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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 20/04/12

By April 19, 2012Blog

Happy Scour ‘n’ 4/20 day all! Yep. yep, I’m back from my extended Easter Scour break..and here (at last) to deliver and welcome you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #56.

I’m late enough already, so just gonna use this intro bit to say huuge thanks for the tremendous show of support for Scour #55. You lot really have taken Scour word spreading thumbing to a whole new level recently, and I honestly can’t thank you enough for it. Makes such a huge difference to the play and download count of the Clouds that I choose to support..and boosting these stats to encourage even radder work, and a plentiful supply of free tunes for all, is exactly what the Scour is all about. So Biggest of UPS to you all!

Huuuuge thanks too, to everyone out there who has delivered an overwhelming show of love and support to my fresh mixtape ‘Spinforth’s Mixed Gems: Vol. 01’..almost 2000 plays within 2 days is absolutely bonkers! Properly touched by some of the comments too. this is what it feels like to be Scoured eh!? I like it! 😀

Very quick heads up to anyone out n about in Fal Town tomorrow night (Friday). Yep, it third Friday of the month which means it’s time to get funked right up HKPP stylee at The Watermans..and this month it’s Hong Kong Ping Pong presents B-Side time!! Rad! 😀

Right..that’s it for this week’s intro blurb..if I wrap this up now, and drop the Scour logo up top, rather than spend another hour searching for a funny pic..I might just be able to deliver this post semi on time. Well..still on the right night at least.

‘Slightly’ less epic Scour compared to the last one, although saying that there’s freshly Scoured Clouds a plenty in here. So please, make sure you give them all a warm Scourly welcome. Some of these ‘could’ turn out to be new found Scour stars of the future, so a healthy show of encouraging comment love up on their SoundCloud players, and of course your courteous Scour word spreading thumbs are all kindly requested..please.

Until next Scour..have all yourselves a smokin’ Friday, blazin’ weekends, aaaand..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please send via email at:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Kicking off this weeks Scourceedings with this latest gorgeous edit from local Kernovian legend Daytoner. Originally planned to be unleashed via Anniversary Super Scour #52, but..for the reason known as Tenoshi’s brilliant ‘Monsta Monche‘..a very last minute substitution had to be made! Scour #52 dust has all but settled now though, so..time to deliver this luscious little edit to all your ears. 90bpm

How many more dope remixes can DJ Cheapshot possibly have hidden up his sleeves!!? Sincerely hoping no one’s bored of him being supported via Scour just yet, cause there is no funkin way I’m ever leaving tunes as rad as this out. 90bpm

First freshly Scoured Cloud of the week. Introducing Switzerland’s G.Rough to The Scour! Exceptionally tasty serving of Arabian-Ghetto-Hop right here! Wicked wicked work bro..and welcome to my Scour! 🙂 Alternative download link requested/available in track description. 90bpm

Plenty of decent mashups featuring RJD2’s ‘Ghostwriter’ knocking about in the Clouds. This one from, second freshly Scoured Cloud of the week, Italy’s T.Melody definitely does the business, and rather aptly has 4/20 written all over it! Good work fella..welcome, to you too, to my Scour! 🙂 94bpm

Sounding very much like DJ Maars’ debut appearance in Scour #55 was the first of a long run of many. Very much hoping that’s the case anyway, cause this latest reggae rework of his is nothing less than awesome. More please dude! 94bpm

Newzealand’s (via Melbourne) BdP up next. Been very very reluctantly having to leave him out of the last few final Scour cuts due to there being so many awesome free tunes about recently. Not this week though bro! I seriously can’t believe I’ve not manged to fit you in somewhere since Scour #32..that’s totally criminal of me. Welcome back..cause this is ace! 🙂 96bpm

