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How do your do’s do all? Spinforth here (..all on my lonesome this week) welcoming you biggest cop out of a main introduction to date, as well as my..’Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #65′.

Hold up..there’s more!

Outstanding show of Scour word spreading thumb love shown for last week’s epic Scour #64. Genuinely massively appreciated, thanking you! 🙂

Tiny bit more..

Third Friday of the month Hong Kong Ping Pong residency business at The Watermans, Falmouth, tomorrow night. Presenting none other than…ourselves this month!! Yup, just the three of us us..and that’s never ever gonna be a bad thing. Please bring you.

Yup, and that’s your lot.


Enjoy! x

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Speed intro blurbing all the way, heeerrre we go..

The sun finally decided to put his hat on to remind us it is actually summer in deepest ‘sunniest’ Kernow today! So..let’s get Scour #65 warmed up inna sunshiny dubbed up reggae styleee. First up courtesy of Brighton’s (UK) Richie Phoe. Seriously lush work here fella. Welcome to The Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 69/138pm

Followed straight up with more dubby lushness from, no stranger to a good Scouring, New Zealand’s brilliant Dub Terminator . Mmmmmm..tastier than a Double Decker Great Shake! 😉 90bpm

Uh-oh..this is looking dodgy already, honestly..two New Zealanders in a row already is complete coincidence! Hmmm..I wonder what the weather in NZ is like any time of the year!? 😉 Errmm..where was I? Ahhh yes..BigUP to Deejay Lowe1 for this, his latest mashup fiiiiire! 94bpm

Plenty of tasty mash ups of Illegal cookin DJ‘s brilliant ‘Like It’s Reggae (Instru Snooples)’ popping up in the Clouds at the mo. Was ‘kind of’ hoping my favourite (so far) might not be laced with a J5 ‘pella..turns out it does though! Don’t shoot me..this works! And don’t shoot Latvia’s Dj Evans (..great name!) either! Just say thank you Sir..your DJ name, and this, are mighty good shit! 100bpm

Avid Scour fans, listeners of my ‘Mixed Gems: Vol. 01’ and/or followers since Anniversary Super Scour #52 (yes DJ Daigo..I do mean ‘including’ you pard!!! Tut..tut 😉 ) will undoubtedly recognise Restless Leg Syndrome’s ‘Fiddle Dee Dee’ (B.Visible Remix) used in this next mash up from DJ Steve Jones. I’m a huuuuuuge fan of..the original joint, the remix, and ALL the aforementioned persons (yes..Daigo, you are forgiven!)..and now this tasty, mashed up with the Jungle Brothers, version too! 96bpm

Greece’s awesome Monetrik has quickly found himself part of the recent Scour furniture ( a good way!). Here he is, back again, for his fourth Scour appearance on the trot (..a rare feat). I bloody love this! And also, I really bloody love his latest on Carnibal Records 005 too..which to my surprise popped up to purchase via Juno, pretty much immediately after Scouring him last week..hence this week late little Scour plug. Now, how do I get myself onto that promo list!? 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 96bpm

SCOUR #65 EXCLUSIVE #1: Legendary Scour fan, follower and supporter (..not forgetting Sarcastic commenting little mother funker! 😉 ) Doctor Hooka up next, in collaboration with Psychotropic Frequencies, with a very very last minute, Brucie bonus of a Scour debut EXCLUSIVE. Top notch remixing of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s classic ‘Ghettos of The Mind’ right here, please thank them for it via your comments (..yep, sarcastic one’s are permitted), BEFORE getting involved in the kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Hahaha..I never thought I’d be saying these words..Welcome to The Scour dude(s)!! 100bpm

Unbelievably it’s been over a year since Sydney’s Phaze_5 last got Scoured, waaay back in Scour #13. To be fair..this is the first free track he’s shared since then. Proper tasty it is too..particularly digging the subtle ‘Sign ‘o’ the Times’ sample in the intro. Top work bud..welcome back! 100bpm

Hang about..I said speed intro blurbing!! Anyone not following and loving the incredible work of are clearly mental, AND..missing out on absolute belters such as this!! 100bpm

Welcoming back New Zealand’s (I can’t help it..Kiwi flavoured music is sooo good! Clearly I should emigrate!) Mr Fresh & DJ Alias (..what a perfect combo!) for their second week on the trot. Ahh..warm, fuzzy, and freshtamental indeed. Top work dudes! 104bpm

Oh god..ummm..I only met him at Sunrise a few weeks ago, but already I’ve completely ‘forgotten’ where he hails from! That is of course a complete and utter lie, but The Scour honestly is NOT secretly an advert for the New Zealand tourist association..hmmm, although! He’s back..with more ultra fresh dopeness, Sammy Senior takes his latest worthy seat in The Scour. Keep ’em rollin’ bro. See you at Boomtown! Can anyone out there offer him a Boomtown lift from London pleeeese?? 🙂 107bpm

