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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 28/06/12

By June 29, 2012Blog

Easy all, Ghetto Funk Nightclub business at/and Sunrise festival was incredible..but totally ruined me, and has left me no spare time to write anything more here than..’Welcome to Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #63!’

Apologies for the lateness, but believe me when I say, the publishing of this post tonight is an actual real life modern day miracle!

Please, if you’d be so kind, do all you can to spread the word and…

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Warming up all your ears into this week’s Scour inna hip-hop stylee, courtesy of NYC’s DJ Mentos. Huge fan of pretty much all of The Roots work myself (‘Things Fall Apart’ being ‘one’ of my all time top fav’ hip-hop LP’s), and..seeing as Mr Mentos has very kindly switched the download link to a 320kbps version (..via Scour power request) for us way this beauty’s gonna slip through my Scour net! 88bpm

Stickin’ with the hip-hop vibes for a little while (y’all should know by now, it’s how I like the vibe of my Scours to roll), Tunisia’s brilliant Ben Hedibi is back with more of his remix fiiiire! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 90bpm

Time to ease in the hip-hopin’ reggae flavours that we three at HKPP love to warm up our sets and mixtapes one out there doing this job better than DJ Maars right now, in our ear’s opinions. He still hasn’t hooked himself up with a Facebook fan page, as far as I’m aware, but there is absolutely no doubt you should all be following his SoundCloud Page already, and if you haven’t purchased his recent Booty Fruit release yet, you should get all over that right >>HERE<< and NOW too! 90bpm

I know, I know..’maybe’ we’ve all got enough J5 mashups already!? Was ‘kind of’ hoping this one might just be another one of those that I could let slide. Turns out I was very very wrong..blooming awesome work right here from New Zealand’s Deejay Lowe1, the wicked Black Moon and Gangstarr/Guru samples are especially doing the business for my ears! Loving it dude 🙂 ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 95bpm

Hey ladies!! It’s your favourite Boots™ TV commercial theme music, given the subtle, but splendid, DJ Yamin Remix treatment. ‘Here Come The Girls!’..sweeeet! 🙂 98bpm

Introducing a newcomer to The Scour, don’t know too much about him ‘yet’..but here’s some mighty fine mashup work from Australia’s DJDB. Welcome to my Scour bro! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/COMING SOON TO TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

Thankfully, because I’m so very very strapped for spare time this week..Wick-it the Instigator requires no lenghty Scour intro. Here’s his latest free dopeness! 98bpm

SCOUR #63 EXCLUSIVE #1: So..the latest awesome JunkFood release went on sale, at all good download stores last week, more incredible work from DJ Alias, featuring more awesome spittin’ from MC Imagine absolutely essential and highly recommended purchase..available right >>HERE<<. Aaaand, true to his word (although at the time of writing I’m still waiting to hear back from him!), long long long time Scour favourite Joe Revell (NZ) has very kindly and EXCLUSIVELY opened up the download of his brilliant ‘Make An Empire’ mashup, to celebrate and accompany the official release. So what y’all waiting for..after purchasing the official release, get involved with this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<..oh look, you’re now automatically ‘liking’ Joe’s Facebook Fan Page too..good good, shame on you for not doing so before! 😉 98bpm

Always an absolute pleasure to support the legendary, poultry-fuelled, and recently comafied gymnast (..he’s going for some sort of new dubstep playa/ing look apparently 😉 ) djp via Scour..even when he’s a little late hitting the Tuesday Scour submission deadline. Another top notch ‘Old School Edit’ from him here, likely to be particularly appealing to all German Scour followers amongst you. Yep, yep, of course it comes with free video link too! BigUP dude! 🙂 x 99bpm

Right..must start speeding up these introductions..else I’m never going to get my 3 hours beauty sleep tonight! I lent out my assisting ears to help get this next funky banger by DJ August sounding just that little bit sweeter. Very honored by the fact that he heeded some of my the very least I can do now is support it for him via Scour. Great work dude..lush tune! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 100bpm

Was very kindly offered this next tasty mashup from Boundary as an upfront Scour exclusive, via fellow free beat blogger Mike Perks over at Free Breaks Blog.. sadly I was away partying my head off and having far too much fun at Sunrise Festival, so I missed the opportunity. Still, courteous of me to still support it anyway cause it’s ace..Enjoy! 100bpm

SCOUR #63 EXCLUSIVE #2: Very very excited to be welcoming back the brilliant remix work of Bristol’s Kotch to The Scour. Last supported via Scour #53, when I shared with your ears his truly awesome Bucovina Remix…well he’s done the business again, and I’ve been lucky enough to test it out in The Ghetto Funk Nightclub at Sunrise last weekend..sounded ultra sweet, and went down a storm! So now..he’s very very kindly decided to share it EXCLUSIVELY with us all, via this prearranged >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Huuuge remix..get very involved! 😀 102bpm

