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Spinforth’s Weekly SoundCloud Scour 30/06/11

By June 30, 2011Uncategorized

..’I must not fail my Scour’..’I must not fail my Scour’..’I must not fail my Scour’..’I must not fail my..’ Ahh..how do’s Ping Pongers & Ghetto Funkers, just finishing off my punishment for deserting you all last week ‘..Scour’. That’s it, perfect timing, enough copying and pasting, lines are all done! Welcome, one and all (a week late..due to self induced temporary loss of Scour Power™), to Spinforth’s Weekly Soundcloud Scour #21.

So yeah, maaaaasssssiiiive apologies for deserting you all last week..took me a little longer than anticipated to ‘de-squirrel’ after ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong’s VERY VERY special 4th Birthday’. Funkin hell..what an incredible night that was..I think!? Truth be told, recalling specific details, after about 23:30, is proving to be a little bit very tricky! Photographic evidence, available right >>HERE<< though suggests it was rather BIG, and very animally! Squids, squirrels, pandas, moles, sharks, bears, rabbits, tigers, turtles, cats, dogs, zebras, Marios (yep, as in cart) aaaand THIS (love you Andy!), came along in droves to party with us, Stickybuds, Goodgroove and Will Streetwise at Falmouth Rugby Club. Mega belated ball love to all who got involved; help set up; help promote; sold tickets (all 300+ of them!); blow up balloons; partied hard etc.. together we/you made this a truly awesome HKPP 4th birthday party…bigUPs all our rad selfs!! Special shout out (and very blatant plug for a pard) to HKPP’s official, and highly recommended, custom made animal suit tailorer “FANCY BEASTS” (<< hit that friend link up to turn yourself into an animal..any animal..any time!), who finished her final stitch just 2 hours before kick off, and delivered the best party animal suits everrrr! Aaaaamaaaazing times had by all..on behalf of the whole crew..one final bloody big HKPP thanks to all! Right then, on with this weeks Scour! Two weeks worth of Spinforthy favourites Scoured for you this week. Fortunately (for my spare time, or lack of) both the last two weeks have been slightly quieter on SoundCloud than of late (..a festival thing i'm guessing), so, I'm not delivering twice as many as usual here (well not quite..a little over quota again though perhaps), just my pick of the bunch of the last couple of weeks. As always, I don't proclaim that the tunes that make my Scour cut are necessarily the best tracks currently available for free download on SoundCloud, but they are definitely the ones that I've....been diggin the most; enjoyed playing out/have gone down nicely at recent gigs; have been sent to me by Scour followers and are considered worthy of Scour support; or even just ones that reflect my musical mood/mode at time of Scouring. Based on this tried and tested Scour formula, I'm hoping there's at least one tasty Scoured treat here for everybody. Sooo..lap it up, show me thumbs, have a wicked weekend, aaand..Enjoy! x   If you have a tune that you'd like considered for support in forthcoming scours, please email me at: spinforth@ghettofunk.co.uk

First up a couple of summery reggae flavoured joints..to get your ears warmed up! This from, in form recent Scour favourite Wick-it the Instigator, is very very tasty indeed! 93BPM
Sister Nancy vs. Lauryn Hill – Never Lost One (Wick-it Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

And then…this gorgeous ska-hoppy number from tOtALcULt. 105BPM
tOtALcULt – Cyaan Rock Steady by tOtALcULt

So that’s your ears warmed up..time to get some G’Funk on! Fresh outta Finland, new funky cats on the block Rollomatik, serve us up a very tasty debut! 110BPM Alternative download available in track description.
Rollomatik – Hang Up by Rollomatik

It’s wobbly bass time! DJ Dagwood (last Scoured waaaay back in Scour #9) has kindly opened up the download on this one, especially for you Scour followers. 110BPM
All About Bass by dj Dagwood

Need mo’ wobble!? Great new funky fresh (mostly original, so hats off to that) jam from P.O.D.G.E. 118BPM
P.O.D.G.E – Wind Up by P.O.D.G.E

Classic, golden age hip hop time! Everyone’s favourite U.M.C’s tune..rebaked by DJ Daigo, and it’s not nasty at all..this is REAL hiphop (in my opinion)..where did that go? 112BPM
Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes vs U.M.C’s – Nasty One (Daigo Re-Bake) by dj Daigo

Hmmm..where shall we go next? How about some absolutely awesome crunky, glitch hoppy, dubsteppy..FIIIIIIRE! This jam courtesy of GRiZ is enormous, and now comes with recently added alternative download link in track description, and/or >>RIGHT HERE<<. 99BPM
iLL Type Moves 320 kbps by GRiZ

So yeah..that last one was a bit good! Lets keep it glitchy..here’s one for all you secret metal heads out there, courtesy of Mr Ben Samples. Again..HUUUUUGE! 96BPM
Back in Blaque (Samples Remix) by bensamples

Aaaand this week’s curveball!! Rounding off this weeks Scour with a little Mumford & Sons, Lovestep style! When this landed in my inbox last night (perfect timing fellas, was hangin out for a curveball)..I thought i’d pulled been spammed..check out this DJ crew’s name (lol..genius! but be careful if you’re ever searching for them via Google!)..really lush work here too! 140BPM
Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (Hot Young Girls Make Lovestep Remix) by Hot Young Girls

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