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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 20/10/11

By October 20, 2011Blog

Easy all, I’m back..’by dope demand’ (tuuuune!)..well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but i’m back whether you like it or not! Yep, yep, it’s your number one Super Sharp SoundCloud Scourer Spinforth here, back on duty once again for your ears, after taking a much needed break from my Scour duties for the last few weeks.

So..anyone out there missed me? Hoping there may be at least a few of you..maybe just a little bit? Although, seeing as Fat Harry and Morph have done such a wicked Scour job in my absence (..thanking you pards!)..hopefully not too much. Apologies to anyone who actually may have noticed my absence though. Scouring week on week was starting to seriously eat into my ‘me’ time, and my neglecting of this time (often for 3 whole evenings a week..every bloody week!) was starting to take it’s toll on my sanity, and actually get me down somewhat. I’m pretty sure the break has done me some good though, and allowed me to catch up on some important ‘real life’ shizzle, like..eating; sleeping; chilling; and just generally vegging the funk out after a hard day’s ‘work work’ on my weekday evenings. Ahh, and of course..I’ve still been gigging and partying pretty damn hard too (..some things I love, will NEVER change!). Unfortunately dating has been still been eluding me, but, like I say, some things never change..hmm..or do they?? move on, bound to jinx it! Found some time to perfect, and record, a recent live set too, which I’ve been wanting to do for blooming aaaaages! Expect many of you have checked that already..but if not, no time like the present, you can go grab yourselves a free download of it right >>HERE<< (comments & ♥’s still warmly wecomed!). Anyway, have decided I’m going to need to keep a constant check on how long I spend Scouring for you all each week from now on, 2 whole evenings a week is my new expect a few more, full HKPP crew, shared Scours every other week or so. Okaaaay? Sweeeet..all good! I’m Hungry!

Chicken soup interval..yum yum.

Have had some truly awesome gigs since we last spoke (cheers to all who got involved), and the next two weekends are looking like these are set to continue. If you’re out n aboot in Fal Town, there really is only one place your face MUST be..tomorrow night! We at Hong Kong Ping Pong are seriously stoked and proud to present an all star international studded line up at The Watermans in the shape of “Hong Kong Ping Pong Club presents… Blend Mishkin, Canosis, aaaand Hidden Riddim!”. Without doubt this is one of our biggest line ups at the Watermans everrr..and entry to it is available to all, for the very affordable price of..£0.00p!! That’s right folks, this gig, as with all our Watermans gigs, is 100% FREE ENTRY. Spoilt? Hell, yeah you are! But we LOVE sharing the music of the artists that we love with YOU!! So here’s us doing just that, for both us and you! All we ask in return is for you to bring us your amaaaazing Ping Pong faces..and in return we promise to give you a seriously good HKPP party! Rad!!

And then? Well..and weekend, it would appear to be nearing Halloween! And you’ll find the full HKKP crew (along with many other party monsters) partying (of course) and supporting none other than BBC Radio and Brownswood Recordings legend GILES PETERSON, at what promises to be Kernow’s biggest and best Halloween event of this year…The Monster Ball! Tickets for this still available, but doubt they’ll be around for too much longer, so grab yours >>HERE<< ASAP. I’m funkin scared already..gonna be HUUUUUUGE!!

Right..that’s way more than enough bloggledeygook™ for this week..expect I bored loads of you after ‘Easy’! So without further ado, time to deliver to you the funky free fruits of this weeks Scour. Mixed bag as always, most of these pretty fresh to the Clouds, but not all, a couple of these I’ve been hoarding..I mean testing out, whilst on my Scour break, and they are now, for your own ear’s enjoyment too. If I’ve missed any gems..please excuse me..might take me a week or so to get back into full Scour swing!

As always..please please please, if you dig n download any of these free jams, take a minute out out to show and share your appreciation by leaving the Cloud owners some comment love, to help spread the word of their work. Aaand..if you’d like to give this silly little blog of mine a thumb or two too..well you know I’d absolutely love that too!

Until next Scour, funk right on, and..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email me at:



Opening up this weeks Scour with the latest gorrrrgeous work and sounds of Mr B.Visible! Scratching your back right back as promised ears can’t help but love everything about this tuuuune! 86bpm
B.Visible – Lugna Misfits (fb-bb22) by b.visible

Apparently my supporting this next remix is about to make Porc Scratchings day! I have to admit to have been squirrely hoarding, and absolutely loving, this for a few weeks now…I just couldn’t resist testing it out in a few Spinforth sets before unleashing it’s lushness via Scour. Most recently played by me, just as the sun rose up, whilst partying with an awesome ‘Average Party’ Fal Town crew, under a bridge below the local ASDA bypass last Sunday morning..just before I headed home for some tropical fruit and mushroom squash (..I don’t do tea see)! it is, at last, to hopefully make all your days too! Please show this the love it most definitely deserves, via your comments up on the SoundCloud player..RIGHT NOW!! 94bpm
So fresh (porc skratchings remix) by Porc Scratchings

