Spinforth’s Weekly Soundcloud Scour 21/07/11

Happy Scourday™ Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers..welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #24!

Hmmm..I say Happy, that’s happy to you, but to be honest I’m still feeling a massive post holiday come down in full effect..so, as not to depress you with stories of..glorious 35° Croatian sunshine EVERYDAY (they’ve definitely stolen our summer!); sipping cold pivos (beers) at beachside bars; island hopping via our ride (how that peice of shit never broke down is a definite miracle!); eating copious amounts of freshly caught grilled seafood (yep..even me!!..aand with calamari suckers included), accompanied by minimal amounts of vegetables (just the way they roll..diggin it!); and generally enjoying a great chilled out week away with ace pards..aaand, to try and ensure this weeks Scour get’s delivered before midnight, in time for you all to download the jams for your weekends..I’m purposely keeping this weeks blurb short and sweet. So yeah..incase you haven’t already gathered, Croatia was/is an incredible holiday destination..I can highly recommend it, the only thing I actually missed was..errmm..wheatabix the most I reckon!?

Before we get down down to Scour business, I just want to thank Fat Harry & Morphosis for stepping up to deliver last weeks Scour #23 in my absence (great grooming tips..think I’m gonna don the face debris this weekend..i’m not expecting to come close to any lady pockets..I’ll be fine!)..and thanks to all those who checked it and delivered their thumbs. There’s been a few technical issues with faceboink thumbing recently..but I’m assured these have been fixed now, so if you have a spare second or two to check back and deliver yours under Scours #22 & #23, that would be funkin lush of you. Cheers in advance.

So..plenty of funky free tunes about over on SoundCloud again this week (and last). It’s taken me two nights to sift through two weeks worth of SoundCloud emails, which is why I’m running even later than usual. I have at last managed to whittle them down to deliver this weeks Scour cut of 10, plus the customary curveball. Hopefully you all know what to expect by now..a mixed bunch of my personal favourites, mostly fresh to SoundCloud (or at least to my ears), and all with a little something that makes them worthy of adding to my crates, and supporting via a Scour spot.

Please feel free to deliver me your thumbs if you find anything your ears enjoy below, but much much more importantly..pleeeease don’t forget to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s, if you dig n download any of these Scoured jams.

Okaaay..that’s me Scoured right out for another week..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk

Kicking off this weeks Scour with a simple, but pretty tidy and tasty, little mashup from T.Rice…surprising that this works so well, but my ears reckon it definitely does! 92bpm

Currently ♥ ing all the tunes coming out via Riddim Fruit Records at the mo, and this luscious little freebie is no exception. Be sure to check out, and get following, Riddim Fruits sister label ‘Booty Fruit‘ too..Homemade Bullets Volume 1 is out in a couple of weeks, and is guaranteed to do the business on yo’ dancefloors! Alternative Download link >>HERE<< 93bpm
Mr Mention & General Tack “Pass it Badman” (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Riddim Fruit Records

Next tune is a ‘re-up’ from Shimi Sonic..we all need this jam in our crates, so don’t sleep..BOOM!! 107bpm
BOOM- (re up!!)-shimi sonic by Shimi sonic

An oldie, but a very very goodie, from Rephrase, recently opened up for free download. Be quick though..DL’s are limited! 107bpm
Rephrase- Without A Second To Lose feat. Vandal by Rephrase

Rapidly becoming part of the Scour furniture (but in a good way!)..the very talented WBBLL makes the cut again, returning with yet another WBBLLYY banger of a remix..O.D.B. stylee! 107bpm
O.D.B – Shimmy Shimmy Ya WBBL Remix by WBBL

This next booty from Nynfus Corporation is HUUUUGE!! Keep a close eye/ear out for these guys, and get following them both >>HERE<< and via their Cloud. Big things a definitely gwarnin..check out their recent Bombastic Jam release and some recent remixes >>HERE<<..and watch out for their ‘BigM’ release coming later this year, it’s a beauty!! 108bpm
Nynfus Corporation – Coolio Returns by Nynfus Corporation

Alriight..Scour’s in full flow now..time to party with another awesome offering form dj Daigo 116bpm
Daigo – Boot Your Thang by dj Daigo

And again..with this excellent mashup from Trashtray. We at HKPP are big big fans of the original tune from Matenlo, released a long while back on Resense Austria, the vinyl for that has long since sold out..so grab this puppy while you can 125bpm
Trashtray – Party Woho by trashtray

And again again..with my favourite from Myagi‘s recent ‘Big Beat Demolished (Vol 1)‘ release. This jam, plus 10 others, available for FREE download at www.bigbeatdemolished.com ..get on it!! 128bpm
Wiseguys – Ooh La La (Myagi Big Beat Demolished Remix) by myagi

Last up (pre curveball)..some badass ragga breaks courtesy of Journeyman & BARRcode via Breakzlinkz . Loads of other fresh jams available on this Cloud courtesy of Pecoe..’Doing My Thing‘ for example was sooooo close to making this weeks Scour cut, just couldn’t quite squeeze it in..go check it! 130bpm
Journeyman & BARRcode – Booty Ranks by breakzlinkz

Aaaand..finally, this week’s curveball!! I was originally planning on supporting Leo Zero‘s re-work of The Jungle Brothers ‘Brain / Incision’ which is great (cheers Slim!)..but that led me to this. Seeing as I’m a massive Cure fan (can’t wait to see them at Bestival!!), and this remix is (in my opinion) ace..I decided this very worthy of this weeks curveball slot! Close To Me..Balearic stylee yo! 120bpm
Timo Garcia & Leo Zero – Close To Me by Leo Zero

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