Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 29/09/11

This weeks SoundCloud Scour is brought to you courtesy of myself (Fat Harry) and Morphosis as Spinforth is off this week, he’s representing Ghetto Funk at the musical genre Sumo Olympics. We wish him all the best and hope he really sticks it to the Hoomii Mongolian throat singers , those guys are proper badasses. Thankfully the group stages of the Champions League naked twister with baby oil, marigolds and verucca slippers doesn’t start for a few more weeks so I’m free to cover in his absence.

I like the Olympics. The more bizarre a sport, the greater the appeal, like the walking fast marathon or race walking as it’s properly known. Apart from marvelling at their swagger, I sit there and wonder how many cars have driven past them whilst they were training and shouted obscenities out of their windows. Then I think stuff like, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if they made every racewalker have a Freddie Mercury moustache”.

But why stop there? I’d like to see a decathlon for athletes who only take performance enhancing drugs, let them all go mental for anything they can lay their hands on, that would be incredible! Even better, a heptathlon for recreational drug users, each heat is completed under the influence of a different drug; MDMA 200 meters, 100 meter hurdles for the properly stoned, mushroom shot put, Ketamine long jump – i’d love to see that.

The javelin event is good but how much better could it be if they were being chased by an angry bear? Rowing is, let’s be honest, pretty boring, unless a member of your family is competing, so how about really drunk rowing? “Who are you calling a cox you c@#t?!” Sailing is possibly even more boring, unless they were all dressed as Kiss tribute band members :crosses finish line/sticks out really long tongue:

Everyone has a soft spot for the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ but it would have been so much better if John Candy was actually in the bobsleigh, so let’s make a bobsleigh event for the morbidly obese. Speed skating is mentalist already, but give each competitor a budget and let them make their own home made gadgets, like Data from the Goonies. Brilliant!

Curling… we can leave that as is.

If you have a tune that you’d like considered for support in forthcoming Scours, please email Spinforth at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk


Ok so 1st up is this almighty mash up from Dark Phayd R that was originally released on a wicked little 7″ imprint that goes by the name of Bolar Pear this was a main stay in HKPP’s box for a long time and I think it might be making a reappearance, I can’t believe more people haven’t noticed but they appear to be giving their whole back catalogue away on soundcloud here!!!

BP7003 – A – Dark Phayd-R – Made You Shack Up by Thirsty Ear Mashups

2nd up is this tasty blend that dropped in to Spinforths inbox this week and we whole heartedly agree with him, it really is rather tasty indeed!

J.V.C. Buckley – Last Island (Phaze_5 Out East Blend) by Phaze_5

We’re increasingly finding ourselves boshing out the Glitch Hop sound and this, courtesy of Flavours whose Next Episode Bootleg featured in a previous scour, was a real pleasure to find in the inbox, big atmospheric builds and breakdowns interspersed with plenty wonk and wabbles, dancefloor tested… this one works. Alternative download link available in track description.

Ali Enz (Glitch/Breaks) 320 Download In Description by Flavours

Next up is from a Polish Drum & Bass producer that was originally linked to us from a secret soundcloud account, we persuaded him to up it to his official account and share it with the Ghetto Funk fraternity, a 110bpm banger that’ll definitely be getting some spins from us

Screwball – You by Skrubolski

Mr 48k has always been a supporter of HKPP and it was high time we returned the favour, this 110bpm funker makes me smile from ear to ear.

48k – High Cat [320] FREE DOWNLOAD by 48k

I know what you’re thinking… “The Lion King… really?”, but trust me, this Spinforth pick has win win written all over it… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahtiwenyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!

The Lion King Funk by Jesswah

DjP has come up trumps once again with this Moombahton refix of Paper Diamond – Can We Go, full of percussive goodness, reggeaton riddims, growling basslines and old school stabs… what’s not to like!

Paper Diamond – Can We Go Up? (DJP’s Moombahton Refix) by scratchabit

We’ve finally decided it’s time to release this one back in to the wild, feels like we’ve been sat on it for ever. We even bit the bullet and had it mixed down and mastered properly at Stardelta Mastering, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree it’s sounding damn phat now!

Sweet Harmony (Hong Kong Ping Pong Refix) by hongkongpingpong

This weeks curveball comes courtesy of 7quidstudio, we’re a sucker for trumpets and swing, add them together and that’s it we’re well and truly hooked.

Trumpet Song – E.N.F.P. by 7quidstudio

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