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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 29/03/12

By March 29, 2012Blog

Yo yo..easy, and welcome all of y’all, to ‘Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #54’!

Thanks mostly to this utterly balmy weather we’ve been experiencing here in the UK this week, as well as a few last minute panics, not at all helped by a laptop that has overheated and switched itself off no less than 15 times this evening alone (..cue for a whip around to assist purchasing me a new one!?)..I’m running soooooo late, that I literally only have time to say..

WOW!!! 508 Scour word spreading Facebook ‘liking’ thumbs on last weeks ‘normal’ Scour #53 was a very very warm welcome back indeed. Huuuge thanks for very single one of these, from both myself, and on behalf of all the Cloud owners who featured in it, whom these supportive thumbs of yours go a massive way to help to promote.

Not ‘quite’ such an epic Scour this week (sorry!)..gotta slowly ease back on the epicness a little bit, before you all get waaay too used to it. Reckoning there’s still plenty enough tasty free treats in here to go round for everyone though.

So..without any further faffing about from me, time for your ears to get busy savoring my latest. Until next Scourday, bring on the thumbs, and..

Enjoy! x

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Kicking off this week’s Scour with some gorrrrrgeous, sunshine induced vibes (yep, true to form..the UK’s finest few days of summer have arrived already..a good 3 whole months too early!). First up these dubby flavoured ones courtesy of Canada’s awesome Dubmatix (<< and yup, click it! As 'nearly' always, there's a Facebook Fan Page link for you all under there). Hmmm..I’m noticing a possible bug with the new SoundCloud player on this one! Although it may at first glance to appear only available to purchase via the ‘Buy On iTunes’ button..I assure you all that it has definitely been opened up for free download. Head straight over to Dubmatix SoundCloud Page to hunt down the download button. Or..if you really don’t believe me..grab this beauty via this shortcut to his download button link right >>HERE<<! Mega lush. 74bpm

Keeping it sunshiny, but this one in a mashed up reggae bizznizz stylee, and coming at ya straight outta Greece. Mr Mention (<< 'like')..a.k.a. my main man Mr Blend (Cast-a-Blast) Mishkin (<< 'like' (check it) 'like'..if you didn't the first time) back in The Scour house! Welcome back bro, hope all’s going real good for you buddy. Another exceedingly sweet n tasty mashup right here! 🙂 78bpm

Electro Swing, Gospel, Swing Hop vibes courtesy of the legendary Skeewiff up next. We 3 at HKPP HQ have been huge fans of these guys for long long long time now. Even though their SoundCloud Page has been fairly dormant for a while (until about a month ago), I’m still astounded to notice only 690 people are following them on there..compared to over 14,500 following them via their Facebook Fan Page!! What the funk is that all about?? Sooo many good tunes on their SoundCloud, this puppy being their latest freebie, please EVERYBODY..go show them some well deserved love and support..RIGHT NOW!! 90/180bpm

Last supported in Scour #50, very happy to be welcoming back New Orleans’ DJ Yamin to The Scour. Quality little re-rub of Buena Vista Social Club’s ‘Chan Chan’ right here..just what a week of sunshine ordered, and definitely a tune my ears are finding delicious. 92bpm

Judging from the incredible show of support and comment love (which swiftly followed his debut Scouring last week), my introduction to you all of the remix work of Tunisia’s Ben Hedibi appears to have gone down a bit of massive storm! Just in case anyone out there wasn’t paying attention, or was thinking he could have just been a one hit Scour wonder..time for you all (already), to re-heed my advice, re-consider your doubting my ears, re-listen right up..and think again! Another enormous remix right here folks..equally ace, if not even better than last weeks joint. Work as good as this will always find a home in The Scour bro. Mega boom bapstical UPs for making n sharing it!! Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 87bpm

