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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 25/08/11

By August 25, 2011Blog

Afternoon all, and welcome to my Scour #29. Ahhh..Scouring by day for a change..this feels a bit odd!? Have taken a day off my 9-5 today though, supposedly to get this written and published, and then getting myself ready for Hong Kong Ping Pong at Aeon festival business this weekend..although so far I’ve mostly only managed a whole morning full of snooze! Mega lush fail.

So yeah, apologies in advance for another speedy Scour post (hopefully I’ll get away with it like i did with last weeks very well received Scour #28…cheers to all who checked it!), but it’s another busy/messy party weekend calling, with myself and Fat Harry heading up to play Aeon Festival near Exeter tomorrow night, aaaand I’ve just been asked to support a good friend at her debut DJ gig in Fal Town tonight all of sudden I’m having a little big bit of panic about getting this post out in time…but, here goes me trying!

Quick shout of thanks going out to DJ B-Side who funked the shizz out of HKPP at The Watermans last Friday, pretty good turn out for a summer gig, so big big thanks to all who brought us their Ping Pong faces. I heard that Morph had a wicked party with the Regrooved crew down in New Zealand too. Good times!

This weekend, for myself and Fat Harry it’s all about Aeon Festival..You can find us delivering 3 sets on the Cabaret Voltaire stage on Friday night, at 21:10-2150, 22:50-23:30 & 00:30-01:00..whilst at all other times most likely feeling the wibbly wobbly effects of numerous Boshy Triples™! Whilst, Morphosis will be funkin up Regrooved Australia‘s Gold Coast night at his last gig down under REGROOVED Gold Coast Ft HONG KONG PING PONG (UK) in Brisbane. Pleeease come and check either of these gigs if you’re near and by. Nice one.

So, down to Scour business..plenty of quality funky freebies Scoured up for you over on SoundCloud again this week. No time left in my avo to whittle these down any further, and I reckon they’re all worthy of a Scour spot anyway, so spoiling you all again with another monster bunch of my favourite mixed bag of picks.

As always..please remember to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s, if you dig n download any of these Scoured jams.

Wishing you all tip top weekends..see you next Scour.

Enjoy! x
If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email me at:



Opening this weeks Scour with an oldie, but a definite goodie (cheers for sharing my way Myles), by Liquid Stranger. Not very sure how I’ve missed this next one for four whole months, or the accompanying 13 track downloadable album either..yep, yep, link right here >>HERE<<. So, I’m now banking on a few of you Scour readers to have missed out on this too. Every day’s a school day! 82bpm
Liquid Stranger – Bombaclaad Star by interchill

Next up..let’s all please give a very warm welcome back (from Scour #13) to Austria’s Mr B.Visible..crackin tune right here! 84bpm
B.Visible – Billin Brandon by b.visible

Switching it up, and flickin the funk mode to full funkin on!! Tell me something good!? Ok, well..I’m telling you this edit by Bandmaster is pretty amaazingly exceptionally funkin good! Feelin this jam so much right now. 98bpm
Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Tell me something good (Bandmaster edit) by bandmaster

This one too from Doctor Recommended..wait for the….drop!! Lovely work. 107bpm
Doctor Recommended – Hip Hop Drop by doctorrecommended

Qaulity hip hop freshness from Kenny Beeper next. He say’s he’s not 100% happy with it!? Reckon he deserves telling otherwise…comments for him please! 110bpm
Ice Cube – Hello Beeper (Kenny Beeper’s Gangster Funk Shit Edit) *Free DL by Kenny Beeper

Keeping on the hip hop tip..summer time remixed vibes from Poetree..somebody play this to the sun if you happen upon seeing it anytime soon please! 111bpm
Quantic & Aspects – Primate Boogaloo (POETREE Remix) by poetreemusic

Aaaand some more hippity hoppity goodness, with a splash of G’funkin wobble courtesy of New Zealand’s Sammy Senior.110bpm
Biggie – Can i get witcha (Sammy Senior Remix) by Sammy Senior

Gimme mo’ wobble! Okaaay..check this quality remix by William Breakspear courtesy of Skanky Panky Records. Keep an ear on this Cloud, something rather special dropping from them as a Ghetto Funk exclusive soooon. 111bpm
Stealing Sheep – The Mountain Dogs (William Breakspear Remix) by Skanky Panky Records

Download of this next party starter kindly turned on in time for this weeks Scour by Mr Johnny Pluse..thanking you sir! 120bpm

I usually try very hard not to Scour someone two weeks running..but no funkin way I can let this one slip under this weeks Scourdar™. More incredible bootleg work here from the awesome Blunt Instrument. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Burning Man next week, be sure to check these guys out..and say hello from me! Download for this one via their website link >>HERE<<. 140bpm
White Stripes – Hardest Button to Button (Blunt Instrument Bootleg) by bluntinstrument

Last up, before heading into curveball territory..get an earful of a big bit of bass heavy drumstep from Elonious. 176bpm
Elonious- A Change (Remix)-FREE DL by Elonious

Aaaaand finally, this weeks curveball! I was introduced to the work and sounds of Wu Gazi this week..he has a whole album’s worth of Wu Tang Clan flavoured curveballs available for free right >>HERE<<. Think this one’s my curveballiest favourite! 81bpm
01 Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI

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