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Hey up, Spinforth and Fat Harry collaborating again this week to Scour ‘n’ deliver, and welcome you all to ‘Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour #61’.

Without further’s Harry…

If you can’t be funny, be factual. The hard facts for this week’s scour is that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Spinforth and myself are flat out in our proper day jobs (he’s a kind, careful and dedicated giraffe veterinarian, i’m a one eyed, reckless, amphetamine riddled alcoholic driver for a giraffe transport company). Rest assured we’re nearly at the end of summer term so hopefully we will soon have more Scour time available to us, unless Channel 4 come good on their offer of a fly on the wall documentary on the pair of us (working title ‘Are you having a giraffe?’) Watch this space!

Oh..just a quick interuption from me (Spinforth)’s my birthday this weekend, yaaay..can’t funkin wait to be even older! Meh, who cares, it’s only a number anyway innit. Fortunately it’s a bloody good reason to party even harder than I usually do too though (..if that’s even possible!?), so..if you’re out and about in (..or anywhere even remotely near) Fal Town tomorrow night, and you’re a friend face of mine, pleeeease come and get involved kicking off my extended (by order of The Queen) weekend birthday celebrations with me/us ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong & Simian Sounds present The Funk Hunters‘ styleee! Absolutely huuuuuuge night 100% guaranteed 😀

Intro over..Scour time!

Enjoy! x

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A scour isn’t complete without the obligatory reggae warm up. Have a gentle suckle on this little Bob Marley beauty, remixed by MadColour. Love it! ‘How Many Times?’ 75pm

Next up on the ‘gentle gentle’ is DJ Yamin‘s remix of Inell Young’s ‘What do you see in her?’ A super sweet vocal, great pick fella! Nice melancholic story to go with it, which maybe explains why the vocal tugs at the heart strings. Or she’s a mentalist, either way it’s a winner! DJ Yamin’s Soundcloud page is well worth a dig through, lots of sweet beats to be found. BTW, Inell Young is an anagram of another famous pop star, can you guess? That’s right! Mr. Guile Nylon, the legendary Mongolian throat singer! 100bpm

SCOUR #61 EXCLUSIVE #1: Hey ladies! Skalliwaggles is back up in the Scour house with this funked up tribute to the Beasties’ MCA. Don’t take the Beastie lyrics too literally, I spent the night in jail when I ‘threw the lasso around the tallest one and dragged her back to my crib’ I’m just glad they haven’t written a tune called ‘Excuse me, could you help me get this sofa into the back of my van?’ Else I’d be in real trouble. Get those word spreading SoundCloud player comments spreading please, and then go grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 100bpm

Check out this slo-mo boggling beauty, ‘Return of the Mambo’ from S Strong. Yes! I have no idea what they’re singing about but any SoundCloud tune with ‘Delinquent’ and ‘Big tits’ as tag lines gets my highest approval rating of two thumbs. Grandes Tetas para todos! 104bpm

London Posse’s Gangster Chronicle featured a couple of scour’s ago. Bend your ears around William Breakspear‘s version, big, bad and indeed heavy. Keen! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRITPTION. 103bpm

K-Lu hails from Romania and without knowing him at all, I reckon if we don’t include this epic and moody piece of genius, that he’ll come round mine and Spinforth’s houses and kick our heads in. If you want either of us to actually still have our fingers attached to our hands next week then for the love of god, please give him a thumb and join his SoundCloud and Facebook page! Turn it UP! ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD REQUESTED/AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRITPTION.105bpm

SCOUR #61 EXCLUSIVE #2: He’s back! I honestly don’t know what they’re putting in the water up there in Cardiff but that man J-Sound! is going mental! Like Chrispop from last week, he’s another of Spinforth’s awesome recent Scour finds, and a SoundClouder who i love to listen to. His work is getting stronger all the time and this remix is an EXCLUSIVE belter! Although if I had ants in my pants I’d probably need to run around at breakneck speed roaring like a lion with no nuts, ripping at my underclothes until I was naked, red raw and mentally scared for life. However I was at the last glade and did see someone dance like that so I guess James is right. Oh, and I just checked, they put buses in their water..mental! Grab your >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 109bpm

