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Easy all, Scour strike averted..thanks entirely to your slightly belated, but eventually very very much appreciated showing of 339 Scour word spreading supportive thumbs for my last Scour #68. So here I am back and welcoming you to my latest..’Spinforth’s Weekly(ish) SoundCloud Scour #69′.

No time for waffling on here this week..just a quickie to remind you all to please be a little less slack when it comes to clicking the Faceboink ‘like’ button at the bottom of this post (..just before the comments). Every single one of your clicks really does help massively to spread both the word of this Scour, AND all the 100% free tunes and rad Clouds that I spend hours/nights/days Scouring up for you all. Not only that, they help keep me motivated to keep keeping on Scouring for you all..for free!! Nag over..on with this week’s Scour.

Anyone out about in Fal Town tomorrow sure to come and shake your thangs at ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong presents Bobby C Sound TV‘ please. He’s kicking off his UK tour with us, and has brought with him his full AV show! With your help we’d love to show him how we party HKPP stylee! 😀

Intro now here’s your Scour #69! Spread the word via the power of comments, favourites, followings and of course, THUMBS!! please, aaaand..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Kicking off this week’s Scour inna Skrillex & Damian Marley ‘Make it bun dem’ remix stylee (..had to be done!). There have literally been millions of these popping up in the Clouds these last couple of weeks (well maybe not quite millions..but not far off)..and, to be frank, even though many of them are great, I’m close (..with a select few exceptions) to becoming sick to death of this tune already. This top top quality remix from the brilliant Dreadsquad (now with downloads switched ON) is undoubtedly an exception..and easily THE best one out there as far as we three at HKPP are concerned. BigUP for this one win yourself the prize of the one and only Scour spot for a remix of this tune..for this week at least! 70bpm

Keeping it reggae flavoured for a while, and introducing the first of this week’s freshly Scoured Clouds. Tasty little edit here from Greece’s Abtomic. Warm welcome to him via comments on his player pleeeease! Welcome to The Scour bro! Looking forward to hearing more from you real soon. 😀 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 86bpm

It’s been a little while, but pleased to announce DJ Steve Jones is back up in The Scour. He seems to have a bit of a thing for blending Skeewiff tracks lately (..can’t blame him..they’re all dope, and exceptionally ripe for it)..and he has a knack of doing so in record breaking time too! This latest one was complete within less than 24 hours of the brilliant original going live! Top work dude..and choice ‘pella! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 88bpm

Dublin’s awesome DirtyDubsters are celebrating hitting their 7000th SoundCloud follower this week, and have opened up this beauty for free download to express their 7000+ thank yous. Get VERY involved..tiz fiiiire! BigUP, congrats and welcome to The Scour ace freebie! 90bpm

Oakland’s DJ Sol Rising‘s back..with his own remix of an already dope track off his forthcoming LP ‘I AM Soul‘. Absolutely loving out for the album release arriving October 2nd! 92bpm

So much rad music coming outta Greece at the mo’! Time to introduce another freshly Scoured Grecian Cloud. Here’s DJ Inko’s Beats and his excellent remix of The Crooklyn Dodgers ‘Crooklyn’. One word..’seriouslybloodydope!’, and another five..’Welcome to The Scour bro!’ 😀 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

Time to spark up your fattest of ones for the next two Scoured joints. This Ghetto Glitch Funk number, from Canada’s increasingly brilliant Record Time *MuthaFunkers is superrrrb! Be on the look out for a forthcoming Ghetto Hop remix of this arriving soon(ish) too. Oh go on then..I’ll do it! 99bpm

Always an absolute aural pleasure when Canada’s almighty duo Wood ‘n’ Soo open up another of their awesome free downloads. Here’s their latest, and it definitely does not disappoint..far from it infact, my ears started getting moist the moment I spied the title! Available for free download via their ‘combined’ Wood n Soo Facebook Fan page. 100bpm

Switching over to some straight up Glitch Hop. This latest number from Canada’s xL-tEe is pretty damn fine and worthy of more Scour support I reckon. Welcome back bro! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Time to welcome back Bristol’s Howla with another fresh free bomb too! Huuuuuuge dude! (please excuse the short intro..I’m starving, gotta get this Scour out quick smart!) 100bpm

Loving this latest tuuuune from Italy’s S T E R E O C O O L. One of two rad tracks from his ‘Dogs on the Rocks EP‘. Hitting the download button takes you to the second track, but once there you can grab your free download of both tracks. Get on it! 102bpm

SOUR #69 EXCLUSIVE #1: Here we go! The first of this week’s VERY kindly donated, and seriously bloody good, Scour EXCLUSIVES! Can’t thank New Zealand’s K+Lab enough for agreeing to my request of opening this one up (..x85 facebook fan page ‘likes’ early at time of writing) especially in time for Scour #69 day! Legendary of you dude, an incredible remix right here..deserving of your 2000th Facebook Fan Page ‘like’ rolling in..hopefully aided by Scour Power! Please all you can to help spread the word of this one as a way of thanking him for his generosity. After which go grab your >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. What a tune! 😀 103bpm

Norway’s Deejaymag is definitely finding his Ghetto Funkin remix feet. Had a suspicion he’d keep improving when I first Scoured him a few months back via Scour #61. This is real nice dude..keep ’em rollin! 105bpm

Here’s ‘another’ freshly Scoured Cloud for y’all. Apparently I ‘may’ have actually met this chap at Boomtown Fair, in the Secret Casino!?? But then..I was a bit busy having a bit a of a sit down, and honing my piano skills in I’ll be funked if I can remember!? Luckily he remembered that he loved the GF party vibes of that night, and got busy producing as soon as he got home! Right here is his finest fruit of his busyness so far! Welcoming Hiphoppapotamus to The Scour. This is the one dude! 😉 105bpm

