Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 22/03/12

So, 3 weeks..15,298 views (yes..fifteen thousand two hundred and ninety eight!); 614 world record obliterating thumbs; 109 kind comments; a grand total of 291,339 SoundCloud plays (honestly..two hundred and ninety one thousand three hundred and thirty nine!!) ; several rad gigs; 1 brand spanking new Scour logo (don’t worry..the silly pictures will return, just wanted to show it off cause it’s rad!); another brand spanking new equally rad Spinforth logo (to accompany the new Spinforth Facebook Fan Page); copious brandy & cokes; cake; and an ‘almost’ instantly forgotten number of celebratory ‘party’ balloons..post Anniversary Super Scour #52 business later..I’m back!! Recharged and refreshed, preparing myself to ‘try’ and deliver you another miracle, by seeing if I can keep this ‘little’ Scour gig of mine rolling for another year..GULP!! Aaaaand..welcoming, one and all to, ‘Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #53’.

Needless for me to say..thank you, thank you, thank you recurring, to EVERYBODY who tuned into Super Scour #52. I’m sincerely hoping that it was ‘Super’ enough for you all!? I know for sure it was bloody hard work to plan and pull it together, and the response to it was beyond even my wildest and/or wettest of dreams. Biggest of all my thanks goes out to the hard work, generosity and kindness shown by all the DJs/artists/producers who contributed their incredible work exclusively to it. I’m genuinely exceedingly chuffed for these chaps that the post went down such a storm. No doubt about it they all fully deserved what in the majority of cases turned out to be record breaking numbers of plays and downloads for them too. Musical karma I like to call it..and it’s undoubtedly a beautiful beautiful thing!

Guess I left you all hanging for my return to Scour duty long enough, so won’t keep your ears from the fresh batch of goodies any longer. Except to say it took me rather a long time to Scour through a backlog of over 850 potentially Scourable tunes for this post. Have tried my best to support mostly the fresher gems from the last few weeks, but being as OCD as I am, I have had to track back a bit on a few of them..just in case they were missed by you lovely lot whilst I was off. This has resulted in a bit of a monster Scour, which I’m hoping won’t be minded!? Lastly..huge apologies to anyone out there who was hoping to feature this week..by no means does this mean that your tunes weren’t Scour worthy enough..just that some didn’t fit quite right with chosen others, and, I had to draw a line somewhere, else I’d still be writing blurb well into next week!

So here it is..Scour #53, the first of many on the long road leading to 2nd Anniversary Super Scour..#104!!

Tuck in, funk right on, feel free to gimme a right good welcome back thumbing, and..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk

Kicking off this week’s Scourceedings on a groooooooovy reggaefied tip with this delightful gem from one of New Zealand’s finest jewels..One funky Soul/Mr Fresh. Still no Facebook Fan page to direct you to, as far as I’m aware..but please (..if you’re not already) be sure to get involved following his SoundCloud (as you should with all Scoured Clouds) cause it’s an absolute trove! 86bpm

Next up a freshly Scoured Cloud for all you fellow hip hop loving heads out there. Have been keeping my ears peeled on it for several months now, and little does/did Tunisia’s Mr Ben Hedibi know, he’s narrowly missed out on making it through to a Scour cut on several occasions. This is undoubtedly the one for my ears though..no way this monster was slipping through my Scour net. If your appreciating it and his work as much as I, please please leave him a courteous thank you comment, and how about getting involved in his Facebook Fan Page (<< click it) too! Top remix bro! Welcome to The Scour 🙂 Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 89bpm

Keeping it hip hop stylee, but adding a big fat dollop of mashed up dubby goodness! Welcoming back to the Scour, fellow top Fal Town DJ, one half of the almighty Titan Sound, regular battle partner, occasional Brandy and Coke fetching DJ butler/bitch, and good good pard Sir Selecta Demo. Very very nicely done bud..no whittling for you this Scour! Alternative download link requested/available in Soundcloud track description. 95bpm

Feeling a tad guilty supporting this next one (although undoubtedly very worthy and rad)..but, because of my the Scour time I took off to prepare, deliver and then recover from Anniversary Super Scour #52, the original (also exceptionally rad) remix of it, by Canada’s Lakeshore Drive, has reluctantly gotten left behind. So PLEASE..if you’re feeling this remix (of a remix) by one of Bristol’s up and coming finest SkalliiWaggles (<< yep, that’s his Facebook Fan Page linked under there!), then I must absolutely insist that you get involved in checking out, and showing some equal amounts of love and support to, the brilliant Lakeshore Drive version too! Thanking you kindly in advance. 96bpm