Maybe not one for the dancefloor, but a thoroughly great idea and a wickedbad acapella, gave us all a big smile in the HKPP correctional facility. Check out Happiness by the Record Time’s MuthaFunkers for a little slice of summer and bear in mind their wise words of wisdom “there’s always someone going through something much worse than you so be happy” As Spinforth and I have our fingers ripped out by K-Lu through the week 🙂 110bpm

Trouser exploding alert! You may recall Daytoner’s deeply beautiful remix of Caro Emerald’s ‘That Man’, well..get the bicycle clips out and attach them to the hems of your trousers as you will literally be blown away by AFROMODE‘s remix. Belt up! 110bpm

A big, warm hearted, naked-from-the-waist-down, most Scouriest welcome to Dj MAG from Norway, simple and effective Kelis Remix for your aural pleasure. ‘Trick me’. 111bpm

All well and good, but what the hell have BluntInstrument been up to?!! I hear you scream! Well, apart from putting on their trousers one leg at a time they’ve had a crack at the Hermitude remix competition. Runners up? No no, no no sirs. Undoubtedly winners again in our ears. ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE IN TRACK DESCRITPTION AND/OR BUY THIS TRACK BUTTON. 110bpm

We were pipped to the post by Ghetto Funk’s front page in last week’s scour and had to pull Bobby C Sound TV’s newest tune, which in hindsight is a true to form, Bobby releases another tune not even a week later! The man is a machine, and I can’t wait until he comes and plays with us at HKPP lter this year. I promise that whilst he sleeps I’ll try and see what he’s made of, and will report back. Oh Hi Bobby! Ragga Ranking. 114bpm

We all love funky wah wah guitar riffs, makes me feel like I’m Stasky or Hutch whilst i’m trawling the mean streets of Cornwall in my Peugot Partner van. Or a ginger huggy. Check out ‘LFG’ by Koshaa for some sweet sweet jive. (proof that Gingers can’t be huggies) 115bpm

Freshly mastered King Louis Collective – ‘Father Time’ mixed by some rather sexy beasts, I can’t quite put my finger on who….Jack! I’m trying to type! Hong Kong whoee? Never heard of ’em. Enjoy! xx 120bpm

SCOUR #61 EXCLUSIVE #3: Tip o the hat to Sir Roast beatz for this total gem of a Scour EXCLUSIVE! A pinch of doo-wop, half a teaspoon of stax and 10 litres of sex gravy for this cracking new mash. Single and forth coming album on the way, you’ll want to keep a close eye on DJ Roast Beatz..easily and automatically done by grabbing this >>100% SCOUR EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD LINK RIGHT HERE<< 120bpm

Lonely Check. Spinforth’s (..still!)? Check. Just the two of us? Check…..come on! Scour blurb writers only have hearts made of lonely (..and chocolate milk) else they’d be out gallivanting with other halves instead of writing a blog on a sunny Thursday night. :looks longing out of the window at the normal people: Hold up, just kidding. Normal is boring, just ask the legend that is Breakzlinkz’s Pecoe! Also the proud owner of a lonely heart. Boomsling! 120bpm

I consider myself quite the mini blurb specialist :self high five: but..recent, and thoroughly deserved winner of Bombastic Jam’s ‘Records In The Crate’ remix Competition, Mr AfroQBen beats me hands down. Check his SoundCloud blurb out! “The Q, is the funk master of his world, where remnants of the disaster, have been composed in heart flows so the blood grows think and still moves faster. Slick like slide, on which soul glide and ride a rising positive tide into the timeless pools of the here not after” I bow down to the good and the great! Check out his Afrika Banbaataa ‘Just Get Up And Dance’ Remix. Slick like Slide indeed! Big things a brewing in Ben’s musical world..get following him! 123bpm

Aaaaand finally, handing you all back to Spinforth to sign out via this week’s curveball!

Almighty big cheers again for stepping up to the intro blurb writing plate again pard..absolutely no way this one would have been delivered tonight/this week/ever without your assistance. No time left for me to say anything more other than..check this puppy from MiXendorp for lush bluesey flavoured ultra curviness. Superb n rad! Peace n out..and back in a couple of weeks, Spin’ x 100bpm

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