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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 26/04/12

By April 26, 2012Blog

Roll up, roll’s your ears (and wallets) favourite time of the week again! Yep,’s me, Sir Spinforth at your Scourvice..welcoming you ALL to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #57.

Pretty sure I have Scoured up a tasty selection of full on belters for your ears this week, including no less than 3 exceedingly rad SCOUR EXCLUSIVES, and I’m rather excited for you all to get involved with them, to start spreading the Scour love. Before I/you do’s just a few of my own customary and courteous bigUPs.

Immediately after publishing this week’s Scour I’ve gotta don my robe and wig and get involved judging the offerings from the top 10 shortlisted Ghetto Funk 2012 Production Contest FINALISTS. It’s gonna be a VERY late night for me, because ALL ten of the tunes from (in no particular order..yet!): Father Funk, J-Sound, Defunk, Joe Revell, chrispop, Tonic, Funkanizer, Dads On Display, Rollomatik, aaaand The Funk Monks (all of which can be check out >>HERE<<)..are awesome! Not only are they awesome, 9 out of 10 of them have been delivered by either very very good Scour friends, or Clouds that I have very recently Scoured. I am literally over the moon that both Ghetto Funk and my Scour has encouraged such awesome work out of these supremely talented (soon to become famous) Cloud owners. Commiserations of course to those who missed out on the top 10 shortlist cut, but I think it’s fair to say these 10 most definitely deserve their places up top. Humongousest of my UPs to going out to you doubt about it you are all winners in my ears. If only I could award you all joint 1st place for your hard work..I definitely would!

Two very very quick heads up for your weekend schedules.. If you’re out n about in Salzburg, Austria on Saturday night..lock up your goats!! Why? Well, because The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club‘s in town! Yep, Morphosis and Fat Harry are starring in the ‘Put another shrimp on the barbie’ tour! Yeah I did say Austria..and no, I’m not entirely sure that’s correct either :/ No matter though, just sniff them out, and get your funky faces involved.

Slightly sadly, I’m not traveling with them due to being pre-booked in Falmouth town for the return of STRICTLY STEPPAS KARNIVAL feat. MR BENN on Saturday night. So..if you’re not in Austria, you should all come here instead. 😉

Right..that’s literally all the blurb I have time for this week. Time for me to unleash this weeks Scour. Even if I do say so myself, it’s rather a goodun! So please, no excuses..just lashings of Scour word spreading and supportive thumbs, comments, followings, favouritings etc..etc.. from EVERYBODY!

Until next Scour, time to get funked right up, annnnd…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please send via email at:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Eeeeeeasing you all into this week’s Scour, inna irie dubbed out reggae style! First up courtesy of Washington D.C’s Dub Architect‘s gorgeous remix of this Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad joint! Luscious enough kick off for ya!? Welcome to my Scour dude..hope this support helps you out! 😉 73bpm

Just in case that first one didn’t get you ‘Feeling Good’, best get you all involved in this absolute beauty re-rub from San Francisco’s U9lift! And you thought Pimpsoul & Mooquee had all the best versions covered >>HERE<< (<< BUY IT!)..well it’s true, they definitely do. This one here is just a magnificently brilliant free alternative. 79bpm

Hmmm..those two were a pretty sweet start huh!? Sooo..let’s keep it chilled for a bit longer. Almost Scoured the earlier version of this next gem from New Zealand’s Sammy Senior a few weeks back. See now how my instinctive decision not to let it through to the final cut has just paid off! This latest version is 100% the one for me dude..that Biggie ‘pella makes it puuurrrrfect! 90bpm

Time to bring in a massive dollop of boom bap! Looks suspiciously like the majority of you have forgotten about Tunisia’s finest, and twice very recently Scoured, Ben Hedibi already. Are you all mad!!? Allow me to re-introduce you to his seriously dope remix skills..again! And’re very very welcome bro! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 90bpm

