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Easy all, and welcome, to Spinforth’s Weekly(ish) Sound Cloud Scour #74. Officially your last Weekly(ish) SoundCloud Scour ever!!

Say WHAAAAAT!!? Hold up, don’t panic, it’s really not that big an issue. Avid followers will no doubt have noticed the regular slipping to biweekly Scours these last few months..of course it’s DEFINITELY NOT your, nor my, last Scour ever. I’m just announcing here that I’m officially turning bi for a while. Say WHAAAAAT!!? Hold up..YES I definitely ONLY mean BIWEEKLY..what the hell else were you just thinking!!??

Apologies to anyone out there who feels this announcement is bad news. I assure you it’s definitely not. Proof of biweekly Scouring being an entirely good thing can be found in the last 10 or so previous biweekly Scours (all readily available via The Scour Archives)…see, I’ve been bi since Scour #62, without some of you perhaps noticing already anyway! Ultimately I’m deciding here that biweekly brings your ears quality over quantity, and in turn reaps myself 25 or more very valuable whole hours of reclaimed mid-week me time (as well as a much healthier sleep pattern on alternate weeks). Biweekly also allows me the opportunity to surprise you with an extra one dropped in here and there..rather than be perceived to be letting you down, when I’m only managing to find time to Scour n deliver biweekly. Last but not least it leaves you plenty of time to never miss another Scour as long as we live, and most importantly of all, leaves chosen supported tracks/artists/clouds worthily in the Scourlight™ for two whole weeks. So, no complaints’s the way it’s gotta to be!

Official announcement over, time for you all, at long last, to tuck in, funk right on, aaand..

Enjoy! x

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If you have a tune that you would like considered for support via a forthcoming Scour, please email to:, or share to my SoundCloud Dropbox.

Warming up my latest Scour reggae vibe stylee! I honestly thought all the very best edits/re-rubs/remixes of DJ Fresh’s ‘Gold Dust’ had long since been done and dusted (..doh!). And then..up pops Canada’s DJ Hedspin with this superb re-edit that, to my fussy ears, is easily up there with some of the very best! Loving this fella..and I do believe I owe you a..’welcome to The Scour’ too! 🙂 85bpm

Keepin it reggae-fied and’s the latest top quality re-work to be unleashed by Bag-O-Beetz! 85bpm

Greece’s brilliant DJ Inko can pretty much do no wrong in my ears at the moment! Actually that’s not entirely true..he could slow down a big little bit, to allow me the opportunity of Scouring some of the other rad new tunes, which I’ve reluctantly had to miss out due entirely to my ‘one tune per Cloud per Scour rule’! Needless to say there’s plenty of fresh ones waiting over on his Cloud to be checked out for anyone who’s not been checking back there recently. This right here is his second latest..and definitely ‘one of’ my favourites so far! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 90bpm

Anyone out there wondering why/how this Scour got a bit delayed..well, it’s not my fault! You should definitely be thanking the awesome SkiiTour (pka: Livingstone & Canosis/L&C) for sending me this absolute gorgeous beauty at the 11th hour though! Their best track to date?? Arguably..HELL YES! 🙂 98bpm

So happy to see a new tune pop up on FDEL‘s Cloud this last week! Was never any doubt it would ultra rad! Don’t know about you lot but I’m hanging out for the new FDEL LP to drop, been faaaaaaaaaar too long (..6 years too long!!) since we’ve been treated to some fresh FDEL’ness! In the gives me geunine pleasure to welcome you to The Scour bro! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 98bpm

Looks very much like the whole world has already found this next one within just 48hrs of being opened up for download! BUT..just incase anyone out there has been snoozing on it for that time, here’s the debut result of what happens when you carry out the following artistmetic™: GRiZ + Gramatik = GRIZMATIK. I have no ‘real’ words to describe..HOW good!!! 95bpm

Not quite on same level ‘popularity’ wise, although to my ears still exceedingly good, and VERY deserving of far more than his current 150 SoundCloud followers! Warm welcome to The Scour to the US of A’s Wonder Years please folks. If you’re feeling this you can grab it via checking out his FREE 7 track album available from this link >>RIGHT HERE<<. Welcome to The Scour money’s on big things for you, soon come! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRIPTION. 97bpm

I ran into a few problems getting the SoundCloud player above to play whilst building this post, so here’s the old style player for you all too, just incase the issues don’t get fixed up..