Best mashed up reggaefied version of this DAS EFX joint I’ve heard since Taggy Matcher’s 7″ version. Hmmm..actually, I reckon this one’s even better! 97bpm
Qnoe – Irgendwie Real, Irgendwo Hip, Irgendwann Hop by Delicutesse Soundsysteam thing I do ‘clearly’ recall from Bestival this year was hearing the awesome Hackney Colliery Band’s cover version of ‘No Diggity’ being played in the ‘Knees Up’ tent, in the very early hours of errr..’a’ morning. And I have to fully agree with P.O.D.G.E, this version just HAD to be done by somebody! If you’re feeling this, please support the original release – available for wax collectors to purchase on Wah Wah 45s 7″ right >>HERE<<, or if you’re needing the digi version, well..that can be grabbed right >>HERE<< too! This tasty mashup version though, is available over in the downloads section of P.O.D.G.E’s Facebook off you pop to get your ‘like’ on to download for free over >>HERE<< 100bpm
P.O.D.G.E – Blackney Street by P.O.D.G.E

So who’s next? Well..x3 seriously talented ultra funky legends, that’s who! Kenny Dope + People Under The Stairs + Scour favourite (and top top bloke) DJ Daigo. Beeeeeauuuutiful blend right here. Nuff said! 102bpm
Kenny Dope vs P.U.T.S – Step On Down (Daigo Re-Bake) by dj Daigo

Here’s another gem I’ve been sitting on for a while..a very very long while! Pretty amazed more people haven’t stumbled upon this and/or this Cloud, especially considering DJL has some pretty tasty tunes available to purchase over on Juno Download right >>HERE<< too. His latest nuggets dropping just last week. We at HKPP have been loving these longtime now. Time to let this funky cat out of my top secret Scour bag, for lots more ears to get involved. Great stuff! 99bpm
Killas Strike Back – DJL! Blend by djlonlinedotcom

Those of you out there who know me in ‘real life’ will know I am a massive Prince fan, have been since I was a pup..and to be fair I probably have to credit him and his music as THE music that actually got me involved in loving music and making it such a huuuge part of my life. I was even collecting his tunes on wax before I turned into a massive golden age hip hop head. Recent Scour readers will have also noticed we at HKPP have also been digging the work of Love and Light loooooads’t be going leaving this one out! 105bpm
PRINCE- “Seven” (Love And Light Remix) WAV DOWNLOAD by Love and Light

Anyone out there reading this who’s not yet following this next very very hard working DJ..time to get involved and get faceboink ‘liking’ Zenit Incompatible >>HERE<<..and now! Two lovely new mashups available on his cloud this week. Couldn’t really decide which was my favourite, so after checking the one below..go get involved in THIS ONE too. Alternative Download links requested, and coming soon! 110bpm
After laughter I’ll take you there by Zenit Incompatible

This next B-boy/girl classic joint has been opened up especially for the Scour by fellow Fal Town DJ, and good pard, Dante Gabriel (aka Tenoshi). It’s an oldie, but a definite goodie..and like himself, and all his work, is sure fire to rock the party! Check out more of his work on his mixcloud >>HERE<< too, if you can spare a sec..aaand his very tasty latest 7″ is still available to purchase from Juno right >>HERE<< Pleeease show him some extra special Scour love on this one..and you never know, he may open up another gem for us all soon. I know of at least one more ‘Monsta’ out there, still waiting to be unleashed! 127bpm
B-GIRLS LIKE YOU (Tenoshi’s Bounce) by TENOSHI

Parov Stelar and Salt n Pepa..well that’s never ever gonna work is it!? Ummm..well…hell yeah it is! BigUps once again (for surprising my ears at least) to Automatic-Reaction. Ace work dude! 128bpm
Parov Stelar-The Mojo Radio Gang (Post-Apocalyptic Jack Swing Remix by MF Rex) by automatic-reaction

And last up (pre-curveball) for this week..warming your Scoured ears back down. Any other week this remix probably would have made curveball, but that spot was reserved already this week (wait!). Can’t help but love this dubbed right out Police business! 148/74bpm
S.O.S. (The Spy from Cairo Remix) by The Police by Turntables On The Hudson

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! As mentioned already in the comments on this do indeed have to be pretty brave to even consider trying this re-rub. VERY bloody brave just touching it in actual fact!! Hats well and trully off to Nate Wize for a daring job extremely well done though ( my humble opinion at least). Hoping you all can appreciate this one too. Subtly and beautifully done..massive props fella! 93bpm
Midnight In A Perfect World 2011 (Nate Wize Special Blend) by Nate Wize

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