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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 28/07/11

By July 28, 2011Blog

    Can it really be Scourday™ again already? Well..yesterday was definitely bin day, cause this morning I remembered that I completely forgot to put mine out..again! So yes, confirmed failed bin putting outing definitely means I best get a wriggle on, and deliver to all yer Ping Pongin’ and Ghetto Funkin’ ears..Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #25!

    Blimey..if I manage to pull one more of these out of the bag, that’ll be six whole months worth! How the fook have I managed that!?? Obviously having massive love for the tunes I Scour has helped, but chances are I would have given this blogging gig up Scours ago, if it wasn’t for the consistent show of blog love and appreciation for the tunes I Scour n deliver (errr..your money or your life? No, no, no, no! Get that crap out of my head right now!!). Sooo..huge thanks goes out to all who’ve taken the time to check out, comment upon, and deliver me thumbs for last weeks Scour #24…you all have impeccable taste! Keep ’em rollin pleeease.

    Busy weekend ahead for the HKPP crew! If you’re in need of a fix of the good stuff you can find myself funkin up Eightbar bar, bar bar ( shee..geesus!) in Falmouth tomorrow (Friday) night, 22:00-03:00 (last entry strictly 01:30!), whilst Fat Harry & Morph head down to Penzance to deliver the HKPP sauce at Sound Nightclub, for their Sound is ONE – 1st Birthday Party, 23:00-04:00. And then..on Saturday Fat Harry heads up to The Dolphin in Dartmouth, to deliver them a second dose of his live HKPP ball loving show, whilst I’m heading off early to a private gig in Bodmin, to party in a HKPP stylee, with a lovely bunch of gypsies! So if you’re out n about on either nights, and near any of those know what to do! Bring us yo funkin rad faaaaaces! Ta.

    Right then, loads and loads of funky free Scour fodder available for y’all again this week. Usual drill, those that make the Scour cut are a mixed bag of my personal favourites. We’ve very kindly been offered up a couple of exclusives this week. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing one of them (#1) is still awaiting it’s download to be turned on, but rest assured, I’m pretty sure this will be turned on ASAP. As always, pleeeease don’t forget to show your appreciation to all cloud owners, via your comments and ‘s, if you dig n download any of these Scoured jams. Cheers!

    That’s your Scourfull™ for another week folks. I gotta go and eat a shit load of peas now, in preparation for a preplanned freezer defrosting mission this weekend! So, until next week..have a funkin rad weekend, and..

    Enjoy! x

    If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at:

    Warming up this week’s Scour with a big fat dollop of raw funk! Gorgeous edit right here, courtesy of Hansi! 86bpm
    John Lee Hooker – Homework (Hansi’s Fancy Hunk Edit) by Hansi

    Followed by some wobbly reggae niceness from Sir Ewan Hoozami (yes dude, that embed code does at laaaast this can be Scoured!). Get clickin on the ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ tab for your FREE download of this one, or, head over to to get acquainted with it, along with loooads of other freebies over there! 98bpm
    Ewan Hoozami – Cutty Limb – FREE DOWNLOAD (CLICK ‘BUY’) by Ewan Hoozami

    **SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #1** Download of this next booty is due to be kindly, and exclusively, turned on for the Scour VERY VERY SOON! (I hope!). It’s all been arranged, just waiting for him to check his inbox. Once turned on, please don’t forget to thank Mr Cardoon personally, by leaving him a comment on this tuuune!. Oh..and if you’re diggin this, be sure to check out and purchase and support the original release too, which features on Fab Samperi‘s fantastic Power Bossa LP, available >>HERE<<. 100bpm
    Fab Samperi ft. Mos Def – Alcoholic Universe (Panama Cardoon Edit) by Panama Cardoon

    Last featured in Scour #21..we welcome back GRiZ to the Scour, delivering another awesome glitchy monster..loving this work! Alternative download link available in track description or >>HERE<< 99bpm
    Rock N Roll (320 kbps) by GRiZ

    Time to get the G’Funk well and truly on! Seeeeriously good free jam from The Root Sellers. They’ve just updated their SoundCloud account for you you can all get involved with the DL of this one..cheers fellas! Hopefully a Scour exclusive coming from them in the not too distant future keep your eyes and ears peeled on the Scour for those. 105bpm
    Free Track! The Root Sellers _ Baby Comes Home/Everyday Banger by Root Sellers

    R.I.P. Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)..loads of tributes appearing over on SoundCloud..many of them good, but lots a tad depressing for my liking. Reckon it’s safe to say Amy loved and lived to, I’m plumping for this one by DJ Angelo as most fitting, and my favourite of the bunch so far. 107bpm
    DJ Angelo – Message to Valerie by DJ Angelo it wrong for this to follow Amy’s tribute? Meh..done it now! Wobbly mix of Cocaine anybody (..else)? Nice work here from DJ Doggybrown. 110bpm
    Cocaine (e.clapton) WobbleFunkRMX.WAV-FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!! by dj doggybrown

    **SCOUR EXCLUSIVE #2** Extremley tight LIVE mashup from Lewd Behavior next (avid GF fans will no doubt recognise the original two tunes from Timothy Wisdom and The Funk Hunters…hit up those links for your free copies!). No downloads via SoundCloud on this one, which officially/usually breaks Scour rules! BUT…Mr Behavior has very kindly, and exclusively, offered us up a download link of a 320kbps version, which is available to download via this link, right >>HERE<<..see how I spoil you! Warning though..using this link without also leaving him your comments on the track player, may result in the link being taken down, so please don’t forget to head over to his cloud to thank him for sharing this gem! Nice one. 110bpm
    Timothy Wisdom / Freestlyers vs. The Funk Hunters – Push Up, Soul Man! (Live Mash Up) by Lewd Behavior

    Hip hop party time jam time time! It’s a fattened up version of De La Soul’s ‘Ring Ring Ring’ courtesy of G’Funk bomb producing machine, Bobby C Sound TV. 112bpm
    Ring Ring Ring (Bobby C Sound TV edit) by Bobby C Sound TV

    Last up (pre-curveball) for this week, a rather tasty slice of ragga house, courtesy of Dublin based production/DJ duo DJ OBese and Jay SHARP..aka The Dirty Dubsters 115bpm
    Dirty Dubsters – Dig this ***Free Download*** by DirtyDubsters

    Aaaand..finally, this week’s curveball!! Well, after all that little lot, what better way to wind it up/down,than an delicious bit of spaced out dub reggae from Baby Arm Sound System! Reeeally beautiful this one too..looking forward to coming down to it..ASAP 60/120bpm

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