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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 19/08/11

By August 19, 2011Blog

Easy all..I’m back!! Well, just about back..definitely here in body, but last weekend’s Boomtown Fair festival exploits have ‘some how’ led to the loss much of my mind..and also left me running soooooo bloody late with the Scour this week that I have no choice but to deliver you here, my mega super speediest Scour to date..Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #28.

So yeah..bugger all time this week for too much blogaffle..but still gotta throw down a few very rushed thankyou’s and please’s..Here we go!!

Thankyou’s going out to..Fat Harry for stepping up to the Scour plate last week to deliver to your ears Scour #27 (check that link if you missed it..think you’ll all agree he delivered a sterling Scourjob™); Also, maaaaaahoooosiiive thanks to all of you who checked my own last Scour #26, and for delivering me a brand new world record breaking Scour score for it, of 147 facebonking ‘likes’..get the funk in! Last up, but by no means least, huuuge thanks to the Funk From The Trunk crew for having me to play with them at the truly awesome Funkington Manor, at Boomtown Fair, last Saturday night. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be involved..loved every minute of my set, as well as all the other sets I managed to catch there. BigUPs to all the faces who got involved…you all made it so soooo goood!

Busy busy Hong Kong Ping Pong times these next couple of weeks, so here come my pleases!

If you’re out n aboot in Fal Town this Friday night..get your funky fine backsides down to Hong Kong Ping Pong presents the very very least to check out his amaaazing hair!! Nah..seriously, B-Side is a fellow Ghetto Funkin legend (check out his forthcoming Ghetto Funk release right >>HERE<<..we’re seriously chuffed to have him back partying with if you’re in Falmouth, you’d be completely bloody mental to miss this! Aaaand then..on Saturday night, just over the other side of the planet, Morphosis will be delivering the HKPP sauce in Auckland, New Zealand (..home of his fellow hobbits!) at ‘Regrooved NZ Feat Hong Kong Ping Pong (UK) @ Atticus‘..wooooohaaaa!! Pleeeeease bring us you!

Even more HKPP dates coming very soon after that, but I’m completely running out of time here, so please pop over and check the Hong Kong Ping Pong calendar for the next HKPP dates nearest you.

Alriiight..time to deliver you the fruits this weeks speed Scour. I’ve somehow managed to pick this little big lot, out of over 250 potential contenders, in one VERY long evening and sleepless night. Please forgive me if I’ve missed any obvious bullets, and for any lack of, or shorter than usual track severe, 3 day long, Boomdown is to blame..definitely not me!

Until next Scourday™..

Enjoy! x
If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email me at:


Warming up the Scour hip hop styleee..quality remix here from Dj Moar. 96bpm
Audio 2 VS James Brown “Top Jeebin” (Dj Moar Remix) by Dj Moar

Followed by a wicked mashup from Joe Revell. 96bpm
Make your own break – Gramatik vs Savant ( Redline Refix) by Joe Revell (NZ)

Aaaand another top top remix (an old one but just recently opened up for free download) by firm Scour favourite and seriously talented, Dj Daigo. Keep up to date with all his latest jams by faceboink liking him >>HERE<< 100bpm
Daigo – Hoo Waa by dj Daigo

Fresh to the Scour we welcome Knowa with a really really tasty glitch hop jam. Loads of old school B-boy and HipHop flavas in here. 100bpm
Fire on the Roof (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Knowa

Errrmm…even more classic hiphop anybody?? (I seem to be showing off my golden age hiphop head roots via my Scour selections this week). Ace edit/remix of Gang Starr’s classic ‘Full Clip’ courtesy of Poland’s Phunk’ill. Top work here fella! 106bpm
Gang Starr – Full Clip (Phunk’ill edit) by Phunk’ill

Okaaaay..time for some G’funkin wobbly dubsteppy bassyness. Excellent vocal edit of Bristol’s Koan Sound’s ‘Mr Brown’ from Groove Fellaz 108bpm
Koan Sound – Mr Brown (Groove Fellaz Vocal Edit) by Groove Fellaz

Next up..the first (of two) of my TOP PICKS for this weeks Scour. I was lucky enough to be shared this one a week early, especially to drop at my Boomtown Fair gig..and from the response it received I can confirm it is a dancefloor destroying bomb!! Absolutely awesome remix/bootleg of the Dandy Warhols ‘Not if you were the Last Junkie’ by Blunt Instrument available to download for free from the freebie section of their website..right >>HERE<< 110bpm
Dandy Warhols-Not if you were the Last Junkie…(Blunt Instrument Bootleg) by bluntinstrument

Another gem next, but you gotta do do a little bit of work to grab your copy of this one. Head over to D-Funk’s Facebook page via this >>LINK<< ..get your ‘like’ on, and this puppy is all yours..for freeee! And if you’re diggin these D-Funk vibes, head over to Junodownload to check out the awesome Grits n Gravy releases..fresh one dropping THIS MONDAY!! 115bpm
‘Sir Duke’ – Stevie Wonder (D-Funk’s Feel It All Over Mix) ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by D*Funk

Another high quality funky soul edit from Dj Twister. Dope fresh release from him over at Juno too, grab it >>HERE<< if you dig! 114bpm
Sam & Dave – Soul Man (Dj Twister Edit) [Wave] by Dj Twister

An older soundcloud tune right here (and one of Fat Harry’s picks from last week). Unfortunately we couldn’t hook up the player embed code in time to get it featured last here it is this week instead. One Funky Soul knows how to hook up a dancefloor bomb, and y’all be needing this in your bag! 115bpm
One 2-3-44 by One funky soul.

Second of my TOP PICKS for this weeks Scour, courtesy of the truly fanfunkintastic Breakbeat Junkie. Been absolutely loving his work since first hearing (and regularly dropping at HKPP gigs) his ‘Linguistic Funk’ jam (which featured on the long since sold out Goodgroove #7 ‘Regrooved Series VI’..and all his other Goodgroove, Manmade, Baffin Island, BigM, Wack releases for that matter! Not often you get freebies of this quality appearing on Soundcloud..gorgeous funky disco breaks jam right here. If you’re diggin it get ‘liking’ him and his work >>HERE<< 120bpm
Sound Of A Champion [Free Download] by The Breakbeat Junkie

Last up, pre-curveball, a little bit dubstep for your ears! Some of you may already be familiar with the name and sounds of Coldvet..if not, now’s the time to get to know! If you’re diggin’re gonna LOVE his tune Exploding Time coming soon, and available NOW to pre order, via the all new Ghetto Funk Presents: All Star 45’s series. 141bpm
Coldvet – Bass Robbers by COLDVET

Aaaaand finally, this weeks curveball! A tasty little edit from Latvia’s Dj Rudd that dropped into my inbox today. Hailing from your hometown of Riga, this one dedicated to you Miss Kate Pavula..missing your friend face!!! xx 102bpm
Proud Mary (DJ Rudd Nice & Easy Edit) by djrudd

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