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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 26/05/11

By May 26, 2011Blog

Fat Harry’s Goat Bowling league.

Whenever I see Spinforth over the weekends I say to myself ‘I wonder what party treats has he got squirrelled away on his person this time?’ I also ask ‘Will he punk out on his soundcloud scour this week and ask me to write it again?’ He never has, not after ‘THE STAPLE GUN INCIDENT’ of the last Scour I wrote – Scour #6.

Sadly, for everyone checking out this weeks Scour, we partied rather hard this weekend and my mind went immediately blank as he whispered those fated words “Ummm, I think I need a week off the Scour dude, would you mind?” I say blank, I had some of the funniest, most insightful and wacky ideas at the time, but by Sunday lunchtime I realised my mind was indeed blanker than an ‘insert funny line about blank things operating in blank scenarios, possibly under comedy duress’ …..See what I mean?!!

The good news is I am not technically writing this blog as we failed to agree on terms. I wanted a copy of DJ Soo’s ‘The Message’ (incredible tune!) which somehow got sent to Spinforth’s inbox from DJ Soo his fine self, and of which I have been salivating over at the HKPP gigs we’ve played together since. And Spinforth wanted – a tad aggressively – to not give to me!

The bad news is that since the loveofmylife™ left me (is this Scour jinxed!?) I’ve quickly realised that I need to address the karmic drift in my life, as firstly..running through Asda in floods of tears as Travis inform me that not only am I driftwood but that I’ll be drifting for a long, long not a good look :shakesfist at all indie power ballad bands: . And secondly..spending all my free time grinding my teeth, staring at walls, flicking fag butts into a drain ten feet away (three times out of ten on average), and seeing if it is possible to kill yourself with your own throwing knife on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (it is)..was not helping as much as one would have expected. So, if you’ll keep it to yourself, I will write this week’s blog but technically I’m not, aaand..don’t tell that nugget-hoarding funk squirrel Spinforth, or I’ll wring yer necks!

It must be clear by now that I am in desperate need of a refreshing and proactive new hobby, something healthy and wholesome and outdoors- y and by jingo I’ve found one! Goat bowling. Have a little look >>HERE<< and you’ll hopefully see the rules forming in your heads. I’ve bought nine of them and numbered them. They’re in my back garden. All you have to do is run at them with massive Jazz hands and see how many faint. They honestly look after themselves and I can’t tell you how motherly I’ve felt letting the younger ones suckle. E-baying the flymo should earn enough dollars to buy you all a bowling shirt each and for the lulz we all have to wear the gay jester bowling shoes. The league starts next week and you can sign up simply by leaving a ‘like’ thumb at the bottom of this scour.

So…who’s with me?!

Spinforth’s bit:
As always..If you dig and download any of these jams..PLEASE show your appreciation by leaving the Cloud owners your comments and and ‘s..nice one in advance!

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at:



Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (Wick-it Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

Daft Punk – Highlife WBBL Remix by WBBL

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (Bezwun Slam Mix) **FREE D/L** by Bezwun

Funk Wit This (Master) by Cut La Roc

If you’re out n about in Brizzle this Saturday, be sure to get down to the 1st of the UK Regrooved parties at The Big Chill Bar to check out Sir Ewan Hoozami who’ll be spinning alongside Mr Goodgroove, and the almighty Stickbuds at Regrooved Bristol Feat. Stickybuds and Goodgroove. Here’s Ewan’s latest tasty free treat to get you in the mood whilst you pre-load! ▼

Ewan Hoozami – Proper Poppa (Ultramagnetic Vs the Nu-FunK All Stars) by Ewan Hoozami

Aaaand this week’s curveball! It’s a Hong Kong Ping Pong all time favourite, but full instrumental styleee! Loving this..long long long long time!

Mr Benn – Long time riddim FREE DOWNLOAD by Mr Benn

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