Feels like ages since I last Scoured DJ Cheapshot, was actually only 4 Scours ago! Don’t fret bud, my ears are definitely still loving your remix work too! Extraspecially so when it’s sounding as dope this. Reckoning this could quite possibly be one of your very best right here! Currently deservedly riding VERY high (#8 at time of writing..nice!) over in the Hypem Popular Chart. Have heard a rumor that we all get a guest starring roll in his (presumably orgy themed) wet dreams tonight, if we can help get him riding even higher than this! So, as a thank you for sharing his ace work, how about popping over there and showing him some of your finest ♥ clicks (to the right of the track name) just >>HERE<<. 100bpm

Really really, really really, wanted to find a spot for this next one last week, but, you may have already noticed, Scour #53 was literally bursting at the seams with Kiwi flavoured artists and bangers already, so had to reluctantly let a few slip the Scour net. Even though many of you will have undoubtedly have already stumbled across it already, this next one from Anniversary Super Scour star Mr Joe Revell (NZ) is way too good to go leaving behind un-Scoured here it is for you all, a week or two late instead. Whilst your checking his Cloud you should definitely consider showing some love and support to his much more recent and exceedingly tasty ‘Sola Rosa – Turn around (Joe Revell remix)’ too! Someone give this man a contract ASAP!! em>100bpm ▼

Time to welcome Canada’s Mr Defunk (<< 'like'..pleeeease!!) back to The Scour. This awesome remix of ‘Caravan Palace’s – Rock It For Me’ kindly opened up, by pre-Scour arrangement (..the things I do for you!), especially in time for the publishing of Scour #54! Quality work I think/hope you’ll all please be sure to thank him for the download via your word spreading thank you comments upon his player. Word on the street tells me we all need to be keeping our ears peeled for a Defunk & Dads On Display collaborative EP dropping soon(ish). Even more of a reason for you ALL to get busy following BOTH their Facebook Fan pages..NOW! 101bpm

Somewhat stumped to explain a reason how this next remix by DJ Toast, has (at the time of writing) received 270 plays, 73 supportive comments, but ONLY 27 downloads!!? Perhaps the fact it’s a remix of R. Kelly has scared a few people away from hitting that download button? I know I initially shied away from checking it for that reason. Happy I decided to come back to it though, and I must insist that you all allow your ears to give it a chance or two too please. Hoping you’ll all agree, after a listen or two, that this is (again) top quality midtempo glitch-up work here! Nice on fella. 103bpm

SCOUR #54 EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tell it like it is!’ Okay..I shall. The work of Cardiff’s J-Sound! is RAD!! And even though we’ve never (yet) met in the flesh..I’d go as far as to say he’s a proper decent bloke too! Very very pleased to be Scouring him for his ( rare, I don’t even have a name for it) 4th time on the trot, with yet another of his very very kindly donated EXCLUSIVELY donated download links. Very rapidly becoming a new found Scour star (in my ears at least), and I ‘think’ it’s safe for me to say that we haven’t by any means heard the best from him yet! Please take a courteous moment out to get following his SoundCloud Page immediately, before helping yourselves to his latest >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Almighty UPs once again bro! 105bpm

Next up it’s the return of the awesome collaborative work of Canada’s 4Mat & Doctor Recommended. Can’t believe it was way back in Scour #32 that they were last supported via Scour collectively. Without doubt this one is very very much worth the wait though I’d say! Time now to let me see ’em plays and downloads deservedly rocket!Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description. 107bpm

What the funk is this!!? But Spinforth doesn’t ‘do’ Moombahton!? Lucky for us all then, that this one has cunningly been labeled/disguised ‘Wu-Mbahton’! There is definitely a difference ;). Somewhat like its remixer’s namesake..even I’m gonna admit that this is kinda rather (Scott) ‘Nice’. There I’ve done it..but your not getting any more out of me..this week! 108bpm

