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Easy all..Spinforth here (just briefly before handing you over to Fat Harry) welcoming you all, via severe lack of spare time forced minimal main intro blurb, to..’Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #60′.

Things are still a little hectic in my world, but I’m hoping this rather tasty Scoured bunch of 100% FREE funky fruits ties you all over for another week. All hand picked by yours truly, and introduced inna top quality ball loving banana munching Fat Harry stylee!

I said minimal.

BigUPs as always for ALL of your continued, consistent, and legendary Scour word spreading thumb loving support! Please though..if you download any of these Scoured jams, take two seconds out to do the right thing, and leave the Cloud owners your courteous supportive thank you comments too! Nice one in advance.

Until next Scour, wishing you all funkin lovely days, aaaand…

Enjoy! x

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New Zealand’s T.Rice opens this week’s scour like the trooper he undoubtedly is. A couple of fresh jams on his ‘cloud this week worthy of your ear’s attention, Spin and me went for his edit of west coast G-Funk monster ‘The Basement’ by Pete Rock. Mainly because I can never get enough George Duke in my life, unless of course George came round my place whilst I was out, got naked, hid in my shower, jumped out on me and gave me an ‘angry pirate’. If that happened I may have chosen T.Rice’s >>OTHER LATEST EDIT<< 89bpm

All time classic and Chelsea anthem, ‘Liquidator’ by The Harry J Allstars gets the Leftside Wobble treatment, being a West Ham fan myself I’d like to see somebody make an ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles‘ booty, but i’m not holding my breath 92bpm

I know what you’re thinking. For the first time in three weeks there’s no DJ MAARS, you’re cold, so very cold. Hold up! Put down that knife sir! Loosen that noose Madam! Here he is with ANOTHER beauty! This time ATCQ gets a golden MAARS re-work, rest and press play. Southsea here we come! >removes trousers< 92bpm

Our favourite Tel-Avivist, Shimi Sonic brings the sweet soul funk flavours with his brass heavy bomb featuring Talis. I love heavy bras! 95bpm

Best named artist this week definitely goes to ‘Born Ina Barn‘ Some quality rap business with influences from all the good people, yet still fresh and original, definitely an act i’d love to see live. I hope they have beards! Check out ‘End of the Road’ (taken from their debut album ‘Brick By Brick‘..due for release on all the major download sites on May 30th 2012) and get yourself following these fellas’ SoundCloud whydoncha? ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

Keen on Gramatik? Partial to Eminem? Want my number ladies? (<<..subliminal messaging) Step up Australia's Skinny.B with this cheeky yet effective mash. Orchestral. 100bpm

I’m totally loving everything the Funk Moguls are doing at the moment. I’ve just purchased this latest badboy from Juno – you neeeeed it in your lives!! DJ AKA vs Major Look – Hush Ya Gums is a fine slab of wobbly funk of the highest calibre. Dive in! 101bpm

Cedar Senior
. He makes electronic music and he’s from Victoria BC (where Neon Steve lives..who I picked up from the train station last weekend, well, when I say picked up I mean I had to board the train because he didn’t get off at the right stop, then I had to walk through the carriages asking anyone cool looking if they were Canadian, fortunately he was one of three cool looking dudes on the entire train). Going by CedarSenior’s SoundCloud, everyone in Victoria BC must be a musical legend, because this ‘Quality Gems’ track is solid gold. 103bpm

What can be said about AFROMODE? Well, according to his SoundCloud page ‘funky music pa bailar y gozar’ for starters! Google translate says it means ‘the gorilla has rainbow semen’, but..Neon Steve says that’s not the case. Who knows?! All that matters is that AFROMODE has remixed House of Pain’s ‘Back from the Dead’ and produced a party bomb. Aquí está amantes de gorilas! 108bpm

Continuing with the party bomb theme, check out Beatdusta‘s wickedbad twist on Tone Loc’s Funky Cold Medina (“But when she got undressed, It was a big ol’ mess. Sheena was a man!” We’ve all been there……..oh) Ahem, well, like me I hope you’re now following Beatdusta cos the man’s got nuts. 110bpm

There’s quite a few special people on SoundCloud that really tickle my downstairs wicket, Chrispop is one of those fellas, his production values are strong like bull and I want to find out how the devil he manages to make everything he touches turn all lovely and bubbly. Probably with skills or talent or something that can’t be cut and pasted. :Shakesfist: Top work Chrispop! Let me see all your hands in the air! (except for the bus drivers) 110bpm