Keepin’ it hip-hoppy flavoured. No funkin way I’m letting this latest remix from New Orleans’ DJ Yamin slip through my Scour net. Rapidly starting to appear as though he’s an expert at subtly making amazing tunes sound even amazinginger! Top top work again here dude. 95bpm

Allriight..that’s your warming up done and dusted..almost, let’s start up the switch by getting busy bringing in some gorgeous ghetto crunky glitch! Canada’s xLtEe (<< he’d love some more followers please!) has the perfect joint for the job right here. No way had I forgotten this one bro..just been waiting for the right Scour to support for you..aaannd, here it is! 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

The brilliant Junkfood Recordings awwwwesome Need to know ( The Full Phat remixes ) saw their eagerly awaited release a few days back (BUY them..>>HERE<<), and to celebrate they’ve only gone and opened up this massive Buck Rogers remix little number..for 100% free download. Bloody big! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION, AND ‘MAYBE’ THE ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON SOON. 100bpm

SCOUR #57 EXCLUSIVE #1: Here they come! The first of this week’s 3 very very kindly donated exclusives right here. This almighty smashed up monster is the brilliant work, of legendary Scour supporter, Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Mr Audio InFunktion! Been a few months since he last landed himself a Scour spot (back in Scour #48), judging by this tune, as well as his awesome remix of Need to know (yep,’s so good, I’m plugging that release twice!), he’s been keeping himself rather busy! So..if you’re here and wanting to grab yourself a copy of this beast, first get involved delivering your courteous word spreading thank you comments upon his player, and then..consider following his Facebook Fan Page, aaaand then, and only then, help yourself (completely guilt free) to his kindly donated >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Massive respect for this EXCLUSIVE and ALL your support’re a star, a legend, and a gent! 🙂100bpm

Right that’s enough dirtiness for your ears..for now! Bringin’ in the funk, hip hop remix style courtesy of Germany’s DJ Scientist. Not gonna go as far as saying this is better than the original Rae & Christian joint, but it’s tip top quality Pharcyde business, with a funked up twist, and therefore..I love it! 104bpm

My ears are really really enjoying this ghetto re-rub from the Czech Republic’s DJ Voita too. No idea whatsoever what they’re going on about?? Something about ganja I that’s good! Don’t know too much about DJ Voita ‘yet’ either..but gonna try and find out some more for us all. Watch this space! Welcome to my Scour bro..get busy making and sending me some more stuff like this please! 😉 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 104bpm

Hello hello, what’s this!? Fresh, dope and 100% FREE Qdup Foundation edit goodness by the sounds and looks. Rad! It’s been waaay too long. Word on Scour street suggests there could be a few more coming fairly soon too..especially so if we ALL show this puppy loadsa love! Everybody get yourselves involved immediately pleeease! DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE VIA ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ BUTTON. 107bpm

SCOUR #57 EXCLUSIVE #2: Ahaaaa! I for one definitely missed him last Scour, desperately wanted to support him again, but had a few ‘technical’ hitches with his last potential offering. He’s back in full J-Sound! EXCLUSIVE effect this week though..fresh off the bat of deservedly making it into the top 10 shortlist in the Ghetto Funk 2012 Production Contest (huuuuge congrats for that again buddy!). So this week’s very kindly donated J-Sound! exclusive comes with a slight twist. Basically, I (..yes all me!) have decided that, for a dude of his production talent, there are STILL nowhere near enough of you following his Facebook Fan Page. I’ve no idea what all but 88 of you are slacking on that hook up for, he’s a proper legend, and I’ve been telling you for aaaages now, that he’s undoubtedly a future Scour star! So, the ONLY way you’re going to be able to this awesome remix into your crates is by clicking on this prearranged >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<, which will very conveniently land you EXACTLY where you all already should be! All good? can thank me later 😉 110bpm