Ahahaha! Time to surprise Germany’s Mr Chrispop again! Pretty sure he enjoyed his surprise Scour support just a little bit last time. My second favourite of your’s right here really really well. Anyone out there still in need of a fresh ‘n’ dope new logo, he’s your man for that too, so hit him up via his Facebook Fan page. 98bpm

Debut Scour appearance for The Starkiller next up. Have to say I thought my ears had grown bored of hearing ‘Hotsepper’ remixes..but..that was until they heard this! Awesome work dude..welcome to my Scour! 100bpm

Canada’s Record Time back up in the Scour, with this beeeauuutiful little re-rub. He’s released it by way of a tribute to a recently passed good friend of his (Randall Micheal Zyha, aka RFZ) by the looks. So..a show of respectful, courteous, supportive, thank you comments encouraged upon his player please. Lovely little wub wubs bro! Thanks for sharing. RFZ R.I.P. 104bpm

Time to switch to lil bit of glitch. Nothing too heavy, wouldn’t fit quite right after that last lovely re-rub. Errmm..saying that, the title of this one doesn’t either really, but..I like it, so I’m supporting it. Quality remix from Hungary’s Konor right here. Welcome to my Scour bro! 104bpm

Thrice Scoured now, Mr Leygo makes it through to this week’s final cut, with this bass heavy funky burner. My ears are definitely preferring this one bro, and I’m a big Mr Bump fan (my favourite Mr Man!)..hoping my support on this one is still equally all good for you! 😉 110bpm

Scour debut time for Australia’s SkinnyB (no relation to Seany as far as I’m aware!). Mega dope work on this one bro! Crikey there’s lot’s of these this week..’Welcome to my Scour!’ 🙂 110bpm

The legend who is Mr Kenny Beeper has just kindly synchronized switching his download button on in time for a Scouring for us all. Personal tried and tested ammo of his this one, so pleeeease don’t forget to thank him for it. Almighty BigUPs Beep’! Alternative download link requested/available in track description. 111bpm

Last Scoured waaaaay back via Scour #37, Canada’s Grudge is back to deliver y’all a chunky dose of Moombahfunk! I know, I know..Moombah..supported by Spinforth..again! But check it, reckon you’ll all appreciate why! Nice work bro..welcome back! Alternative download link requested/available in track description. 112bpm

Right then..who’s up for some Ghetto Funked up Enya!? Yep, yep, I’m deadly serious. Slightly concerned it might backfire on me, but..I’m prepared to risk it if all you lovely lot are prepared to check it out! Welcoming ANOTHER freshly Scoured’s Lting. Hoping all your ears are about to be as surprised as mine were when I they realized that this combo does actually work! Bloody good job fella, secretly I’m lovin it and somewhat intrigued to hear what else you can make work,’re receiving my support regardless of the fact that this is a remix of Enya. Aha! so here i go again..’Welcome to my Scour dude!’ 🙂 Alternative download link requested/available in track description. 115bpm

Absolutely no bullshit but plenty of party here, from Australia’s DJ Axe. Axesome! Nuff said. 115bpm

Canada’s JaPetto (<< 'like' link right there) has been been a bit quiet lately. Turn's out he's been taking some time out to hone his production skills. Well's to hard work and honing time well spent! Top top tune..welcome back to the Scour! :) 116bpm

Blimey..I’ve almost made it!! Last up for this week (pre-curveball), introducing my final freshly Scoured Cloud of the week (yep..another one!!), warm Scour welcome please for Australias BeatDusta! Your inappropriate spamming is now forgotten and all forgiven bro (Scour submissions ALWAYS via email or dropbox please folks!)..because this work right here is fire! So..for the final time this week..’welcome to my Scour!’ 😉 116bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! A ‘Proper Tasty piece of funk’ indeed..edited and delivered courtesy of the awesome Apple Scruffs. No idea how this one isn’t their top loved and commented upon recent edit. Such a wicked tune..and very very very apt in my world right now! Absolutely LOVE it! Peace ‘n’ out! 108bpm

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