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I’ve had a very very shite day at work work, am mega tired and teasy, aaand..there’s a lasagne in my fridge crying out to be turned into a delicious blinner sandwich!! But..enough about me..welcome all of you, to ‘Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #67’!

I’ve honestly spent far far far too long getting this latest epic Scour ready for all your ears..enough is enough for me for this week, I’m completely Scoured out!

Just a quick but massive shout out to all who checked us 3 of HKPP at Boomtown Fair..YOU were incredible!! 😀

That’s it for your intro..I promised myself I’d get this one wrapped up by 11pm.

Oh..apart from this quick but essential nag..PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COURTEOUS WORD SPREADING COMMENTS ALL OVER THESE PLAYERS!! These tunes are ALL rad and 100%’s the very least you can do in return if you choose to download them. I need to see immediate and marked improvement in this department, or else I’m going on Scour strike! You have been advised, please take immediate heed.

Epic Scour #67..job done!

Enjoy! x

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Alrighty then..time to let my latest epic sized Scour out the bag, and get my speed intro blurb mode well and truly back on..yet again!

Introduced you all to his SoundCloud AND his Facebook Page just last Scour..but judging by the slow pick up of this fresh n tasty little reggaefied joint, nowhere near enough of you out there actually paid serious enough attention and started following him!! So..let’s try this again..welcoming back Wales’ Ennio Maccaroni ( collaboration with a so called Ringo Modulator) to warm up this week’s Scour #67. Nicely dude(s) least this one made it in eh! 😉 100bpm

Wow! I’ve successfully managed to avoid putting a Kiwi up point in delaying the inevitable any longer though..this one’s been up on his Cloud for a good couple of weeks now, but in my ears opinion it deserves mo’ ♥! Second up, New Zealand’s excellent T.Rice is back up in The Scour! This is ace dude..thank you! 93bpm while we’re down there, may as well keep it Kiwi flavoured with this exceedingly tasty mashedup-upiness from the equally excellent BdP! No bullshit whatsoever right here bro..unless that’s Kiwi for bloody genius! Oh yeah..and THIS OTHER ONE is mega mega dope dope too too! 97bpm

Warm up over..time to switch it to some funky glitch! Quite possibly definitely Canada’s 4mat‘s best work to date right here. Go tell him so all over his player immediately please! Rad dude..get’s better every listen. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

Keepin it bassy n glitchy with a sweet little dollop of swanky..Welcoming back, my recent tip for the Scour top, Canada’s B-Mid. Been lucky and privileged enough to have been testing this one out for a few weeks now. Trust’s another beauty! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION.100bpm

SCOUR #67 EXCLUSIVE #1: The first of 5 (yep..FIVE!) kindly donated Scour Exclusives this week comes courtesy the UK’s brilliant Coops. If you’ve not been paying attention to his work and sound before now..time to get involved following him and grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Nice one dude..seriously loving this! That’s thrice Scoured, via three exclusives I believe..bigUP! 🙂 100bpm

Nipping back across the pond to check out DJ Sol Rising‘s latest original joint..taken from his forthcoming debut album ‘I Am Soul!’. Hangin out for the rest of the album if it’s all sounding as sweet as this one bro. Wicked work. 102bpm

Fellow funky beat blogger..Poland’s Funkfreak up next with this rather tasty ragga-hoppy stylee blend. Lushness here dude..and at last it gives me the opportunity to personally thank you back for all your Spinforth and HKPP blog support, by officially welcoming you into my Scour! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE VIA BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON.. 103bpm

‘Fairly’ (..pun unintended) sure I met him at Boomtown Fair!?? No, i’m definitely almost certain I met him at Boomtown Fair..round the back of the awesome (..again) Funkington Manor, in the early hours of Sunday morning, where he force fed me some strange sort of organic cat food or ‘something’!?? Was great to meet you bud..and that shit was definitely not organic..completely did the number on me(ow)! BigUP to the now legendary DJ Maars..Scoured AGAIN!! 105bpm

