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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 23/03/11

By March 24, 2011Blog

**Disclaimer: This bloggage has been delayed by a day due to little girls making Morphosis cry**

Happy happy Wednesday Ping Pongerrrs & Ghetto Funkerrrs! How’s everybody hangin’ today? Comfortably to the left and to the right for most I’m hoping! Welcome, for the 9th time, to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour..(french speaking readers look away now s’il vous plaît)..HOW THE FOOK (..merci) have I made it to #9!!? Next week this little blog of mine will be 10!..reeeeally looking forward to cracking open the beans, with pork sausages (but minus sticks), and Angel Delight to celebrate next Wednesday evening! May even try to arrange a little slumber party this weekend too..bean loving, sausage munching, delightful single angels need RSVP only please! Ta.

Alriiight, on with my bloggledygook™..I’ve been noticing slightly dwindling tiny blue faceboink liking thumb numbers over the last few weeks (which makes me a bit two ways!), so, this week I’m determined to get my scour goodies published for your funkin luscious ears, on time, and hopefully on a Wednesday for a change (..nobody show me a snooze button right now..whotf invented them?!!). Maybe this, along with this weeks Class A super crop of funky fine free fruits will help acquire me a third triple thumb blog score?? Still looking to beat my world record 117 ‘likes’ from week excuses..just keep dropping me yo thumbs please!!

Before I reveal this weeks top 5 (or 6) just gotta pay my customary dues..

Huuuuge bigUPS to all who came, got down, and got funked right up, by Fat Harry and myself at Hong Kong Ping Pong at The Watermans last Friday. Another blinder of a night had by all..thanking you so much for serving us up your tasty rumps, hoping you all enjoyed shaking them to our funky brown HKPP sauce. Thanks too for whoever’s after-party-parties I ended up at (lovely new found fun friend faces met there)..big night, good times! Heard Morph had a great night delivering the HKPP goodness at Black Dog Barbers’ 1st Birthday Bash the next night too..sweeeet!

If you’re looking for a bit of Hong Kong Ping Pong or Spinforth action this weekend, Saturday is the night. Fat Harry and Morphosis will be loving your balls in a HKPP stylee at The Zero Lounge (Penzance) 22:00-02:00; whilst a hungover, post Durty Discoey, me will be on the 1’s & 2’s (and hairs of dogs) at Eight Bar (Falmouth) 22:00-03:00ish. Pleeeease come..aaand, please wish me luck waking up from my Saturday afternoon powernap before 01:15am on Sunday morning this weekend! Cheers.

So..time to wrap things up for another week. Scouring has been made a little bit easier for me this week, after receiving my first batch of emails (check the address below) with links to some un-scoured jams, and invites to some tasty fresh clouds. But still, it’s taken aaages to whittle them all down and decide on a select few personal favourites. Sincere apologies to anyone who contributed their tunes but who haven’t made this week’s cut..don’t hate me for it..I’ve not received anything I’d consider crap (yet!), it’s just that the chosen few have pleasured my fussy ears more than others. Anyone who has submitted via email is still in with a shot of featuring in a future keep your eyes and ears peeled!

As always..don’t forget to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via comments and ‘s, if you dig and download any of these Jams. A few of them have opened up sharing at 320kbps just for the least we can offer them is our finger clickin’ thumb love. Nice one in advance.

Scour suggestions and submissions to:

Until next week…Enjoy!


Creamy tacos are dangerous (Opiuo vs. Busta Rhymes) by Phunk’ill

El Bomba – Eastside skank by El Bomba

Axe – Ya’ll Want This (Free Download) by DJ Axe

Go Like This *320* by dj Dagwood

Balk To The Future by SLAMBOREE

Not new to SoundCloud this next one >>> but my discovery of the 320 DL link right HERE laaast..I/we can play this puppy LOUD!!

The Police – Roxanne (Marty Party & Love + Light Remix) – FREE DL by MartyParty

aaaand…this weeks comedown curveball! Pretty sure I’m going to be needing this in the early hours of this Saturday mornin afternoon…it’s another beautiful little dubby edit!

Tinga ‘The Message’ (Ex-Friendly’s Extended Re-Dub) FREE DL by Ex-Friendly


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