Moving swiftly on! (and I mean swiftly..because, as per usual, I’m running out of time for this intro blurby writing bit..again!) Welcoming back – very recently confirmed for Spring Scream 春天吶喊 (Taiwan’s biggest festival) – DJ Chamber to the Scour! How the funk he finds the time to produce quality gems like this, amongst the painstaking task of taking photos of himself partying up, and spending ‘quality time with’, local Taiwanese lasses every other single night and day is beyond me. I’m very very far from sure I’d still be Scouring for you all if I ever got lucky enough to land myself a residency over there. In fact I’m certain I’d be very swiftly finding myself someone..errmmm..something, meh..’someone’ far more ‘entertaining’ to do! BigUPs for this one, and for the ‘dedication’ shown though bro! Now please..enough is enough! Either invite me over there ASAP, or stop sending me the aforementioned pictures! I’m not going to lucky lucky big footed talented baaaastard! 😉 Loving this one bro, and yes..her friend ain’t half seriously bloody hot too! 110bpm

So that last intro didn’t turn out to be anywhere near as swift as planned..running even later now! Been keeping my ears peeled on Canada’s Beat Theatre since scouring him last year via #’s 44, 45 and 47 respectively. This next one popped up on his Cloud whilst I was busy Super Scouring for you all, but I noticed very few of you had grabbed it, I can only guess because not enough of you have chosen to heed my sound advice in following his Facebook Fan Page ( many times do I have to encourage you all to do this!??)! If you had done you wouldn’t have missed out on this free download that was originally opened up over a month ago! Anyway..he’s kindly gone and done a little bit of extra work to it for you all now, and has just 5mins ago re-uploaded the fresh version for you all. Guessing you all got lucky..this time! Real nice work again fella..please excuse the delayed Scour support. Alternative download link requested/available in SoundCloud track description, and/or via the ‘Buy This Track’ button. 110bpm

Delighted to find Australia’s exceptionally talented Tonic hitting up my inbox for a friendly little Scour push this week. Been following his SoundCloud for a while now, plenty of free nuggets to be harvested over there…especially so now he’s upgraded his SoundCloud account so we can all grab ourselves a copy of them. As always..don’t forget to leave him your thank you’s for if/when you do. Not everyday you get bullets of this calibre given away absolutely 100% free. Well..unless it’s a Scourday™ of course! Nice one for getting in touch dude..feel free to do so anytime. Ahh..P.S. This one’s a collab with Mr B!..I recommend you all get busy following him too please! 112bpm

My man Jesswah knows how to make a tune, that my ears would probably otherwise not dig that much at all, sound dope! He actually did so 5 months ago..but has kindly just yesterday turned the download on for you, go get involved! Nice work bud..and yes, it is worthy, and yes, seems I can squeeze you in at the last minute! 😉 115bpm

Gotta love it when remixes as cheeky but seriously dope as this get sent through the email! Australia’s DJ Jansen is a fresh Cloud find for me, although by the sounds of this tasty remix, definitely one that has slipped under the Scourdar for far too long! At the time of writing I’m admitting to being in a little bit of a panic as to whether the download button is going re-switched on in time for publishing. Taking a bit of a gamble here to be honest, but seeing as he emailed in for support I’m really hoping he will soon receive my messages and re-activate the download for you all as soon as possible. If not..may I suggest we all show him copious amounts of support and comment love, and try our hardest to get him to do so! Scratch him the support and love anyway! Brilliant work here bro, was never any doubt of my supporting it via Scour, just wanted to surprise you. ‘SURPRISE!!’..downloads back on ASAP please! 😉 122bpm

And last up for this week (pre-curveball),’s Shimi Sonic again! But this week remixed by the genius that is Mr Danny Massure! So so good! 145bpm

Aaaaand finally, this week’s CURVEBALL! As you may have gathered by the penultimate tune time left for long winded introductions. All that really needs saying here is that this remix, by James DB, is funkin excellent!! And, the ONLY way for you to grab your free download is by getting involved ‘liking’ his Facebook Fan Page (<< yup, click it!)..the exact same way you should be everyone elses whom I choose to Scour! 😉 110bpm

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