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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 22/12/11

By December 22, 2011December 23rd, 2011Blog

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would love it if you could deliver to me just a few of my favourite free things.. An even bigger, better, and Ghetto Funkier 2012 (..if that’s even possible); The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club’s 2000th faceboink ‘like’ just >>HERE<< (only 28 more to go..could it be you!?); Aaand..for my final Scour of 2011, to receive another incredibly generous showing of teeny tiny little blue thumbs, ideally accompanied with loads of comment love! Oh shit (..tuuuune!), wrong gig.. Easy all, and welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #44.

So here it is, an enormous, full fat festive free feast of a Scour #44, being dished up for you all as promised folks! Actually..with the exception of the picture, it’s not particularly festive at all (sorry, but to be frank..I don’t really do them! More often than not, they get played once, and then binned..which in my rule book, does not constitute applicable Scour fodder!), is definitely VERY full, and you should all know by now to expect nothing less than fatness, and of course all the tunes are 100% free, and I’m just calling a feast because it’s another word beginning with ‘f’. Why so big? Because it Christmas of course, which means Spinforth’s here to spoil you, and obviously..because the likelihood of me being sober for long enough to Scour for you all during the Christmas break is absolute zero!

Before you all get tucked in, just wanted to express a huge huge thank you for everybody’s Scour support throughout 2011. I’ve been genuinely astounded by it on numerous occasions, but particularly so these last couple of months. Another 303 of your thumbs for my last offering, Scour #43.. an incredible show of support..yet again!! It appears I may have accidentally started something that’s getting kind of bloody big..but only and all because of the kindness and support shown to it by all of you, and you, and you..recurring! Biggest festive UPs and humongously Happy New Year’s to all who have gotten involved in The Scour during 2011. YOU..are all rad! Thank you so much..EVERYBODY!! 😀

I’m way too Scoured out to write anymore..and seriously need to get myself to 24hr ASDA to finish off my Xmas shopping (..everyone needs groceries right?)! So here’s me signing out of Scour duty for 2011, wishing you all funkin awesome Christmas’s and unforgettable, but tricky to remember, New Years.

Until 2012, keep funkin right on, aaaand…

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:

He’s back..and in the same place he we left him back in Scour #41. I’m very happy about this, cause his work is truly awesome, and this way I get the opportunity to wish him a very Merry Christmas and a Banging New Year (<< that was it bro!). You've done it again Grand Master Cheapshot..THIS, just below here, is EXACTLY what I wanted to kick off this week’s Scour..thank you sir! 85bpm
Beastie Boys – So Whatcha Want (Cheapshot Remix) by dj cheapshot

DJ Phaze‘s back again too..You’re gonna do very well to beat this one in my opinion fella..but you know that’s what my challenge for you in 2012 is all about right! 😉 Definitely couldn’t be going leaving this one out..Happy Chrimbo Bro! Look forward to supporting you further in 2012! 85bpm
Sister Nancy Ft. B.I.G – Big Poppa Bam Bam (itsphizzle remix) by DJ Phaze

Been a while since a Jay-Z track sounded really really good, to my ears anyway. I appreciate he still has some serious lyrical skills, but why oh why did he ever stop himself sounding like >>THIS<<?? Oh well, another perfect example of shit happening when you get paid to sell your soul out I guess. I’m definitely liking how Mr Matt Needham has him sounding here though! Real nice work again bud! And a very Feliz Navidad to you too! 90bpm
Jay Z – Can I Get A (Matt Needham Remix) by justmatt1311

I sincerely hope no one out there is getting bored of finding B.visible in recent Scours? If you are..unlucky, cause my ears are absolutely loving his sound. So, as long as he keeps rolling them out, right here is where his tunes will be found and supported. At least until someone has the good sense to sign him up that is, and, even if and/or when that happens, I’ll still be inviting him to pop back on the odd occasion. Another beauty here bud, thanks again, already hanging out to hear what you’ll be delivering to us all in 2012! Oh yeah ( rude to stop this now), and..a very Happy Christmas to you too! 95bpm
B.Visible – Baking Gaps by b.visible

So, for any of you out there who’ve not yet noticed, from your Facebook worlds, that Wick-it the Instigator has just delivered us all a mighty fine musical xmas present by way of his 100% FREE downloadable album (<< click it!)..I'm assuring you right here that he has. It's awesome..and, I think this next joint is my favourite track off it..just about. 100bpm
What Happened To You – feat. Method Man and Busta Rhymes by Wick-it the Instigator

New Zealand’s Sammy Senior has recently done me (..and therefore inadvertently you) a huge favour and, no longer how hot the requestess, has recently started hating Rihanna..for ever! Here’s my show of appreciation for that. Merry Christmas bud..I loved this one more than I let on! 😉 102bpm
Betty Wright – Clean up Woman (Sammy Senior Remix) by Sammy Senior