Wonder Years- Where’s The Thrill by Wonder Years (Official)

Yet another freshly Scoured Cloud here (..this one arriving via a heads up from AfroQBen – cheers bud!), Nico Luminous delivering an enorrrrmous remix of Nas’ ‘I Know I Can’. Top work! Welcome to The Scour bro! 🙂 99bpm

Full fat top notch glitch hop freebie courtesy of Adapted Records AMB up next. I’d of happily paid good money for this! 100bpm

Big thanks going out to fellow HKPP crew member Fat Harry for introducing my (and now your) ears to this next freshly Scoured Cloud. They go by the name of Warp9 and judging by this freebie as well as their recent Swing Set Sounds release this is a cloud to keep a very close beady eye/ear on! Welcome to The Scour dudes! 🙂 SOUNDCLOUD DOWNLOAD BUTTON AVAILABLE BY CLICKING >>HERE<<. 100bpm

Been a while since I offered my support to these next couple of legends – Freqnik & WDRE. To be fair they’re doing very for/by themselves, so I’ve reluctantly chosen to leave of few of their recent tracks un-Scoured. No chance of me ever doing that for this gem though, got far too much love for it! 106bpm

SCOUR #74 EXCLUSIVE #1: Hello hello..what the Moombahfunk do we have here then!?? Well, what we have is yet another kindly donated Scour exclusive (..every single time since his wildcard arrival into Anniversary Super Scour #52!!) from my main man..and undoubted true Scour legend..Mr J-Sound! This time he’s testing out flexing his new found moombahfunk skills..and as always, there’s no disappointment to be heard whatsoever here. Trust me..I don’t even much like moombahanything, BUT this..this I LOVE! Please get involved spreading the word via your thank you comments all over his player, before grabbing your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. Big UPs dude..well chuffed we got this one Scoured for you before surprising a load of ears again when Scour Records debut release drops! 😉 105bpm

Latest remix fiiiiire from Canada’s Record Time *MuthaFunkers! Warning: Please excuse the French..It definitely is though! 😉 105bpm

DJ Chamber’s Worldwide Remix Tour saga continues! Week 8 (of 12)..and possibly one of my favourite to date! Bloody big nice one fella..excuse the cop out of a very brief intro, getting late here, and I’m fading fast. 110bpm

Anybody not spied that Mr Bobby Sound TV’s incredible Ghetto Funk wax EP has been released today!? Did I mention it’s incredible yet?? So incredible, that this equally rad (as the 4 on the EP) tune got set aside and missed the cut! Pretty sweet freebie to be plugging the EP with though in my opinion. Looks like the Facebook button has gotten in the way of the official SoundCloud download button on the fear though just >>CLICK HERE<< for download. 120bpm

Love it when promising sounding Clouds with as few as 11 (yep, at time of Scouring, eleven) followers send me a tune or two for consideration. Didn’t have to consider for too long with this puppy! Introducing all but possibly 11 of you to the work of Switzerland’s Ren le Fox (..don’t y’all forget where you heard him FIRST!). Big UP’ve just been Scoured! 🙂 118bpm

SCOUR #74 EXCLUSIVE #2: Here’s your second of this week’s very kindly donated Scour Exclusives. This one arrives courtesy of the very swiftly upcoming Waggles (aka:SkalliiWaggles). Absolute legend for the exclusive hook up bro..please all go thank him via a comment on his player folks, after which get involved with >>SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<<. 135bpm

Last up, pre curvevball, a quick switch up to some quality DnB business from the Turntable Dubbers! Mixmag fans and followers will no doubt be among the 8000 previous players of it..time now to show it some Scour love, for anyone who’s not yet clocked it. Yeah of course there’s a free download button..just that Beatport button is hiding it, head to their SoundCloud, or just >>CLICK HERE<< 176bpm

Aaaaand finally..this week’s curveball! How about a taste of Lou Johnson’s “The Beat’ extended for your aural pleasure by Spain’ Karim. Yep, this is indeed where De La Soul sourced their ‘Ring Ring Ring’ sample! Tasty eh! That’s me all done for another y’all back here in a coupple of weeks! 😉 Ez now, Spin’. 91bpm

Check back on all previous Scours via: >>The Scour Archives<<.


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