SCOUR #67 EXCLUSIVE #2: The second of this week’s kindly donated Scour Exclusives comes courtesy of two well established names of the scene Some DJ & Mr Chombee! Top tune here, originally released to purchase last year via BigM Productions (..ooh yeah that reminds on the look out for the latest BigM release..cause it’s ace!) but celebrate this years ‘summer’..available completely and utterly free via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Nice one ace tune, and a welcomed Scour Exclusive 🙂 105bpm

Seeing as this next tune has deservedly been riding VERY high in the SoundCloud Hot Tracks Chart recently..I’m expecting that the majority of you have checked it and grabbed it already. It’s an absolute belter, from the incredible Slamboree..sadly I never did catch up with them, nor get to check them out at Boomtown 🙁 (..not sure whether that was due to gig clashing or my having far too much ‘fun’!)..anyway, I promised I’d support this as soon as I could, and I’m a man of my here it is for anyone out there who may have somehow missed it. 106bpm

Hmmm..looks like we’ve got a run of belters on the’s your next one from Love and Light Now with accompanying ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION for anyone who (like me) missed the 1000 official downloads, which were gone in about 2 minutes of them uploading. What a remix!! 107bpm

Very much looking forward to meeting, greeting and partying Hong Kong Ping Pong stylee with Mr Bobby C Sound TV at our monthly residency at The Watermans, Falmouth this time next month (Friday 21 the date you need to keep free!). Literally can’t wait to hear what he drops in his live sets when tunes as dope as this are considered surplus to his private ammo requirements and generously given away for free. Be very prepared for a cheeky drunken me to try and steal your lappy bro! Might even be a good idea for you to consider taking out some gold level travel insurance shit..cause I understand Fat Harry has some top secret plans for your balls too! 😉 108bpm

Hmmmm..should I? or shouldn’t I? was without any doubt THE tune of all my Boomtown Fair sets this year, and I’m expecting it to be a mainstay in my crates for some considerable time to come! If it wasn’t already free, and hadn’t been found and shared by so many already..I quite possibly wouldn’t, BUT..that wouldn’t be very respectful of me..seeing as what I love to do is support and share the best free fire with all your ears. So..decision made, here it is! In my opinion the best EVER remix of ‘Toots And The Maytals – 54-46’, from the brilliant (..yet judging by the number of Facebook and SoundCloud followers, yet to become worthily famous) Krossbow. On behalf of everyone finding this for their first time via this Scour support dudes..we, and I, thank you!! Oh yeah..and almost rudely forgot..welcome to The Scour! 😀 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Must start speeding up these introductions if I’m to succeed getting this Scour out for you all tonight. Shared instalment #2 (of 3) with you all last Scour, so now here’s the third and final (..and ‘probably’ my favourite) instalment of J-Roc Sould Out Djs‘ huuuge and 100% free ‘Bold N’ Gold EP’! 110bpm

I’m a big big fan of the blends that have been popping up on Germany’s Bruce Missile‘s Cloud recently. Have Scoured him a couple of times before now, but I’m thinking his work deserves much more Scour love. A couple of super dooper fresh ones have appeared on his Cloud recently, and by Scour request he has very kindly agreed to open them up for us all. Thinking this one below here is sweet as a nut..saying that though so is THIS ONE I’ll leave it up to you lot to decide you’re favourite. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINKS TO BOTH AVAILABLE VIA HIS ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON FOR WHEN HIS 100 MAX OUT. Pleeeease don’t forget to leave him your thank you’s if you choose to love n download. Nice one dude..cheers for these, and for the speedy late Scour hook up! 🙂 110bpm

Canada’s bloody brilliant Defunk surely needs no lengthy Scour introduction’s by now! So just get busy checking his very aptly named latest remix.. ‘The Black Seeds vs Inspectah Deck – Fire (Defunk Remix)’. Incredible yet again dude! 114bpm

Jetting off to Greece for this next tasty little nugget. Introducing Funkonami1 to the Scour..especially for all you latin lovers out there. Loving this tune dude..welcome to The Scour! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE VIA BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON SOON.. 114bpm