Some thing ultra fresh up next, and a convenient opportunity for me to wish two of Bristol’s finest previously Scoured birds (no..not in a transgender way) a Happy Christmas..with one stone (..that sort!). Please welcome back to The Scour Sir Ewan Hoozami and Mr Dave Remix, in their new found collaborative shape of Box Rocket (<< 'like' that Facebook link for your FREE download). Happy Christmas fellas..hoping this little bit of Scour support helps get your new venture well and truly lifted off the ground..wishing you both a rip soaring success for 2012! 99bpm
Box Rocket – Avalanche Psychiatrist (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Box Rocket

Keep your Faceboink’s logged in..Opiuo get the Groove Fellaz re-rub treatment next. If you’re feeling this glitchiness be sure to check out loads more of the finest of it, available to purchase over at Great work again Fellaz..wishing you a very Fröhliche Weihnachten! Fingers crossed I’ve got that right..sound’s slightly rude! 😉 Alternative download link for this one available by getting your facebook ‘like’ on over >>HERE<< 100bpm
Opiuo – The Freaky Bean (Groove Fellaz Re-Rub) FREE DOWNLOAD by Groove Fellaz

Blunt Instrument back in The Scour again..with a huuuge Christmas present for us all. Seriously can’t get enough of their work, sounds so so good LOUD!! Thanking you dudes..for all the freebies you’ve delivered to our ears and crates this year. Wishing you both a wicked Xmas and an undoubtedly massive New Year – supporting the equally awesome KOAN Sound down under!! Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us for 2012. Download available from their Facebook page right >>HERE<<. 100bpm
Beans for Pauly (VIP remix) – FREE DL from Facebook. by bluntinstrument

Next up a couple of ‘pre-ordered’ early musical Christmas presents for yule y’all. This first one is by everyone’s favourite ‘Slight’ re-editer, Copycat. I’ve no doubt loads of you are all over his cloud and his awesome edits already, but I also expect, like me, you may not always arrive within the first 5 minutes of a new track posted to pick up one of his usually very limited 100 downloads. Fear not and/or any longer!! By special Scourequest™, his latest Public Enemy remix now comes with a very kindly donated alternative download link, added to it’s track description..just for Christmas, for all of you! If You’re feeling this work please be sure to check out his recent Baffin Island Beat Brigade release available from Juno Download >>HERE<<, and keep keeping your ears out for more official releases from him in 2012. Wishing you a very Joyous Noel and prosperous 2012 dude..and big thanks for hooking up this alternative DL! 106bpm
Public Enemy – Public Enemy #1 (COPYCAT’S Slight Remix) by COPYCAT

Aaaand here’s the second, opened up especially in time for Christmas, courteous of the increasingly awesome, and, you heard it here first..definitely one to look out for in 2012 (in my humble opinion), Mr Ronald Aquinas (<< not enough people 'liking' that link..get involved!). Lovely dollop of wobble added to this Lauren Hill joint. Great work again sir! Wishing you a very Fröhliche Weihnachten to dude, and very much looking forward to hearing and supporting you again in 2012! Alternative download link available via ‘Buy this track’ button. 108bpm
Doo Wobble by Ronald Aquinas

To celebrate his debut forthcoming release on the bloody brilliant Booty Fruit label (check it via the recent GF HQ front page post >>HERE<<), we’re welcoming back DJ Roast Beatz to The Scour! Last supported Back in Scour #26 ears reckon he’s come a long way in those 5 months. Very nicely done buddy, you Still in FalTown for Christmas? Come buy me a Xmas tipple in Qbar on Xmas eve if you are, and/or Eight Bar on the 27th too 😉 ..or if not, here’s me wishing you a Happy Christmas and New Year right here! 111bpm
Roast Beatz Rock Creek Shar by djroastbeatz

Right..I suppose it’s about time, it is Christmas after all, could probably just about still survive the winter months after unleashing it! Here’s a VERY tasty and rather large Ghetto Funkin nugget that I’ve had sneakily stored in my funk hoarding squirrel cheeks for..hmm, quite a little while. Awesome work right here from my man who goes by the name of Beat Theatre. Another one to watch in 2012 I reckon..don’t you all forget where you heard him first! Great tune here fella..Happy Christmas, and welcome to The Scour! Get ‘liking’ over >>HERE<< to get your funky mitts on the alternative download of this one. Damn it..I’m feeling hungry already! 😉 113bpm
Beat Theatre – Rock The Rhythm [Free DL in description] by Beat Theatre