Good Fal Town pard Selecta DEMO‘s back with another exceedingly tasty refix! ‘Surprise bud’..and appologies I couldn’t squeeze you in sooner! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 108bpm

Surely Skeewiff incredible back catalogue gotta run out sooner or later!?? Here’s yet ANOTHER sure fiiire winner..from waaaay back in 1999!!! Crikey..does this mean we’ve still got 13 years worth to come? Ace. 110bpm

Cardiff’s (and ‘Back To Basskicks‘ resident) F-Block is back for his second Scour on the trot! This one’s equally good, if not better than his last offering. Cardiffonians..don’t forget to get involved involved supporting the Basskicks LAUNCH NIGHT with JFB next Tuesday night! Loving this one fella! BigUP to yourself, and of course my man Mr J-Sound. 110bpm

Here’s ANOTHER freshly Scoured Cloud for y’all! He’s from the US of A and goes by the name of Razle Dazle. Don’t know much more about him just yet..other than this tune, and the other recently released 3 on his SoundCloud are all dope! One to definite watch I reckon..don’t go forgetting where you heard him first! Welcome to The Scour dude..More please! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Another bloody big freebie from Australia’s Philly Blunt..showing off some serious quick whipping skills right here! 110bpm

After first Scouring him via Scour #57, he said he’s be back with some G-Funk. True to his word, here’s the return of UberVice! 115bpm

Loving how fresh Psychotropic Frequencies has made this very well know Kool Keith ‘pella sound in this next jam. He’s been Scoured before whilst collaborating with Doctor Hooka, but right here’s his very worthy solo Scour debut! Wicked tune dude..which reaps you your very own official ‘Welcome To The Scour’! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 118bpm

SCOUR #69 EXCLUSIVE #2: Your wait for your second EXCLUSIVE is over! This very kindly donated dancefloor bomb arrives courtesy of another Scour debutant..although someone I’ve been helping out behind the scenes for quite a while now. To be honest I’m astonished that there’s not more of you already following his SoundCloud! (<< check it RIGHT NOW please!). He goes by the name of Superfort, he has a couple of tasty releases available to purchase over at Juno Download, and last week saw the long awaited release of his debut 4 track wax ‘Lucky Mary EP‘ via Big M Productions. The excellent EP is available to purchase from Juno >>HERE<< and/or Kudos >>HERE<<, and to coincide and celebrate the release of this EP he has VERY kindly donated this brilliant super fresh version of ‘Rescue Me’ to all you fans and followers of The Scour. This is a brilliant tune..the man’s a legend for hooking us all up with PLEEEASE show your appreciation by following his SoundCloud and his Facebook before getting involved grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Almightiest of UPs for this dude..great to see your release out there after first meeting you such a long time ago. Please show him some love folks..he deserves it for this rad tune alone. 120bpm

Right, that was the last lenghty intro for this Scour, time to get my skates on so I can eat some dinner! Can’t quite believe it myself..but it would appear that the legendary Mr Steven Moove (aka Smoove) has never been Scoured!!? Putting that to right immediately! Lush remix here bud..Welcome to The Scour! 🙂 125bpm

Popping back to Greece..and welcoming Smokey Bandits to The Scour, via this incredible Latin/African/Spanish/Mediterranean number! Gorrrgeous. 130bpm

And now nipping back down under (yes..of course to New Zealand!) and switching this Scour over into Future Dub/Dubstep territory, courtesy of the ever brilliant Dub Terminator..Fire in the hole! 70/140bpm

Hmmm..been a while since I took a Scour into dub step..let’s have some more! This next refix from Brooklyn’s Liondub is…eeefunkinormous! DOWNOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE/VISIBLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD PAGE. 140bpm

Now let’s switch it up again, drumstep stylee courtesy of the US of A’s HavocNdeeD. How big!!? DOWNOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE/VISIBLE VIA SOUNDCLOUD PAGE 176bpm

Which then leads us perfectly into DnB tempo..this latest freebie from the awesome Ricky Tuff is an absolute beeeauuuuty! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 175bpm

Oh god! How did this happen!?? WARNING!! I’m about to do something I NEVER expected to do any time soon..yep, here comes my first ever support of the stupidly (in my opinion) named (..previously considered a typo) ‘Trap’ music! Trust Wick-it the Instigator to break my solemn vow! Can’t deny it though..this tune is bloody good, and a very handy transitional tool! 88/176>>70/140bpm

Seeing as I’ve gone there now..might as well wrap up this Scour by support my Second favourite (..of 2!!) Trap tunes eh!? This one by the genius who is Finland’s finest, Mr Rico Tubbs! Apologies to the Trap haters..i was one of you yesterday! 😉 140bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! Avid Scour fans will well know of my love for all things Prince by you can no doubt imagine how excited I was to find this top quality re-rub of the absolute classic ‘Sign ‘o’ the Times’ land in my inbox this afternoon. Title of the email was ‘Possible Scourage…’ Are you kidding me New Zealand’s (yes, another Kiwi!..there can’t be many left un-Scoured now surely!?) Public Address Ltd. (aka: Dylan Adams)!! This Sir is ‘ESSENTIAL Scourage…’ and I’m genuinely massively chuffed that you sent it through to me. A perfect Curveball, for what I hope to become another in an increasingly long line of successful, well loved and appreciated, and generously thumbed (pleeease) Scours. Welcome bro! This is an awesome re-rub that deserves a shitload more than 4 downloads and 12 plays!! Here they come!! Enjoy! 😀

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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