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HKPP – Beating The Crates 26/01/12

We’re extremely chuffed to have been added to the Mixcloud Hip-Hop category page and placing #87 in the ‘Best Music Cloudcaster 2012’, not only that we’ve once again been shortlisted for ‘Best Radio Show’ at Breakspoll 2013, if you enjoy listening and wanted to show your appreciation with a vote it only takes a few short moments to do so.

Please Vote HKPP @ Breakspoll 2012

The annual spamfest that is ‘Breakspoll’ is upon us once more, please please please vote ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong’ for ‘Best Small Event’ & ‘Beating The Crates’ for ‘Best Radio Show’ and we shall love your balls for ever more! xx

HKPP nominated for Best Small event at Breakspoll 2011

Hot diggity damn we’ve only gone and got us a Breakspoll Nomination!

Please vote HKPP for Best Small Event at Breakspoll 2011

HKPP has being going great guns over the last year and as such I thought we were entitled to have a stab at the ‘Best Small Event’ category at Breakspoll 2011

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