Hmm..I appear to be being a bit slack at announcing freshly Scoured Clouds this bad, as usual I’m in a massive rush to get this post out there! Anyway, here’ another one! Introducing Canada’s Boucho (<< just 14 followers..get involved!)..looks like this flavour of joint could be a new thing for him, but my ears reckon he should stick at it, cause this tune (although a little squelchy in places) is dope! Welcome to my Scour bro! Next time you make a fresh Ghetto Funk me a little bit of work, send it straight to my Dropbox please! :) ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Couldn’t quite squeeze this next re-take from Jersey’s Crashgroove into last week’s Scour, just wasn’t fitting in right amongst the predominant 4/20 vibe. It’s a goodun though, so, although it’s not something I do very often (cause I like to try and stay ahead of the blogging pack), I’ve decided it’s still very worthy of a some slightly late Scour support. Nice one for the friendly reminder dude! Am I right in thinking this is your Scour debut too!? BigUP, aaaand..welcome to my Scour! 😀 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 110bpm

Ahh..looks like a fair few of you have heeded my advice and got following Canada’s Beat Theatre‘s Cloud since I last Scoured him..I like this behaviour, thank you! For those who haven’t hooked that up’s what your ears have been missing for the last week or two! Freshly upped by prearrangement for The Scour, and with download link now included! Get’s Jaaaaam Hot! Nice one again dude..welcome back. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 112bpm

I know nothing at all about this next freshly Scoured Cloud (not even sure how the funk I stumbled across it to be honest!)..other than this tune by the US of A’s UberVice & Gizmo is ace! So how about we go and show them a warm Scour welcome over on the least that way they’ll know who and what we’re all about! Love this dudes..welcome to my Scour! 🙂 115bpm

SCOUR #57 EXCLUSIVE #3: If ANY of you have jumped straight down here for this’ve probably just done exactly what I would do! 😉 really should learn to be a bit more patient though..cause I assure you, you’re missing out on all the tasty free nuggets that have just been delivered before it! Very very very pleased to be welcoming back fresh on the scene mega-bomb making machine Father Funk back ‘home’ to the Scour! And even more chuffed that he’s living up to his true legendary status by kindly sharing this FIRE with us all EXCLUSIVELY!! I’ve been lucky enough to be roadtesting it for a week or two, and not there would be any doubt, it absolutely rips holes in all things..including dance floors! So who isn’t following his Facebook Fan Page yet then? May I be so bold as to suggest you are mental! Get involved immediately PLEASE..and once you have, feel very free to grab this exceptional >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Humongous respect for everything you do sir are a shining Scour star! 116bpm

I could be completely wrong here (forgive me if I am)..but for some unknown reason this next tune WASN’T submitted into the Ghetto Funk 2012 Production Contest!? Beats me as to why not!? For a first attempt at this genre..this is awesome! Oh well, either way, let’s give it some deserved support now anyway. Welcome to my Scour New Zealand’s Mikey1point0! Really good work here. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 120bpm

Last up for this week (pre-curveball)..a little slice of electro swing went down pretty well a couple o Scours ago, so let’s bring that vibe back. Awesome little edit here from Switzerland’s Beatz4freakz. BigUP for sharing my way dude, thought I’d keep my support a surprise for ya. Loving this, so..welcome to my Scour bro! 😀 125bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! It took me a little while to persuade him to be arsed..and it took him several attempts to get it sounding just right! Listen up folks..I know pretty much immediately when I hear a quality tune worthy of Scour support, BUT..if it contains clashing keys, it’s extremely unlikely to make the cut! Be arsed! Get it sounding sweet BEFORE unleashing your downloads, share to me privately for critical comment FIRST if you trust my ears and would like my feedback. I can’t comment back on literally everything cause I just don’t have enough hours in my days, but..if I hear potential radness n lushness, I will always try and help you out! DJ Steve Jones, I’m very very glad you took my advice and became arsed..this tune is now sounding absolutely gorrrrrrgoeus. Nice one dude welcome to my Curveball spot! 😀 Everyone else, right here’s one for your summer’s..ENJOY! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 91bpm

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