SCOUR #67 EXCLUSIVE #3: Get your mother the funk in!! It’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bloody long!! Unbloodylievably almost 3 whole months too long to be precise! Blimey..I’ve clearly been slacking..3 months, but it was actually only 6 Scours ago via Scour #61, I must stop having so much Scour neglecting fun immediately!! Absolutely delighted to be welcoming back one of my favouritest Scour finds of 2012..the legendary and supremely talented J-SOUND is back folks..and not only that, he’s back in full on Scour Exclusive effect for us all too!! Humoungous UPs again buddy..this one appears to be receiving looooads of promo love already..and deservedly so! I’m not letting you slide for another 3 months you best be getting busy with your next fire already! Here it is folks, pleeeease don’t forget to thank him for this gem, and then, and only then feel free to help yourselves to this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<! 😀 115bpm

Right then..over extended that last into a big little bit..but had to be done! Loving this next jam from Fajita’s been in my crates for a good few weeks, but think they got their sharing settings a little muddled up, and was accidentally shared privately initially. Happy to announce I had a little word..and now it’s available for you ALL, and is definitely deserving of more comments, likes and what you all waiting for..get involved yo! 115bpm

Wow! Gotta love it when you don’t hear from a Cloud for 30 Scours and then a tune as rad as this pops into your dropbox! Only 22 plays so far..hmmm, I’m suspecting that might creep up fairly swiftly! Welcome back Automatic Reaction‘s MF Rex..well worth the wait! 116bpm

Huh huhuh huh…like’s another Cloud we’ve not heard from in a long long while. Grrreat new jam here from Canada’s iLOVETT! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 117bpm

True to his word..he get’s back from Shambhala (..lucky bugger!) and JaPetto unleashes this absolutely lethal BOMB!!! Your best (that I’ve heard) yet right here dude. 120bpm

SCOUR #67 EXCLUSIVE #4: ‘Listen Up’ and check out your 4th (..of 5) Scour Exclusive! This one is funky fresh and gorrrrrrrrgeous…and very very kindly donated by the true legend who is The Breakbeat Junkie. Choc full of tasty samples..a timeless masterpiece right here in my opinion, can’t quite believe he’s giving it away..but as I said..this is a proper legend of the scene we’re taliking about here! Please DON’T just grab this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< and run folks. Spare a few seconds, show some courtesy and leave it your comment love along the way. Thanks so much for this one buddy..and for pateiently waiting for me to be ready to share. Top top tune! 123bpm

Watch out folks..this epic Scour is about to get all electro swing up in here! First up via this brilliance from Germany’s Wolfgang Lohr…HOW good!? Really really exceptionally bloody good! 😀 124bpm

A ‘slightly’ more housey vibe for this next one from London’s eLDOKO..but still full o’ win n swing! 125bpm’s another one..from Italy’s Swingrowers (check their SoundCloud >>HERE<<) courtesy of the awesome Freshly Squeezed Music..mmmm..don’t mind if we do..cheers! 🙂 127bpm

SCOUR #67 EXCLUSIVE #5: All of which leads us purrrrrfectly to this utter brilliance from yet another of my recent favouritest Scour finds..the mighty mighty Kotch!! It’s your 5th and final Scour Exclusive for this week..and to my ears it is top top top notch Kotch work again! You can do no wrong in my ears bro, this is exceedingly tasty and even though a differnt style for you..perfectly wubbed up fo sho! As always folks..pleeease leave a thank you comment if you’re enjoying this even half as much as I! Then get involved in grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 127bpm

Last tune..pre-curveball! Hang about..Ringo Modulator ( collaboration with Ennio Maccaroni sounds somewhat familiar!) Reeeeewind that Scour back. Aha..but no I haven’t broken my own Scour rule..this is from a ‘completely’ different Cloud! 😉 Tasty little bit of DnB to round things up for this week. So yeah, looks like they both made it dude(s)! A very rare feat..congrats to the both of you! 172bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! Reckoning you all ‘might’ need to wind down a big bit after the epicness of this latest Scour. I sure as hell know I do!! Cue..this lovely little ‘better soft than sorry’ extended edit of Air’s ‘All I Need’ by Disco Syndicate to do the job. And that folks is another Scour job well and truly done and dusted for you all for another week. Peace ‘n’ out. Spin’ 🙂 x 96bpm

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