this get yourself signed up to his new mailing list right >>HERE<< for future free exclusives. ▼
Ewan Hoozami – Straight Out of Charleston (FREE D/L) by Ewan Hoozami

Alternative download link in track description

Alternative download link in track description
Don’t touch that rotten apple – Joe Revell’s Redline Refix by Joe Revell NZ

Alternative download link in track description
Kmo3 – El Rin Tin (Ghetto STAAR EP 1) * FREE DOWNLOAD * by KMo3

Click the ‘Buy’ button for alternative download link
Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (RUN DMT Junglestep Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by RUN DMT’S MAGICAL JUKEBOX

Aaaand this week’s curveball! not actually very curvy…just seeeeriously lush, there’s no way could I leave this gorgeous gem out!

Bob Marley Is this Love (Dubmatix Re-Visioned) by dubmatix

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