An absolute pleasure to meet the true gent that is Sammy Senior in the flesh at Sunrise Festival (sorry to keep babbling on about it..but was such an awesome weekend)..I’m sure he’ll understand that I have little time for long winded introductions..but get your lug holes around this funky gem of his though..and whilst you’re at it get involved checking out and purchasing the rest of the latest Tru Funk release that this is available on. Biggest of UPs buddy..catch up with you again at Boomtown if not before! 🙂 FREE DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE WHEN YOU VISIT THE SOUNDCLOUD PAGE. 103bpm

Greece’s Monetrik scores himself a second Scour spot on the trot, with this funkin’ brilliance! 104bpm

SCOUR #63 EXCLUSIVE #3: Yep,’s yet another very kindly donated prearranged SCOUR EXCLUSIVE, from my main man DJ Roast Beatz (..hoping you’re all starting to appreciate the severe lack of sleep I’ve had this week hooking these up for you all by now!). Undoubted mashed up dance-floor fire right here, please please, pleeeease leave him a word spreading courteous thank you comment up on his player, and then get involved via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 105bpm

Bloody hell..Dutty Moonshine are churning out some seriously huge bangers at the mo’..cant quite believe this next collab with Kid Kasino is a freebie, but I’m assuring ‘Everybody’ right most certainly is, and I for absolutely loving it! Cheers dudes 🙂 106bpm

Hang about..what’s going on here then?? Looks like I’m about to break my own golden Scour rule of ‘one tune per Cloud per Scour’. Ahh..funk it, I said I might be seeing you again before Boomtown you never expected it to be this soon though eh! 😉 Couldn’t decide which Sammy Senior I preferred, the hope that this ‘might’ just get me an invite to a beach party in’s his very latest fire too! 😉 108bpm

SCOUR #63 EXCLUSIVE #4: Another one!!? Yep, too right..I’m away again next week, so figured it’s the least I can do to keep you all happy, and hopefully heading back for more when I return. Welcoming back the most definitely up and coming Coops to the Scour..via this very awesome and very kindly shared prearranged >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Loving this one dude..hoping my support and this plan picks you up some well deserved Facebook ‘likers’. 110bpm

Mr Kenny Beeper‘s back too..we all know his work is solid by why the funk aren’t more of you following his Facebook Fan page already..get on it! Oh yeah, and if you think you’ve already downloaded this puppy a few days ago, you’d be wrong..this here is the new and improved FINAL version, so ditch you’re original downlaod and get re-involved..and don’t forget to thank him for re-working it especially in time for Scour day! 🙂 110bpm

Not playin’, sayin’, smashin’, nor trashin’ Hardly Subtle yet? You must be mental..check this and reconsider your unacceptable behavior immediately! Diggin it? Go buy their releases over >>HERE<< 110bpm

SCOUR #63 EXCLUSIVE #5:’s your final EXCLUSIVE for this Scour folks! The one I let out the bag over on my Spinforth Page (..shamless self plug!) a little bit earlier. I’m pretty sure he needs no introduction from me by now, BUT..just in case..yep, yep, he’s back, THE man, and true Scour Superstar, Father Funk (<< please follow his Facebook Page for funk’s sake!!), with yet another absolute belter of a remix, which yet again he has very very kindly agreed to share with us all, upfront, via this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Absolute legend bro..thanking you on behalf of everyone who downloads but are too slack to thank you in person! 114bpm

Warm Scour welcome to freshly Scoured DJ Adski if y’all please. Not an exclusive exactly..but download switched on by prior arrangement especially for Scour day. I’m suspecting we’ll be seeing him again in a forthcoming Scour soon, if this tasty little number can be matched or beaten. Great work on a classic anthem dude…show him some generous word spreading thank you comment love please folks! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 115bpm

‘Say What!’ It’s been waaaaay too long since Lebrosk unleashed one his awesome mashups..our wait is finally over. Cheers bro..ace work! BigUPs again to P.O.D.G.E for this one too (..originally Scoured way back in #43)! 115bpm

Unbelievably I’m almost there, and, still awake..just about! Hold up for the brilliant wobbly wub wub on this one..the original is undoubtedly a bit of a guilty pleasure, and this rework by Cockney Nutjob pretty funkin sweet if you ask me! Top work dude..hell yeah you’re in! 120bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s curveball! Beats me how The Correspondents can have over 14,000 Facebook folowers, yet only 10% of that number are following their SoundCloud!?? Makes for perfect Scour Curveball fodder though..when only 51 people have downloaded their latest seriously rad freebie! Off you pop folks..and whilst you’re over their..get following them, and leave them your courteous word spreading thank you comment..hmm..I’m sounding like a parrot, must be time to get this Scour wrapped up, and perhaps for the first time this week get myself more than 4 hours sleep!! Back in a couple of weeks..Cambridge calling next week..come say hello in person if you’re out n about, Thursday night: DJ SPINFORTH (HongKongPingPong) : 5TH JULY : FEZ CLUB : CAMBRIDGE..Brandy & Coke please! 😉 135bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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