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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 24/11/11

By November 24, 2011Blog

What’s gwarnin all? Hoping all’s going good in your Ghetto Funkin hoods. Ummm..even though I said last week that I probably wouldn’t be, it’s me, Spinforth here again..welcoming you all to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour # 41.

Warning!! This week’s Scour is a banger bursting beast!!

So yeah..not quite sure how this has happened..I was hoping/planning a week on the sidelines this week, but I got a bit carried away, and fully locked into Scour mode the last few nights. I’m thinking/hoping that you’re all gonna be very glad of this, because I might just be about to deliver my biggest baddest Scour to date!? Unfortunately there is just one teeny tiny downside to this..and that is that next week I’m definitely going to have to be taking the week off..probably completely off. Don’t start hating me for this just yet..please wait until you’ve sampled this weeks maaahoossive bag of Scoured treats..and if after that, you still don’t think I’ve worked hard enough to earn myself a week off, then feel free to let me know by slagging me off in the faceboink comment section below. Or..preferably, if you feel I have done the business for your ears, how about leaving me a generous record breaking showing of thumb love..159 ‘likes’ is the world record breaking target! Go on..thumb me happy!

Right..I’ve spent aaaaages Scouring up and deciding on the cut of this weeks funky free fruits, and writing up all tune blurb! No time left to bore you with this intro bloggledegook too..let’s just let my selection of tunes do all the Scour talking this week, and get down to unleashing this beast of a scour..#41.

Big thanks to all the DJ’s/artists/producers who’ve shared their work this week (..and every other week fo that matter); there wouldn’t be a Scour without you..although I would get to enjoy a far less lonely mid week social life! Meh! It’s all about the weekends in my world anyway. Cue..last week’s Hong Kong Ping Pong at The Watermans video (BigUPs once again to Samantha James of DurtyGecko Productions for filming the party for us)…huuuuge night!

As always..if you dig n downlaod any of this week’s Scoured jams, please show, share, and spread your support, via your comments and/or favourites up on the SoundCloud players. Freeloading without commenting is seriously bad SoundCloud etiquette! Cheers in advance.

Until I return from my next weeks mini Scour break..wishing you all ace weeks ‘n’ ends. Bloody big nice ones for tuning in, please keep on spreading my Scour word, but most of all..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email me at:

Easing you all into this week’s Scour with DJ Cheapshot’s (<< get 'liking' right now!) latest work of art. Brilliant remix..yet again dude! Thank you for it. 95bpm
Terror Squad – Lean Back (Cheapshot Remix) by dj cheapshot

Followed by another remix (..with a huuuuuge added Scour twist) of a true classic hip hop joint, from the first of this week’s Scour newcomers, Nashville’s Ugly Lovely. Warning! Hairs on backs of necks could be about to stand right guess at around the 0:36 second mark! You have been warned. 85bpm
Ugly Lovely – KRS One – My 9mm Goes Bang! Remix by Ugly Lovely

So hopefully those first two joints have caught your ears attention let’s keep it rolling. Next up by introducing another newcomer to the Scour, Bristol’s SkalliiWaggles. This latest joint produced alongside ex (..but hopefully returning for a visit sometime soon) Falmouth heavy weight Derw Tha Damaja of Strictly Steppas. Big tune..welcome to my Scour dudes! 101bpm
Red Snappa Ridddim (With Strictly Steppas) by SkalliiWaggles

Last supported in world record breaking thumb scoring Scour #36 (..hmmm..i wonder if he’s my lucky Scour mascot?), and although many of you may have aleady stumbled across this one already, it’s way too good to leave out just because of that. Welcome back to the Scour, good pard (who’s gonna owe me so so many brandy and cokes if we ever meet ;)), DJ Daigo. Radness dude! 104bpm
Bertie Blackman vs Ozomatli – It’s Like That (Daigo Re-Bake) by dj Daigo

Even if I do say so myself, i’m definitely starting to think this could be one of my best Scours ever! So..i was seriously considering squirrelling this next tasty treat away for a few weeks, but it’s too good, and have decided that it needed to supported via Scour ASAP, and heard right here first! Don’t thank me..thank Toddy Trix & Tony WHY via some well deserved comments up on this player. 105bpm
Fatboy Slim – rockafeller skank (Toddy Trix Remix) by Toddy Trix & Tony WHY

Last Supported back in Scour #30, here’s another chunky freebie from Canada’s Ben Chemikal (<< 'like' please!). Keep an ear out on this Cloud..a little birdie tells me he has a big new release coming in the new year, via the awesome Riddim Fruit Records. 105bpm
Mighty Skies by Ben Chemikal or two of you out there might go as far to say..’I’ve got The Scour Power!’ (..thanks, correct answer!). If that’s the case, then there ain’t no doubt about the fact that Philly Blunt has most definitely got some serious mashup power! Two huge tunes in their own rights..doesn’t always guarantee they’ll work together by any means..does right here though! Genius mashup sir! 106bpm
Opiuo vs Snap – Robo Power (Philly Blunt mash) by Philly Blunt

Hope you’re all enjoying this week’s picks so far..time for a little hip hoppy interlude, before I hit you with the first of two enoorrrmous Scour exclusives (..wait!). Quality remix, by Canada’s Jprime, of Stetsasonic’s classic ‘Talkin All That Jazz’ right here. Lush work bud, promised you I’d fit you in sooner or later! Alternative download link available in track comments. 108bpm
Stetasonic – Talkin All That Prime by jprime