Right, so that’s your Scour warm up done and dusted..hopefully all your ears are now standing to attention..time to ease in some wobble n glitch. First one up, courtesy of New Zealand’s truly awesome Dj Alias in a fine collaboration with Benson Black. Loving it fellas..BigUPs for the freebieness! 100bpm

Hmmm..this is starting to look slightly dodgy, any one out there thinking I’m aiming for an invite to come and visit New Zealand, to meet up and party with some of it’s finest DJs (ideally before my sister flies home from there in July), would be entirely and utterly correct! Auckland’s Funk Ferret up next with this superb edit. If/when you’re loving this..be sure to purchase the original >>HERE<< too, if you please. Nicely. 100bpm

Somewhat about to bend my own Scour rules here..‘only one tune supported via Scour, per cloud, per week’. So, here’s this Scour’s second exceptionally tasty offering from SkalliiWaggles!! BUT..it’s being exclusively delivered courtesy of..oh shit..errrmm..’New Zealand’s’ Empathy Recordings’ EMPAFREE Cloud!! So of course, this is absolutely fine! Well, it sounds mighty fine to me..how’s it for you? 😉 100bpm

Time to for you ALL to do what I ALWAYS encourage you to do (..and still wish more of you would do!), by my adding Facebook Fan Page links within the blurb of nearly every tune supported via Scour. A brand new Cloud find for me..and no idea how it’s evaded my Scourdar for so long..but funk a duck am I happy to have stumbled across it for you all this week. An enorrrrmous glitch hopped up remix (of an all time Hong Kong Ping Pong Club favorite) Shantel’s awesome ‘Bucovina’!! This here is just preview clip..to get your ears on Kotch‘s full 6 minute version you’ve ALL gotta pop off and get involved ‘liking’ the Kotch Facebook Fan Page for your free download (<< click that just there..NOW! trust me your ears will love me for it!). Meet you back here in 6 and a bit more minutes! 😀 100bpm

Previously only indirectly Scoured before now, via his collaborative joint (with Doctor Recommended) that I supported in Scour #41..time to officially welcome Canada’s xLtEe to the Scour! Tidy work here fella..cheers for sharing my way! Alternative download link requested/available in Soundcloud track description. 105bpm

Time to switch the Ghetto Funk dial to full funkin on! Another freshly Scoured Cloud coming up..and ALL the credit to the finding of this one goes 100% entirely to my hobbit sized brother from another mother, & father, fellow HKPP crew member Morphosis! A very very good find from what I hear here pard..BigUP! Introducing to The Scour, the enormous and deadly sounds of Bristol’s Howla. Please can we ALL give him a very warm Ghetto Funkin welcome by getting involved ‘liking’ his Facebook Fan Page..immediately!! I have one my sneaky suspicions this will probably definitely be the first of many times our ears will be tuning into the mighty sounds of Howla. Bloody big things a brewing..you have just been warned! 105bpm

Recent Scours just wouldn’t be complete without the absolutely brilliant work and sounds of everyone’s favorite ‘fresh on the scene bomb making machine’, Father Funk. Getting better and better and better with every fresh free nugget. No doubt that with so many of you following him on SoundCloud now (he/I/we thank you!), and with this one being released last week, that the majority of you will have already stumbled across this latest FF joint already. But..he still deserves my Scour support (no matter how full to the brim this weeks already is), so, here it is anyway..for any new comers to the Scour amongst you. Also..there’s still no way near enough of you ‘liking’ his Facebook Fan Page yet…so at the very least, here’s yet another invitation for you all to do that. I’ve heard some very exciting news on the street regarding where we might be hearing him dropping his next free bombs..so please, heed my advice and get involved in ALL things Father Funk..RIGHT NOW!! And you can thank me later! 😉 Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 105bpm

Legendary Scour fan, follower, and supporter..Germany’s Mr Chrispop has been knocking increasingly louder on my Scour door for many months now. Now’s not only the time to let him know how very very close he’s been getting to making the cut recently, but also to give him the news that I’ve been literally dying to break to him for aaaaages! THIS ONE..right here bro..is without a doubt the one for my ears! By far one of your best (..and you very nearly got in with your latest too!). It’s genuinely my great pleasure, at long last bro, to say to you..’Welcome to The Scour!’ Please everyone, go get involved over at his fresh Facebook Fan Page..especially so if you want to grab the free download of his latest 100% ORIGINAL offering, which is ONLY downloadable from his fan page. Top work bro..keep it rolling! Oh yeah..and if anyone’s after a new logo..you might find him very able to help you with that too! Daigo and DJ Soo did! 105bpm

