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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 24/02/11

By February 25, 2011Blog

Happy weekend’s eve Ping Pongers & G’Funkers..Spinforth here for your funkin rad last!! Apologies for my late show this week..lots of reasons..won’t go into detail cause i’m late enough already, and you all know by now how much I can babble on, but, amongst other things, they include; attempting to roast a chicken; a boss with a runny arse; a severe bout of ‘blog blurb blank’™, and my time of the month (yep..i’m talking real life male PMT!). So, basically..I’ve been busy wasting time trying to cook up a feast (only for it to end up in a sandwich), working late at the office, and being a tired slightly moody git. A bit of a nightmare week at times (we all have them), although with some very tasty icing too..welcome to mine!

So..gonna have to try and deliver you another quickie again this week. I almost decided to have a week off, but, after receiving a new world record triple thumb blog score last week (117 ‘likes’…WOW!!); an amazing weekend HKPP gig; and a show of unbelievable HKPP and Ghetto Funk love and support, resulting in certain Breakspoll nominations, there’s just no way I could desert you all this week..maybe I’ll take next week to recharge instead.

So we all know the drill by now..loads of thankyou’s and please’s this week…

Thankyou’s go out to..Mr Steve ‘Pimpsoul‘ Jeffery for popping down Kernow to celebrate his birthday weekend with us and deliver a blinding set at Hong Kong Ping Pong at The Watermans; Mr Steve Pimpsoul Jeffery again, for remembering to return my headphone jack before he went home (legend!); all you Ping Pongers who got down and rammed The Watermans for him/us (AGAIN!) and gave us all a wicked night to remember (check your rad bad selfs HERE aaaand HERE); The Mayor, for allowing us to wreck his house at the VIP after party; of course, all one hundred and seventeen of you and your tiny blue thumbs for checking and supporting my last weeks scour (special prize for Mr Del Delimentary for delivering my first ever centurion thumb!); and finally..ALL of you who spared a few of your minutes to vote for HKPP in the ‘Best Small Event’ category at this years ‘Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards‘’ve only gone and got us nominated as one of the Top 5 ‘Best Small Breakbeat Events’ (errrmm..IN THE WORLD!!).. absolutely incredible, thank you so so so so much…we owe you another ace night..Friday March 18th, get it in your diary.

Intermission! (..just nipping to the pub, back after a swift pint)

Okaaay, I held it down, back with me please’s..The Breakspoll award ceremony is next Friday (think there’s a few tickets left if you’re wanting a banging night out in the big smoke) at Counter Culture, London town..PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for HKPP, we are more than happy to be top 5 material already, but to actually win the award would beat all our wildest rudest wettest ball loving dreams coming true! Gig wise between now and then, if you’re out and about in Falmouth town this weekend, you can find me on the 1’s and 2’s at Eight Bar on Friday 22:00-03:00, and at QBar (in a 3 way 4 deck birthday battle stylee) on Saturday 21:30-03:00..pleeease bring me your funky fine faces! And..just in case I do have a blog free week next week, you can catch me and Morph at The Angel Bar (Exeter) on Saturday March 5th, doing our HKPP thing..probably in a Breakspoll hangover mode! But we’ll still try to be mighty fine!

Right..I said this would be a quickie..seemingly I have failed and written you waaaay too much blogumph as, time to wrap this weeks blog up with delivery of this weeks found fruits. Been a bit trickier this week (due to lack of spare scour time) and so sadly a worthy curveball has eluded me. I’m hoping there’s still something here for everyone’s aural pleasure though. As always, please take a minute to show your love and support for any jams you dig, by leaving the respective cloud owners your comments and little orange ♥’s. Nice one! Wishing you all a funkin happy weekend.

Funk on, and..Enjoy!

Guns of Brixton (vs The Clash) NOW FREE DOWNLOAD by Suspect / Mr Sus

Golden Ft. J5 & Haynes by Odjbox

Stand Up And Hit It (Graham S Booty) Alt D/L link in description. by grahamsthedj

MiishMash – Get On Up by miishmash

Yasumo – Go & Stop by Yasumo

Gyptian ft. 50 Cent – Hold Yuh Again (Turntable Dubbers mashup) by Turntable Dubbers


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