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #1: Interlude over, time for the 1st of two enormous Scour exclusives. I’ve been lucky enough to have been test driving this first one over the last couple of weeks, and now (..even though I’d much rather be keeping it safely stored in my cheeks) I have the pleasure of sharing to you all, what I consider to be, one of the very best remixes of EMF’s classic ‘Unbelievable’. Fully approved by EMF, and very kindly and exclusively shared (by Scour request) to you all by the awesome Ronald Aquinas << get 'liking' that link right now..definitely one to watch, and a potential Ghetto Funk star of the future ( my humble opinion!). Remember heard him here first! Well..actually, you first heard him in Scour #20, but you know what I’m saying. Big big big big remix here, tried and tested, and delivered to you with the Spinforth dancefloor seal of approval. Please don’t forget to show your appreciation with lashings of comment love. Exclusive alternative download link available right >>HERE<< and download being switched on for you all very soon! 109bpm
EMF – Unbelievable (Aquinas JFF Refix) by Ronald Aquinas

Pecoe’s deservedly been finding himself a regular slot in my Scours’s another perfect example of why. Funky as fook this one bro, one of my favourites fo sho..keep ’em rolling! 120bpm
Pecoe – Fire by breakzlinkz

No doubt we’re all very familiar with this next joint..have to agree with The Apple Scruffs though, the original is definitely a bit way too short. But thanks to this wicked extended’s not any more! 🙂 120bpm
Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #2: Bloody hell..I’m seriously spoiling you all this week! If I don’t get reincarnated as an even more generous; considerably less culinary challenged; far less skint; and slightly better looking version of myself for what I do for all of you, then karma can go funk itself right now! Introducing to my Scour..via a very generously donated freebie..Messieurs Nev Scott and Wayne Essential! This gem of a remix has been opened up for download, exclusively for the Scour, to celebrate their debut release which is due out on BIGM Productions wax this Monday! GF HQ warned you all to be on the look out for these guys, via a front page post just last week. Have to admit, I did have a little lot of involvement in that advice. Hope you all enjoy this freebie as much as I have since bagging a sneaky promo copy of it 5 months ago, and if/when you do, then please go get involved in purchasing their debut release ‘Hold On’ right >>HERE<<, and get following Wayne’s Cloud for future bangers, and the opening up of his latest mixtape, right away too. Scour job well and truly done for you now dude..we can talk Spinforthy residency business later 😉 125bpm
Nev Scott & waynessential – Ur Luv by waynessential

Right then..rapidly running out of time here, but still four more Scoured tunes to introduce your ears to, so..speed blurb mode about to be switched on! Time to show some Scour love to the awesome DJ Soo! 139bpm
Touch Your Toes (DJ Soo’s Du Ting Blend) by dj soo

And last up..pre curveballs (..yes balls!!) this dnbstep monster from xLtEe & Doctor Recomended! Feeling this? Then get go get your ‘like’ on over >>HERE<< thanking you please! Alternative download link requested and hopefully coming soon.. 140bpm
Mean Dream – xLtEe & Doctor Recommended Feat. Biggie Smalls by doctorrecommended

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveballs..x2! First up the real/official one. If you got involved in last week’s Scour #40, and actually read any of this nonsense that I spend hours writing for you all, you’ll be aware that we at HKKP recently had the pleasure of meeting, presenting, and partying (rather hard) with Sir Dave Canosis! To ‘wind down’ after our monthly HKPP residency gigs, we like to have an often quite big secret little VIP after party. It was at October’s after party that I was first introduced to this absolutely beautiful little number by the seriously talented dynamic duo, Livingstone & Canosis. Canosis very kindly played and shared a sneaky slightly rougher around the edges unmastered copy of this one to me (..seems he’ll do anything you ask when he’s that pissed!)..and I instantly fell in love with it. Have been playing that original version at various after after after parties ever since (you know..those Saturday or Sunday prevening type after the night before type after parties..when most revellers have gone home already, or have started falling into snooze mode). After telling him how much I’ve been enjoying it, and how I’d love to support it as a curveball..I’ve only gone and inspired them to finished it off properly, and master it for us all! Such a gorgeous tune..please show it loads of comment love that it deserves, both on the player below, and if you have time over on Tim’s Cloud too. Thanks fellas..perfect curveball to round up a huge Scour! 95bpm
Livingstone & Canosis – Wondering Where the Lions Are [Free Download] by Canosis

And last but by no means least..this weeks second curveball. I’m breaking my own Scour rules here, by featuring a tune that is not freely downloadable ( sack me!), but we at HKPP love all that Blunt Instrument do, and wanted to show them our support by asking anyone who’s reading this, and not yet checked their awesome remix for the DJ Shadow ‘Scale it Back’ competition, to please check this tune out now, and if you’re feeling it, go give them your vote right >>HERE<< ! Thanking you all kindly and in advance. It’s already riding high in the charts, and with your help this remix could deservedly win the competition and appear as part of an official DJ Shadow remix package released through Island Records. Mega mega rad! And, at long last..I’m all done! 🙂 100bpm
DJ Shadow – Scale it back (Blunt Instrument remix) Check Description to VOTE by bluntinstrument

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