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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 27/10/11

By October 27, 2011Blog

Happy Scour day all, Spinforth here again, welcoming you all to a totally trick free, tasty treat laden, Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #37.

Uh oh..I’ve definitely left this blurb writing malarky way too late this week. Me and my great new ideas of only spending 2 whole nights Scouring for your ears fault. Plus..Blend Mishkin is back gigging in (big in game) Fal Town again tonight, and..after his delivering and totally smashing up Hong Kong Ping Pong last Friday, along side the legendary Canosis (rad to meet and party with you HKPP stylee at long last’d better be reading this!), and good pard Ben Adams of Riddim Fruit and Hidden would be rather rude of me not to go and buy the man a drink. So yeah, hoping you’ll all excuse this week’s lack of blogaffle, still plenty of tasty free tunes Scoured for you all below though.

Before we get down to those, just wanted to express a few quick thank you’s, the way I like to do..

First up..maaaaassssiiiivest biggestest UPs everrr to all 158 of you who took the time out to faceboink ‘like’ last week’s Scour #36 ..and deliver it a brand new World Record thumb score (previously held by Scour #26). Seriously chuffed by this new record, but not only that..the post has seen close to 3000 hits in one week, which really goes to show how valuable all your teeny tiny little blue thumbs are in spreading the Scour word. So please keep these long as you don’t stop thumbing, I won’t stop delivering! Done deal? Lush! 😀

Of course, big thanks all who came and got involved at last Friday’s Hong Kong Ping Pong at The Watermans (check some of the pics >>HERE<< and a couple of little vids >>HERE<< and >>HERE<<). It was absolutely rammed with your beautiful Ping Pong party faces..possibly one of the busiest Ping Pongs ever. You all most definitely made our night one to remember..hoping we delivered a wicked one for you all too. Same again next month please..Friday 18th Novemeber at The Watermans..keep it free, and we’ll see you down the front! Oh, yeah, and while your checking HKPP dates in to your diary, you’ll probably be needing to be keeping Saturday 12th November free me >>THIS<< night will not disappoint you!

Unfortunately that’s me right out of Scour time for this week. So, just my usual little nag below, and then I’ll let you all tuck in…

As always..please please please, if you dig n download any of these free jams, take a minute out out to show and share your appreciation by leaving the Cloud owners some comment love, to help spread the word of their work. Aaand..if you’d like to give this silly little blog of mine a thumb or two too..well you know I’d absolutely love that too too..too!

Until next Scour, get feasting on these treats, and..

Enjoy! x

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email me at:


Opening up this weeks Scour with a SCOUR EXCLUSIVE, and it could be argued..the story of my life! Without a doubt the lushest remix my ears have EVER heard of this classic Pharcyde joint. It’s been up on SoundCloud (but only as a 128kbps download) for sometime, and I’ve recently learnt it was made donkey’s years ago, via a digital 4 track!! Scour hat’s right off to Del Gazeebo please, first of all for making this incredible remix, but also for digging out his dusty old 4 track, staying up for most of last night, and re-recording it at 320kbps exclusively..all for the Scour! What a legend..what a tune! Plenty more nuggets available over on his Cloud too..go get involved! Alternative download link available in SoundCloud track description. 84bpm
The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (Del Gazeebo Remix) [2011 Remaster] by Del Gazeebo

Followed straight up by a top notch mashup from Nosbic. Now you’ve been both whittled and Scoured in the same night fella..congratulations! Feel good? This mash certainly does..ace work! 89bpm
Nosbic-Jay-Z Is Getting Hot by Nosbic

In the words of this next remix’s creator..’download and play loud..and if u like it..leave a comment or favourite!!’. I’m going to take this a bit further..If you don’t like this you either need your ears tested, or, have most definitely come to the wrong place! Please leave this Scour right now, and don’t ever bother coming back!! Right, whoever’s’s Shim sonic‘s funkyass remix of The Doors ‘La Woman’…your comments and favourites are 100% compulsory…Pure Scour fire!!! 95bpm
The Doors-L.A.woman (Shimi sonic funkyass remix) by Shimi sonic

Absolutely nothing whatsoever ‘cheapshot’ about this next remix. Oh, except that it’s another classic hip-hop joint given the DJ Cheapshot treatment…bloody brilliantly!! 100bpm
Channel Live – Mad Izm (Cheapshot Remix) by dj cheapshot

Alrighty..time to shake something! What thing? I don’t really mind..anything! What/who ever’s nearest to you..grab it/them..and shake this very very rad thing from 7quidstudio ! 100bpm
Shake That Thang – 7quidstudio by 7quidstudio

SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #2: Little bit of work required to get your funky mits on this next banger, offered up exclusively by Nynfus Corporation for this weeks Scour. I assure you it’s definitely worth the few seconds of extra work though. First Scoured by yours truly back in Scour #24, and since with a growing catalogue of OFFICIAL RELEASES under their belts, as well as a forthcoming artist EP coming soon on Bombastic Jam, I’m amazed these up and coming funky cats haven’t got loads more ‘likes’ over on their facebook page!! Yep, you’ve guessed it, time to get your faceboinking ‘likes’ out over >>HERE<< to grab your copy of this radical little gem!108bpm
Nynfus Corp feat. Hanzee – Last Episode [/w alternate download link] by Nynfus Corporation

Avid Scour followers amongst you may have noticed my ears aren’t exactly the biggest fans of the sounds and genre of Moombahton (..sorry, but I just find most of it way too..let’s say..dull!). So, seeing as it’s very important to me that my Scours are filled with tunes that my ears LOVE, it’s a pretty rare occasion that I support tunes of this genre. I don’t mind Scouring up the odd exception though. Here’s a rather tasty one I’ve recently stumbled across from Grudge, there’s a couple more over on his cloud that ain’t half bad either…off you pop! 110bpm
EverybodyHammertime by Grudge’re back! Time to pick up the pace a bit..let’s all get down to these gorgeous funky sounds of Zamali. New release coming from him on Timewarp Music , keep an ear out for that >>HERE<< Alternative download link can be found in the SoundCloud track description. 123bpm
Zamali – let’s all get down -2011 edit- (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Timewarp Music

Yep, yep, aren’t we all!?…STILL! I really should be getting bored of hearing Aloe Blacc remixes by now..but nope, as long as I’m skint, seems I’ll always be feeling the majority of them. Mooqee has just opened up his version can go grab that right >>HERE<<, and here’s another beauty ‘cut & paste job’ dubstepping version from DJ Detta. 140bpm
I Need a Dollar – (Dj Detta Dubstep Re-edit) by Dj Detta

So..halloween soon come, not that I’m a particularly big fan..I’m one of nervous disposition already thanks, and with the exception of pumpkin soup, it’s just waaay too bloody scary! Thought I’d try and Scour up a couple of alternatives to the obvious tunes and remixes that always pop up this time of year. Nothing against the obvious ones..but I expect you’ve all found them already, and you all know by now I much prefer to deliver surprises to your ears.’s the first courtesy of Liondub…spooooooky! 178bpm

And the second..Spook hop stylee, from Chris B..terrorifically good! 86bpm
After Dark (FREE DOWNLOAD!!!) by ChrisB.

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! Errmm, I had a few potentials his week, think I’ll go with this one courtesy of Barriobeat and originally mashed up by G3RSt. Alternative/original download link for this one can be found >>HERE<<. Scour job done..Peace n out!

The Aggrovators meets Johnny Cash ” Dub of Fire “ by Barriobeat

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