Talking of the devil (High fives himself) Check out this cheeky little nugget from Big In The Game Playyya Sard Boogie, sweet scratching and conga tattoos ahoy! I was just telling L-star on fb chat about how to stay ahead in the security game yet still retain gentleman status. In a word, Knuckle tattoos. ‘Love/Hats’ is how I roll (actually it’s Love/Pies, but facts should never stand in the way of Scourblurb). 110bpm

Back up! The Breakbeat Junkie‘s having a yard sale. Everything must go! In that case I want his boots and his motorcycle. Go grab your copy of ‘It’s Like That’, it’s just over there, behind the lambskin gimp mask and the iron maiden lederhosen, you got it! Mastered by the one and only LL Stoke-on-Trillex DJP. The man, the mystery, the legend that he is. Albatross! 115bpm

That Gotye man scares me at a very base level, I think it’s the face paint, or the fact that the vocal’s very similar to soft rock nightmares from the 80’s..i’m not sure?? Someone who we do love is Toddy Trixx, check out his remix mash-up work on Royksopp vs Gotye – ‘Somebody Else Is There’. Bring on the gorillas! 120bpm

As you know, we at HKPP are full of love for Slamboree’s Balk To The Future track (..which Spinforth originally Scoured waaaay back in Scour #9 times!), whilst Hungary’s DJ SuperStereo has neglected to credit them, we are hoping it’s an oversight on his behalf and due credit will soon follow, no denying though he’s done a cracking job on dirtydutchielazerfying™ the original. Set Daleks to Balkernimate! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/HOPEFULLY COMING SOON IN TRACK DESCRIPTION 132bpm

How are we doing for time? Uh-oh! It’s trouser exploding o’clock! Lock up your livestock, the swingiest of swingers Mr Wolfie Razzmatazz is in the house! This genius mash of Blunt Instrument‘s ‘Take The K Train’ and ‘Istanbul’ by The Four Lads will set pantaloons on fire from fifty paces. Step away from those trousers madame! Slowly. Slower. Oooh yeah. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 140bpm

Skrillex ate my nan! Skrillex shot my cat with a gun at point blank range! Skrillex looks like an expensive mop from Macdonalds! All those things may be true, I don’t mind when it inspires people like Skullee to make tunes like this. Bingo! 140bpm

If i’m lucky I’ll pull on a pair of pants and find a wine gum stuck to the inside leg. DJ Wood on the other hand pulls out Drum and Bass spectaculars when he puts his hand into his draws. “Do You Love” Yes we do sir! 172bpm

Are you sitting comfortably? Need me to rub anything? Want me to slip into something more comfortable? Oi oi, just kidding, nothing’s more comfortable than Bananaman pyjamas! Back up ladies! Clear your palate pre-curveball with Dub Terminator & Reality Chant – ‘Uniting things’ all over the place. Quality slice of New Zealand’s finest Dub pie. Stone cold love. 80bpm

Aaaaand finally, handing you all back to Spinforth to sign out via this week’s curveball!

3x humongousest of Scour cheers all round for Harry please folks..CHEER, CHEER, CHEER! Definitely would have struggled to pull this one out my inboxes again without your blurb writing skills and pardly assistance bud! As all you avid Scour followers should well know by now..I’m a fussy mother funker and I do like to keep the Scour ‘The Scour’ by consistently (..i hope) supporting free tunes that my ears consider a selection of the raddest of the week (..for varied reasons) aaaaand that I have genuine love for in one way or another. My Curveball picks are no exception..but these also offer y’all a little bit of insight as to where my head is at in my ‘real life’ world. Still struggling juggling music mode, crazy busy work mode, and soap opera style family shizzness a bit at the mo..BUT I had a proper lush fun weekend just gone..ace gigs, quality drunken wonky after party business with some lovely new found friend face company..was all real good to forget shit for a while! 🙂 top it all off, today Summer actually finally arrived in deepest ‘sunniest’ Kernow! Fingers crossed plenty more ‘lovely days’ soon to re-come in my world. Cue Pickster One with this beautiful and brilliant re-rub of an absolute musical memory inspiring classic. Biiiiiigest of UPpy ♥ and gorrrrrrrgeousest of summery vibes all the way! 108bpm

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