Uh-oh..I’ve just noticed that this week’s Scour is very very heavily laced with Hip Hop! us this far, and too late now..may as well keep that flavour running. Those who know me shouldn’t be too surprised, I still have mad love for it..especially so when it sounds like this! Apologies I couldn’t squeeze you in last week DJ August, wanted to give it a Spinforth debut first..yep, sounded sweet! Here you go for right now though dude..wishing you a very Kellemes Karácsonyt! Fresh download link available in track comments! 116bpm
DJ August – Some Rapper’s Delight by DJ August

Errrmm..and this! Happy Christmas to you Pecoe! Cheers for all your free tunes this year bud, looking forward to checking out many more in 2012! 🙂 P.S. Sorry..someone had to have the shortest tune blurb! 120bpm
Pecoe – Bust It by breakzlinkz

You’ve all gotta be quick on the next one..only freely available until Christmas apparently!! If you’re lucky enough to grab yours in time, please don’t forget to thank Mr Sard Boogie and DJ Axe for your early gift. And if you miss it..just show them you love it for now, and keep your ears open for the official limited edition remix album release, due mid 2012, where it shall be available for ALL. Nice work fellas..Happy Christmas mates! 120bpm
Sard Boogie – Muthafunkagetsbeatsdown (Axe Remix) by sard boogie

Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Cast-a-Blast Mishkin back in October, when he visited Falmouth, a week! Been waiting for the opportunity to thank him for coming to play, and for all his hard label work, via Scour ever since. Thanks to his giving a way a couple of gems this week, via his newsletter and website, my time to support him and express my thanks hath cometh. Happy Christmas George, and all the best for 2012! 125bpm
Serocee – Oh Na Na (Blend Mishkin & Boulevard Sound System Remix) by Blend Mishkin

Aha! At last..a track I don’t have to write the words Happy or Christmas in the blurb for (!). Tasty find by Fat Harry here, straight out the Freshly Squeezed Music camp. Ah funk it..and while we’re here..Happy Chrimbo Fat Harry and Morph! BigUPs for all we’ve achieved with HKPP this’s looking onward and upwards for 2012 pards! 126bpm
Replayed Upgrade by FreshlySqueezed

The Scour end is nigh!! About time if you ask me..just two left, pre-curveball..hoping I’ve not bored any of you off yet. Actually, if you promise to come back, that’s absolutely fine..double the hits!! So..I’m not ashamed to admit I still drop a bit of dubstep here and there, I was late starter, it’s allowed. I’m particularly partial to it when it’s as chilled as it is heavy. Pretty much just like this, from Canada’s Alex Suplex. Welcome to The Scour dude..aaaand Merry Christmas! 141bpm
Suplex – The Flamingos – Eyes For You Remix by Alex Suplex

Get in!! Unbelievably I’ve actually reached the end!! So, a few tunes ago I mentioned Cast-a-Blast were giving away two free gems with their Xmas newsletter. Cue..the other one! It’s by good good friend, and fellow FalTown DJ Sir Selecta DEMO. Who will now be acting as my Brandy and Coke fetching DJ butler/bitch, for one night only, THIS Xmas Eve, at our local battle haunt Qbar, at this event right >>HERE<<!! 😉 Only kidding bro..right here is a VERY worth Scour joint, BIGUPs for it, you may have shottee, I must win, happy merry, jamaican rum ‘n’ cokey Christmas pard, aaand..welcome, at last, to The Scour! Alternative download available in track description.77bpm
Bigger Than Mexican Hip Hop (C-a-B Promo MashUp) by Selecta DEMO

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! Yeah, I know..I said, way way up there somewhere, that I didn’t ‘really’ do xmas tunes. Well, I still don’t ‘really’..unless they sounding a little something lovely like this. Happy Christmas toooo, and from, Dicky Trisco and InnerWestSoul via Disco Deviance and big big curvebally love from..The Scour! 😀 77bpm
Knocking At The Door (Dicky Trisco & InnerWestSoul Festive Edit) FREE DOWNLOAD by Disco Deviance

What’s that? Encore!? Ahh yeah, you’re right, I did deliver two curveballs last Scour didn’t I. Bloody hell you lot are demanding!! Fair one’s this crazy, but to my ears utterly brilliant, Solo Moderna number tickle your kebab!? 1st person to prove to me they dropped it at midnight on New Year’s wins a free ticket, and 400 person deep guest list (, accommodation, free booze and batteries..NOT included!) to our next, always totally free anyway, Hong Kong Ping Pong residency night, at The Watermans, Friday 20th January! Still loving your work Solo..thanks for this one bud. Here’s me and The Scour wishing you a very Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! Oh sounds even ruder in Dutch! Who would have funked it!? Peace out all, maaaaassiiive love, Spin’ 😀 x 85bpm
Free Download! Shis kebab Yéyé (Solo Moderna Kebabington Garage Ritmo remix) by Solo Moderna

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