SCOUR #53 EXCLUSIVE: First introduced you all to his Cloud via Scour #51, followed straight up by his worthy wildcard entry into Anniversary Super Scour #52, and now he’s just accomplished the rare feat of a Scour hat trick by very kindly his delivering and donating this EXCLUSIVE remix to Scour #53! Re-introducing, one of my freshest tips for the tippedy top (so definitely time to ALL get following his SoundCloud Page RIGHT NOW!!)…heeeeere’s my main man J-Sound! Please leave him some comment love, and then feel completely guilt free in grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. BigUPs for this fella…next please! 😉 110bpm

More top top work from, one of the superduperstars of my Anniversary Super Scour #52 show, Mr Del Gazeebo here! Apparently this is another of his golden gems that he’d completely forgotten about until I had him dusting off his 4-track for his Scour debut, way back in Scour #37..oh I’m so glad he’s a dab hand with a duster! Have you all checked his ‘Massive Set of Bangers (Part 1)‘ Mixtape yet? If not..why the funk not? You’re missing out for sure..so go get involved in the download to it >>HERE<<. Brilliant again fella..right up my street! Great to hear the original Chill Rob G vocal, rather than the one tweaked stolen by Snap! 🙂 Alternative download link via Buy This Track button.. 110bpm

You Know How I Feel? Well..when I Scour up gems as lush sounding as this next puppy (from yet ANOTHER freshly Scoured Cloud to my ears!)..I feel rather extremely chuffed, for everybody! Absolutely brilliant work here from Canada’s Cedar Senior! Aaaand (mainly because it’s now Thursday and if I need to get a massive wriggle on)..’nuff said! Ahh, except for..BigUP, and welcome to The Scour bro! Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description…and/or right >>HERE<<. 112bpm

So yeah..due to my wanting to get this Scour published tonight, you’re probably about to notice my track intro’s get a fair bit shorter. Apologies to all who are down this end, nothing at all personal, just my usual misjudging how long this gig takes me to write up each week! Mega fresh funky radness from my man Kenny Beeper up next. Consistently banging out the dopeness these days, so definitely worthy of your ‘likes’ over at his Facebook Fan Page. Top work here again fella! Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 115bpm

No stranger to a right good Scouring..Austarlia’s Pecoe is back once again doing his thang! Look’s like he’s been busy since I’ve been on my break..couldn’t actually decide which fresh joint to support, so just opted for this, his latest. Best you all get busy checking out his other, slightly older but equally dope, latest free offerings over on his Cloud ASAP!. 122bpm

My ears can’t help but absolutely love pretty much all of Israel’s Shimi Sonic remixes. All of them are absolute fiiiiiire! Very surprised more of you aren’t following his Facebook Fan Page to keep yourselves up to date. Time to start putting that right ASAP. I’d highly recommend purchasing his ultra fresh Riddim Fruit ‘Supernova’ Remixed EP while you’re checking his sounds too..link to purchase via Juno Download is right >>HERE<<. 122bpm

Booming lovely remix work from Italy’s Young NRG Productions label owner DJ Stex up next. Some tasty releases coming soon from this label I hear..ears peeled folks! And get following those links for your heads up! 127bpm

Huuuuuuge breakbeat flavored remix of JFB‘s ‘Rise (feat Elijah MC)’ anyone? Brilliant work here from Spain’s KL2! Just in case you’re not already familiar with the even more awesome original..you really need to be checking out, and purchasing that >>HERE<< before grabbing the free download of this one..Alternative download link via Buy This Track button. 136bpm

Time to switch it up/down/over/under to some dubstepperin’ goodness (there’s still plenty out there..trust me!) for these last few. First of them from Germany’s Hi-Enz and it’s an absolute beauty! Can’t find his Facebook ‘Fan’ page..so get involved following his Cloud instead please! 140bpm

Wick-it the Instigator needs no Scour introduction (which is fortunate cause I’m properly running out of time here)..guess he doesn’t really need my Scour support either, BUT..personally I can’t get enough of his work, so here you go, check his latest! 144bpm

Last but by no means least (because of course there’s still a mighty fine Curveball to follow) some gorgeous dubby regge steppy lushenss from the US of A’s EFXHAND. I’m hearing a ‘slight’ JPODesqueness flavour to this one..which is no doubt why my ears are loving it! Wicked wind down the wobbly after-after-party vibe to it too! 😉 150bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! You all should well know by now that I’ve been a massive fan of the legendary teeny tiny little purple coloured/flavoured chap named Prince for years and years and years! Even before I got my head, and my wallet, well and truly stuck into my hip hop! A big pleasure for me to Scour up this incredible remix by Bristol’s (again!) Cottonmouth earlier this week then..not very often at all that Prince remixes sound this insanely good! Enormous UPs..peace ‘n’ out! 126bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.

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