Ch-Ch-Check out my main man, battle foe/partner, good pard, occasional DJ butler/bitch, top DJ, and rum (to my brandy) fiend..Selecta DEMO‘s latest freebie. Unleashed from his private ammo crates especially to celebrate his 1000th SoundCloud follower (..congrats on that milestone bud). Wicked use of the Busta instrumental right here. Top banana! 110bpm

WARNING! Mega Banger Alert!! Canada/Vancouver’s JaPetto delivering, what my fussy ears are hearing to be, easily his best work to date. Been up on his cloud for a couple of weeks already, so many of you may have already heard it., by the power of Scour, download button switching on has very kindly been offered and synchronised with Scour day, so now’s the time for you all to grab a copy of it. Don’t thank me, but please do not hesitate in thanking JaPetto for his generosity. Awesome job done here dude..more please! 111bpm

Hello hello..what and who is this we have here then? ANOTHER future Scour star ‘perhaps’?? I’m thinking perhaps could be a huge understatement. Taken me a little while to hook this one up for you all, but very pleased to announce that at last it’s time to give an almighty, and very very warm, Scour welcome to Canada/Victoria’s B-MID. Pretty sure we’ll be hearing plenty more from him in the forthcoming weeks/months/years (yep..I’ve had a sneak peak, and you WILL soon remember his name!)..but for now, please get involved over on his Facebook and his SoundCloud and then..tuck into this delightful monster! Welcome bro, and thank you for’ve just earned yourself your very worthy Scour debut! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 110bpm

This is how we take, the old from the new, the new to the old, the old from the New..aaand..back to the ‘old’ again! New yogified fiiire from the (..I’ve no idea how old..but a ‘well seasoned’ Scour star by now for sure) legendary Mr Bobby C Sound TV. How he finds the time is beyond me, but yes..of course there’s an accompanying video to get involved with too. BigUP and cheers bud. See you for a HKPP party in just a couple of months! 🙂 110bpm

Taking a bit of a shot here, whilst breaking a golden Scour rule. This next tune by Illegal Cookin DJ is brilliant..although slightly disappointingly (..because I for one want to play it on The Mayor’s Funtion one rig at HKPP tomorrow night) only currently available at 192kbps 🙁 I’m fairly hopeful that if a few of us point this out to him though, we may be lucky enough to see a 320kbps version arrive when he ups the alternative download. My fingers are crossed already, so who’s gonna ask him kindly? ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON..’HOPEFULLY’ A 320 VERSION! 110bpm

Thrice now Scoured Late Knight is back with another of his genius Re-Funks. Kid N Play get the Late Knight treatment this time round, so so so so tight, fresh, aaaand dope! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 110bpm

SCOUR #65 EXCLUSIVE #2: I hinted at there being ‘another one’ in the Coobee pipeline when I first Scoured him in Scour #62, and have literally been gagging to share this one with you every Scour since. It wasn’t ‘quite’ ready though. A little bit o Spinforth feedback kindly taken on board, and a quality bit of mastering by (oh no..I’ve honestly only just realised!) errrm..dare I say it, New Zealand’s Daniel Monk, later..and this puppy is at last ready to be shared. Your wait is over..please show him some generous comment love and then go grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. We got there in the end bro. Top tuuuune! 115bpm

SCOUR #65 EXCLUSIVE #3: No no haven’t prematurely reached this weeks Curveball already. This here really is a welcome back to long time Scour favourite Mr Sam Redmore, and on this occasion he deservedly makes it into the main Scour pot. Another high quality remix from Sam, this time round remixing Burton Upon Trent’s true hip hop cats Great Scott (<< check them out!) . This one very kindly shared via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. BigUP Sam..thanks of sharing, and for opening up the share whilst out gigging! Legend. 120bpm

Not often I stumble across quality B’more whilst in Scour mode. Not by choice, on the contrary I keep an ear out for some most weeks. Pretty rare to be finding some as good as this from Philadelphia’s Emynd. This being my favourite (of 6) from his 100% free to download ‘Bmore Soul Volume 1’ link to which can be found in the track description. 128bpm

Shit! have just spied the line into’s from here in. This is rather smokin’ hot from New York’s The Juice Squad! 132bpm

Likewise, so is this from Hungary’s LowFreq. Get in quick! I’ve not yet heard back from him regarding the..ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 135bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! Quality little edit of a Stretch classic from Jr Gacworth. Now available in Scour power request! 😉 And that’s your Scourful folks..gonna be needing a week off for some quality me time next week, catch y’all on the flip. BigUPs and rad Scourma to all, Spin’. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION SOON. 105bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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